The Forgotten Life

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Prologue ×BEFORE× August 31, 2000

My phone rang several times before I finally answered. Dad's number showed up on the screen.

"Hello," I asked. My voice was a little raspy from not talking for awhile.

"Sabrina, I know its been a while since we talked, but I need you to come down here." It has been awhile because last we talked, we had a fight that ended in my moving out, and I didn't leave the conversation on the best terms.

"Go ahead," I said giving in. I knew I sounded a little hostile, but I didn't know why. I'm not holding a grudge against him or anything, but it gave me a slight satisfaction. I was not in a good mood right then. Dylan had hurt me and driving was my sanctuary right now. I was not expecting the news dad had given me right then.

"Your mother's having the baby," he said choking back tears. Last time, with Denise, Mom almost died, and I knew he was scared. I asked him which hospital he was at, and when he was done giving me directions, we hung up without goodbyes. I pulled over to the side of the road, to cry and get over my own emotional state before I arrived, so I didn't look like a complete mess. I sat and cried through the hurt and betrayed I felt with Dylan. I lifted my head off the steering wheel. I needed to clear my mind, so as not to drive distracted. I looked up the road for cars, and pulled out. It wasn't until the world went black, that I realized I hadn't looked back.

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