Waiting in Darkness

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That Which Defines Us

Just so you all know I am taking a short break from my lycans to work on my standalone book, That Which Defines Us

Please check it out. I will be updating soon.


We all have a little darkness inside us, that you can not be faulted for. However, if you choose to feed it that is another matter entirely.

Darkness has always festered within Lucara, she'd kept it bottled up for as long as she could. She'd kept it hidden even when her brother's new wife was the woman she hated most. She'd kept it hidden when her fiancé told her she was a mistake the day before their wedding and didn't even apologize as he left her. She kept it hidden when the King's son used her as he pleased. She kept it hidden when her sister was disowned by her family because she loved another woman. She released it when her second chance at love played her for a fool before calling her weak and dirtied.

No one was spared, it became a massive slaughter and nothing could stop her. She rallied those who also hid their darkness and taught them to use it, she built herself an empire of ashes and a throne of bones. She became cold, dangerous, devastating. Nothing and no one could fight back against her darkness or thaw her heart. She rules alone, always and forever.

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