My Perfect Idiot

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All she wanted to do was get through Junior year in a new high school in a new place. New York isn't at all how Rachel planned for it to be. When Rachel Field's family suddenly picks up and moves to New York, all she wants to do is fit in. On her first day of Junior year, she plans to keep a low profile and observe the scene around her. But like any other cliche story, of course, that doesn't happen. What happens when she spills her hot Starbuck's all over the most popular jock at the school? Was moving to New York really the best move for Rachel's family? Will secrets come out of hiding as information is released? After all, it is New York. Anything could happen. I guess you'll have to find out for yourself.

Romance / Mystery
Sierra Nicole
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Chapter 1


*This story will get CLICHE

*Profanity will be used (However, avoid using profanity in the comment section)

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When my parents decided it was finally time to move to a new state my worries were skyrocketing. Attending a new school in a whole new state with no friends was something that anyone could fear.

We came from a simple city in Montana, goes by the name of Belgrade. Not much to look at except for open fields and mountains for miles. It was our home though, and I loved it there. Not that I had the best of friends there, but I did have some.

They were just a little more on the, ‘I’m only friends with you because of your parent’s reputation’ side of things. Although they never bluntly said it out loud.

My father was the owner of a law firm that branched out in other states. My mom, on the other hand, was a well-known realtor. She hopes that I’ll just wake up. and decide to take over her company.

But I won’t.

I had always been closer to my dad, he used to bring me to his law firm when I was younger. He’d teach me the rules of the law, and I know half of them by heart now.

I was only around 11 when that would happen, but sadly things change.

Now we’re here, New York City.

Soon I’ll be attending Ridgeview High, the most prestigious of all the schools combined. Not that I’m complaining.

The neighborhood we were moving into was big but not huge. Back in our home town, we were the big fish of the sea. But my family preferred to just be like all the other fish, we didn’t flaunt our money or the number of cars we had.

Honestly, all I can hope is that this move is the right idea. After everything that’s happened, I guess it’s for the best.

“Honey?” My mother spoke out soft to me while turning her head to face me. She was currently in the passenger seat as my dad drove us to our new neighborhood. It was a little further out then the city, we figured it was for the best.

“Yes,” I answered while turning to face her.

She spoke with a soft smile on her face, “You have been really quiet, just checking on you.”

She understood that I didn’t want to just pick up and move. But again, it was for the best I guess.

“You’re going to love it kiddo,” my dad said while glancing into the rear-view mirror before focusing back on the road.

“Yea,” I zoned out as I focused my attention back on the road as the imagery passed us by.

“Wake up, we’re here sweetie,” my mother mumbled as she tapped my shoulder lightly.

Well, at least I think she mumbled but I don’t really know. Technically I was half unconscious right now so my focus was 50 percent.

I slowly slip out of the car before looking up at the house in front of me. It was a simple brick two-story house that was definitely spacious. The yard looks well-taken care of which makes me wonder if they had hired someone to keep up with it.

The U-haul people were following straight behind us so they immediately start working on unloading all our stuff. They’ll make a killing today seeing as their paid by the hour and my mother never throws any of our old stuff away.

I swear that stuff could be ancient.

Walking into the house I decide to hurry and claim a bedroom, not that I have to rush. Seeing as I’m an only child I don’t have to worry about my room getting claimed by an annoying younger brother or sister. Though I sometimes wish I had one.

I quickly went upstairs, no way was I ever sleeping on the bottom floor. Walking down the hall I go to the door on the very end. Turning to the left I slowly open it to reveal a huge bedroom with a nice bay window on the side that overlooks the backyard.

This was perfect.

I continue to look around the room, checking out the huge walk-in closet while imagining what all I could do with this bedroom. So many ideas just wondering through my head.

Deciding this was perfect, I walk across the hall to the door to the right. Opening it I stare at a bathroom almost the size of my bedroom.

Now, this is what I call a bathroom.

A giant sink stood on the side, a tan granite color, and a white sink with tan walls. A huge glass shower stood near the back of the bathroom and a giant square-shaped jacuzzi bath near it. Looking to the right I see a door and open it to see a private toilet, although I don’t have one of those moments of ‘awe’ where angels start singing out of nowhere.

I mean, it was just a toilet.

Going downstairs I see my mother in the kitchen directing the movers where to put things. She was a bit of a perfectionist. My dad, however, was outside probably on the phone with his co-workers back at home. I know he misses it too.

Tomorrow was Monday and my mom was forcing me to go to school. We are just moving in so, of course, I put up the whole ‘but mom, I’m so exhausted’ speech but of course, she waved it off. Saying it’d be ‘best for me to get started now’, adding something like, ‘the sooner the better’.

Shady mother, just shady.

She just wants the house to herself to watch her old-time soap operas, eat popcorn, and cry before she has to go back to doing her job. I laughed at the thought, gosh, I love my mom so much.

It was now getting late, we had arrived around 1 since we left really early that morning.

Currently, we are seated at the now placed dining table. The movers had got everything done much to my mother’s liking and now we could relax. Or at least they could, I had no break since I had to attend school tomorrow.

I just couldn’t shake my nerves.

“Honey, I made sure all your clothes were ironed and hung up just for you.” My mom said with a smile to which I thanked her. I really meant it, my mom did so much for me that she never realized how much she deserved in life herself.

“And I have your Lambo ready for you, it’s already been cleaned and parked in the garage.” My dad said with a smile. I hated it so much when they bought me a car. I wanted to work for my car, but they had already paid it off before I rejected it and it would’ve broken their heart if I forced them to return it.

“Thank you guys so much,” I stated with a smile before standing up and giving them both kisses on the cheeks.

I grab my plate and take it to the sink, washing it thoroughly before putting it in the dishwasher and walking up to my room.

When I walk into my new room, that I’m still trying to get used to, everything is there. The king sized bed, the giant wooden desk, my piano, and flat screen tv that sat on my dresser. This room was a little smaller but I liked it that way. I hated having so much space and little to feel it with.

Laying in my bed flat on my back I go over all the possible scenarios of tomorrow. I just hope that things will truly work out for me here.

I mean, what if the kids don’t like me? What if I don’t fit in?

After all, it was my first day of Junior year and I’d have to survive at this school for the rest of it.

I keep thinking to myself of all the possible scenarios before I decide to get up and shower.

Glancing at my closet I walk in grabbing pjs out a drawer before closing it back.

Walking back across the hall, I step into the bathroom only to fall on my ass.

“Ouch,” I mumble to myself while rubbing my head as I get up, “Stupid floor.”

Moving over to the shower I turn it on so that the temperature is perfect. I like to have a nice pressure as well to help relax my back.

I walk over to the sink and grab all my stuff that thankfully was laid out for me. Making sure to brush my teeth and use my minty fresh floss.

I tie my hair in a high ponytail before stripping out of my clothes and hopping in the shower.

*15 minutes later*

Stepping out the shower I quickly wrap a towel around me as the cold air invades my personal space chasing me to shiver.

“Gosh it’s freezing,” I mumble quietly too myself before drying off quickly.

After getting dressed I walk back to my room in a few quick steps seeking the comfort of my newly washed sheets.

As soon as I bring the covers over me I’m immediately brought a warm feeling that sends me fast asleep.

But the one thought that surpasses my mind is what awaits me for tomorrow.

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