Waiting in Darkness

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Three | Terrin

Her name was Heidi. The most gorgeous female I had ever laid eyes on with long locks of gold and big eyes of sky blue. Her rosy cheeks contrasting beautifully against her porcelain skin. She was like a perfectly crafted doll, purely innocent and full of wonder. When she opened her mouth to let out a laugh it was like the tinkering of fairy bells, light and melodious. Her lips, that perfect color of rose pink on those full, pouty, lips drew my utmost attention.

I wanted to kiss them, tease them softly.

This desire was not like it usually was when I saw an attractive female. This was something different, something pure. I wanted to court her, I wanted to know her, I wanted her heart.

There was no doubt about it, that Heidi was a potential mate of mine. A potential mate that I was now determined to make permanent.

Was this how Syn felt whenever he looked at me? Did his heart get tied up in knots while admiration poured from every inch of him?

I shook my head, clearing all thoughts of the lycan. He would only ruin this perfect moment. The moment I very first laid eyes on my mate. One that I actually wanted, one that I longed for and hoped to love and get love in return.

Heidi was perfect. A soft colorful beam in my life of dark angles and crevices.

I took a step towards the beautiful creature, and then another and another.

Her dark haired friend stopped talking and looked up as I made my approach, in turn causing Heidi to turn. When our eyes clashed I felt like I could finally breathe. It was like my whole life up until this point was spent with my head being shoved under water as I struggled to breathe, to remove the heavy weight off that kept me pinned to the bottom of the ocean. Now I had finally escaped and had broken the surface only to find a stunning sunset over calm waters, so different from the dark raging currents underneath.

Her blue doe eyes widened and her mouth formed a perfect little 'o' as she gasped. Our eyes remained locked until I was standing in front of her, like we were the only two here in the crowded cafe just a few blocks from Syn's dwelling.

Heidi's eyes dropped to the ground and a deep blush flushed her cheeks a crimson color. "H-hello," she stuttered out, her eyes remaining downcast.

I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I found myself raising her chin, to look into those sky blue eyes again. "Hello," I repeated softly.

We gazed at each other for what could have been seconds or hours until her friend cleared her throat. "I'm just gonna go," she murmured as she grabbed her purse and breakfast bagel. She gave us an awkward nod and took her leave.

I guided Heidi and I back into the booth that they had been occupying, just about to leave, before I had made my approach. Now we sat back down in comfortable silence.

I wished I had asked Cleo more about her other potential mates and how she felt the first time she saw them. Of course Hakota had decapitated the first one, because Cleo had only used the poor werewolf to make the lycan alpha jealous, but I knew that Pine had been special. Was this how she felt about Pine? How she felt about Hakota now?

Is this the reason she took Hakota back even after all he had done to her? Why he took her back after all she'd done to him?

If so, I finally understood.

I understood why Syn wouldn't stop chasing me, why he wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.

This was the reason.

This feeling that was indescribable, one that I hoped to feel the rest of my life.

"My name is Heidi," the female offered. She seemed unsure where to start, but introductions seemed like a good place.

I smiled, "Terrin," I offered back.

And again we dove into more silence. Despite the fact we were virtually strangers the silence was not uncomfortable or awkward.

"I'm sorry, I don't really know what to say," she squeaked, wringing her hands nervously as if afraid she would make a bad impression.

I reached across the table and set my hand atop hers. Her small hands that were completely covered with only one of mine. "You don't have to say anything," I replied, "if you don't want to."

She stared at our hands with eyes as large as saucers and I slowly began to retract mine, afraid I had overstepped, but then her hand lashed out and grabbed mine, halting their retreat. She flushed at her boldness but didn't let go. A warm feeling swept through me and I grabbed her hand holding mine with my other.

"Heidi," I inquired, her blue eyes moving up from our hands to my eyes, "would you like to spend the afternoon with me?"

A beaming smile spread across her face, "I would love to."

With a wide grin of my own, I escorted her out of the cafe, proceeding to turn the worst day of my life into the best one.


Sooooo, I'm not dead, in case any of you were concerned, it's just I was at camp for two weeks and we can't have our phone so you know, camp = no phone = no update 😬

Anyway, sorry for the short update but I just want you all to know that this installment will be shorter and progress a lot faster so, buckle up because this is gonna give you whip lash and by the last chapter you're going to be wondering what the hell just happened.

- Simbacats

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