Less Than a Hundred Days of Summer

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Chapter 8

"Good morning." He gently pecked her forehead.

"Anyo," she replied, getting comfortable against his chest. Oh, how wonderfully his skin smelled. His long neck was made for nuzzling and she rubbed her itching nose at his jawbone, where the faintest stubble provided necessary relief.

"Did you sleep well?"

"Very well and you?"

"Not really."


"Because I could not wait to do this," he pulled her closer and lifted her face to place a soft kiss on her lips. Readily, she responded. By the way his passion flooded her, she believed he had been waiting for a long time. Being with Tae Soo was different. How she could not explain, but he was awkward the way he almost was not sure how to move around her and with her. As if he needed to relearn together with Giselle. And she did not mind to be his teacher. She was learning, too. Like how his skin was smooth and almost devoid of hair naturally and how the tall length of his body was well suited for her height...

"Giselle," he kept whispering whenever his mouth was not covered by hers or busy with caressing her flesh. He kept returning to her lips as if they were the main focus and kept drawing him back with the freshness of her mouth and the sweetness that needed to be tasted over and over again. She moaned, breathing hard against his chest, his body blanketed hers and her mind went blank.

The knock on the door was so loud she cringed and her eyes opened, her forehead still wrinkled with a frown. "Giselle, what do you want for breakfast?" His voice so far, it confused her, when he was just here, next to her, in this large and warm bed. Why was it empty?

"Are you still asleep? I'll come later." And then even his voice was gone.

Giselle's body upset and her mind bemused, she lay still, trying to understand why he would leave her alone after what they have just done. Her fingers grasped at the sheets and she groaned, "A dream." How embarrassing! A dream that was so real she actually believed it and participated in it so fervently as to even... She remembered it vividly, but it did not make it any less of a dream. Her dull reality was paling in comparison, and if she continued to follow the rules of no touching she had a feeling the dreams would haunt her as the most severe form of punishment for her silliness.

Tae Soo woke up refreshed. Despite his long legs hanging over the side of the teenage-sized bunk bed, he slept like a baby. He took a shower, while wondering whether Giselle was comfortable in his bed. The actor traveled a lot and knew that first few nights in an unfamiliar place were a hard adjustment. He was intent to make her stay comfortable, one day at a time. He made sure to clean after himself and double-checked everything to be ready for her: Tae Soo hung a fresh towel for his house guest and lined up shampoo and conditioner neatly on the shelf.

In his excitement he totally forgot about food. There was nothing in the fridge and he hurried to call his maid to deliver groceries. He felt it was important to make a good impression and prepare Giselle's first breakfast in his home with his own hands. Tae Soo searched the Internet for instructions on how to make perfect eggs and burned 3 toasts before finding the proper setting just for the right doze of crispness.

He grabbed the bags from the lady and promptly pushed her out the door before she could notice anything. She mumbled in angry Spanish, clutching a $100 bill he stuffed into her hand while thanking her. Since the money was good, she decided to overlook his weirdness. The young Chinese señor was always nice to her before today.

Humming something happily, he put on an apron and moved his perfectly styled hair off his eyes. Tae Soo was not a calculating guy in the affairs of the heart. He always relied on his natural charm, a bit of humor, a touch of cuteness and some sex appeal. That's usually how he captured the affections of the fairer sex he was interested in. Even of those he was not, which was mainly annoying, rather than pleasing. Such things came easily to him, and with his innate shy disposition and almost child like spontaneity, he was rather grateful that he never had to work hard at getting women excited about him.

But everything was different with Giselle. He was not exactly sure what he felt or what he wanted, but one thing was crystal clear – when she was next to him, his world became saturated with a particular kind of effervescence, causing smiles erupt on his face at odd moments and his heart sing and dance inside his chest.

And because of this bubbling energy he could not control, he felt something he wished to have felt ever since he broke down in a shower the day he decided to run away from his colorless life.

Because of that golden hued and sunny light he felt growing inside of him rapidly and coloring everything with shimmer, Tae Soo could only surrender to this undisputed beauty he became privy to.

Because summer entered his heart, he wanted Giselle by his side.

He wished for her to walk around the hardwood floors of his home barefoot and talk in that fast and mind boggling Spanish of hers.

Tae Soo did not start out with a plan, he was not much of a planner, he usually left it to others. But looking back, he had covered a lot of important points already: protected her honor, fought and won against her oversexed ex (Yes!), made her ramen, met her father and her huge family, BBQed, drove her car, and of course took her for a romantic stroll on the beach. He offered her a safe place to stay, gave his own bed away for her comfort...

Wow. If he started to count, the list was long and definitely in his favor. Those tender moments they have shared proved that she must like him at least a little. And last night she walked hand in hand with him, her warm palm stuck in his, her soft hair brushing against his skin as the wind played with it. She never pulled away and when they reached the door, she hesitated and looked at him as if waiting for something. So he looked into her eyes and was stunned into silence of being unprepared, since the only thing he could offer was his lips pressed to hers, and his arm on her waist curving her to his hip, and his hand cupping her cheek. He trembled with desire to be closer to her and trepidation that she might not accept. After all, she asked for them to keep distance because she had her reasons, and for once, he thought she was the wiser of them two. Therefore, his lips were prohibited from any spontaneous expression and his fingers left hers, while he could swear he heard a sigh of disappointment from Giselle.

It was a good sign. A definite sign of progress.

Next challenge was cooking her the kind of breakfast she would want to have again and again... The plan stalled after breakfast, but he decided that life will present another opportunity, since the hurricane gods were on his side.

Giselle put on a bra and tied her hair neatly, she came up to the door and listened. It was quiet. She stuck her head out – the coast was clear, but for some reason it smelled like burned toast. She quickly snuck into the bathroom and locked the door behind.

The moistened air was filled with aroma of Tae Soo. The same faint smell she remembered coming from him was now much stronger. She picked up cologne – that was partly it, but something was missing, she searched the room for more scents. Some fancy looking shampoo with Korean symbols attracted her attention and this lucky discovery finally completed the bouquet of Tae Soo's scent.

Here is the towel he used and a bathrobe that he probably wore... She basked in all things Tae Soo. She bet he did not think of her that way. The most the guy attempted to do was to hold her hand. He was like a puppy, while she was a full grown tigress with dreams of a full matured adult. Her needs and desires were not platonic in the least and in the moisture of the shower mist she imagined smiling Tae Soo lathering his body and closing his eyes with a smile, while water caressed his skin.


First of all, she had to remind herself that the rule she enforced was for her own good. There was a reason why, she just needed to remember and it was hard to remember when the images of Tae Soo flooded her system.

And then it became clear – Tae Soo was a nice man. That was the main issue. She never fell for nice straight men before. It was an uncharted territory, considering that he was not hitting on her or flirting like Mr. Jerk, or pretending to be somebody who he was not, like her gay ex-boyfriend. So she wanted this to be done right, therefore, differently. If he liked her, and it seemed that he indeed liked her, she was willing to be patient and just be satisfied (for now!) with the idea of him, even if the fiery Latina in her was eager for action.

Not sure how to dress or what to say, Giselle shyly emerged from the bedroom in her faded jeans and a breezy tank. Her dark hair was still damp after the shower, shiny and straight, her face was glowing and she smelled lovely.

Smell of frying eggs made her stomach growl and her nose led her to the kitchen, where Tae Soo was slaving at the stove. She watched in awe the man who cooked for the second time in three days. Technically, counting the BBQ, it was the third time.

"You are up!" He pronounced brightly. "Ready for breakfast? I waited for a long time," he admitted sheepishly, like an impatient kid, looking for a pat on the head.

"Yes, good morning," Giselle said softly, looking up at the cute man in an apron. "What are you wearing?"

"I'm making breakfast for you."

"Breakfast for me? I don't have to cook for you?" She was truly astonished. Did she move into a magical palace? Was she now to live in a fairy tale where a handsome prince cooked and waited on her hand and foot, while she lounged around leisurely, checking out beautiful scenery behind the magical protection of the glass that separated their castle from the rest of the real world with hurricanes, jerks, chicken places and nosy fathers?

"You like eggs?"

"Who does not?"

"Seat, seat," he fussed her over to a chair.

Eggs, a perfectly made toast with some butter and jam, and a plate of cut fruit appeared along with black coffee and some orange juice. Everything was neatly displayed in front of her, and Tae Soo, wiping off sweat from his face, sat across the table from Giselle and smiled.

As she began chewing on her portion, he mainly focused on watching her, his fork not getting much action. Every time she felt his eyes on her, she looked up and he dived into his plate, but as soon as she resumed eating, Tae Soo continued to watch his roommate with astonishment. He was filled with as much delight as a new parent, who finds each bite by their baby an adorable miracle to be marveled at.

Giselle grew more and more uncomfortable and finally broke down, "Why are looking into my mouth? I will choke."

"This is the first time we have breakfast together." He replied as if this was a reasonable explanation for his behavior.

She smiled at first and then could not stop herself from laughing. He was too cute in his apron and with his wide open eyes and the kind of silly things he said with completely straight face. Lee Tae Soo was sweet and funny and there was no doubt in her mind – he liked having her around. Her laughter filled his lonely house with life and with that sound, their first day as roommates began successfully.

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