Skater Cinderella

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Chapter 12 (unedited)

“JILL!?” My voice booms as I stomp down the stairs.

“Tessa! Tessa please, just let her be.” Julia begs me, catching my wrist and making me look at her pleading eyes.

I look down at her small and underweight frame, causing my vision to tint with red. I snarl and whirl back around, marching into the kitchen.

“JILL!” I roar, causing her to flinch, drop the magazine she was holding and spin around.

“Tessa!” She screams. “How dare you use that tone with me!”

My vision deepens in red as an image of Julia flashes through my mind. “How dare I!? HOW DARE I!?”

She stands from the chair she was seated at and glares at me. “Don’t raise your voice at me!”

I laugh bitterly and scowl at her. “Or what? You’ll comment on my weight? Go ahead! See if I care! Your opinion doesn’t matter to me! You obviously don’t care for anyone but yourself!” I scream at her.

She looks taken back before a hard glare sets on her features. “You’re one to talk. I’m not the one who doesn’t care for her family!”

I grit my teeth as my fists clench at my sides. “YOU ARE NOT MY FAMILY!” I roar. She flinches at my voice as I continue. “And not caring for family!? You are such a hypocrite. You called your own daughter fat and too modest just because she wasn’t a slut like her sister!”

Jill gasps before marching over to me and getting in my face. “HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT!”

I snarl at her and lift my fist up, shaking it at her as my finger points at her accusingly. “YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A CURSE TO YOUR DAUGHTERS!”

She abruptly grabs my forearm, squeezing it until it hurts. “HOW DARE YOU!” She shouts at me.

I push her away and spit at the floor by her feet. “You disgust me.” Is all I say before turning on my heel and moving in the direction of the kitchen entrance.

“Don’t walk away from me!” She screams at me.

I laugh bitterly and turn around. “Honey, everyone walks away from you. You should be used to it by now.”

She gasps before walking right up to me and slapping me across the face. A stinging sensation fills my cheeks as I taste blood in my mouth.

Fudgeballs I bit my tongue.

I lift a hand and touch it to my cheek, wincing when I apply pressure to it. I chuckle humorlessly and look at her in disgust. “Wow. You’ve resolved to hitting now, have you? You are pathetic.” I spit out, giving her a disgusted once over before turning and marching out of the kitchen.


“Arrogant... Conceited... Selfish...”

I skate towards the rail and pop the board up, grinding across before landing and flying to the next obstacle.

“Awful... Terrible... Horrific...”

I slide up the wall, doing a three-sixty before going back down and letting the board move to the next hill.

“Inhuman... Inconsiderate... Egotistical...”

I fly up the side, only to scream when I see Will standing there, watching me humorously.

“Ah!” I yelp, falling, hitting the cement, and rolling down the side.

“Princess!” Will exclaims, jumping down the side and kneeling beside me. “Crap, I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” He questions me.

I nod my head and try to stand.

‘Try’ being the key word there.

I lean on my left foot, only to grimace and fall back to my hands and knees.

“Princess, I’m so sorry.” Will apologizes, and I wave my hand dismissively in the air. I wince and hiss in pain when I accidentally move my foot the wrong way.

“Oh sweet mother of cheese I hate cement.” I grimace, trying to stand up on my feet.

Walk it off, Tessa. Walk it off.

I yelp when I set my foot on the floor, crumbling to the floor. At least, it would’ve been the floor if Will hadn’t caught me.

“Princess, stop trying to walk on your foot. I think it’s sprained.” Will says, slipping an arm around my waist to hold me up.

I shake my head and try to walk again, tears pricking the back of my eyes. “N-no I can walk, I--”

“Princess.” Will warns, looking down at my foot.

“Will, please I--”

“Tessa, no!” Will snaps, looking up at me harshly. His eyes soften at me as I flinch, only to harden as they zero in on the spot just below my eye.

“Will?” I ask him, the pain in my foot starting to fade.

“Tessa, I am going to ask you a question, and you are going to answer honestly, alright?” He says, his voice giving away the fact that he was fighting to keep composure.

I open my mouth to speak, only to shut it when I receive a warning look from Will. Instead if answering, I nod my head.

He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath before opening them and looking at me firmly. “Who hit you?”

My breath hitches as I look at him with wide eyes.

Crap! Crap! Crap! I forgot about the bruise when I fell!

Oh! That’s right! I fell!

“Uh... No one.” I reply, trying to remain calm.

He give me an ‘are-you-serious’ face as I bite my lip nervously. “Oh really? Then why is your cheek bruising?”

I shrug nonchalantly and look at the spot where I fell. “I fell down the ramp remember?”

He sighs and bring his hand not holding me up to cup my cheek. “Princess, please tell me.” He begs, his voice quiet.

I almost respond, but stop myself and bite my lip to keep from speaking.

“Why are you lying to me?” He asks me in a pained whisper. I closed my eyes as a tears spilled down my cheek. I felt Will’s thumb brush over my cheek, wiping the year from my cheek.

I open my eyes look at him in sadness as I lock gazes his piercing blue eyes.

I don’t need to lie to you.

“It... It was J-Jill.” I say, my voice an even smaller whisper then his. I mentally cringe at the feeling in my stomach that came out in my tone of voice.

It showed weakness.

It showed fright.

It showed vulnerability.

His hand froze in it’s caressing on my cheek as his eyes held no emotion at all. The coldness in his features scared me more than if he were screaming at me.

“Why?” He asks simply, looking into my eyes and making me feel as if he were gazing into my soul. The way he looked at me, it told me one thing: don’t you dare lie to me.

I sigh and place my had over his resting on my cheek. “It was my sister... Jill said some things and treats her a certain way that has made her... Sad. And I hate her so much for it.” I say, the last part coming though clenched teeth.

“Princess, what’s wrong with your sister?” He presses.

I shake my head and step away, baring the pain in my foot and not letting it show on my face. “I can’t say. I have to go now, I will catch you later.”

With that, I turn and grab my skateboard before limping out of the park, aware of Will’s sad eyes watching me.


“Oh, so you finally decided to show up, did you?” Jenna sneers at me as soon as I walk into my house.

I sigh and set my skateboard on the wall beside the door before looking up at my stepsister. “Yes, Jenna. It is generally normal actions for someone to walk into a house at night when it is their place of living.” I reply in a smart-aleck way.

She narrows her eyes at me before her gaze flickers to my board as back to me. I raise an eyebrow at we as she smirks.

“Oh, Tessa. You’ve no idea what you’ve done.” She says--her voice almost victorious--before flipping her hair and walking away. I scrunch my eyebrows together in confusion until I hear the queen of beeyotchness call my name.

“Tessa! Come to the living room now!” Jill’s voice sounds.

I sigh before walking into the living room to see Jill standing before the fireplace, Jenna smirking at me from the corner, and Julia sniffling on the couch.

“Sit.” Jill says, gesturing toward the couch on which Julia sat. I quietly move to sit on the couch, looking at Julia in a questioning manner. She looks at me with teary eyes, the words I’m sorry evident in her eyes. My eyebrows furrow together and she looks away, almost as if she were ashamed.

“Tessa, I’ve decided that I’ve been too lenient on you.” Jill speaks, capturing my attention.

“What?” I look up at her confused.

“I have allowed you to rebel for too long. It is time for things to start changing around here. And for you to receive a proper punishment.” She continues.

I stare at we with my mouth open, unsure of what to say.

“That is why you and Julia’s diet will not only increase, but you will no longer be allowed to do extra cirriculars.”

I suck in a breath.

Oh God no.

“Now, I am aware of the skating competition you have in two weeks.” She says.

My eyes widen as my stomach churns in fear.

Please don’t. Anything but this.

“I’m sorry, Tessa, but you are not allowed to compete at that competition.”

“W-why?” I choke out.

She smirks at me and crosses her arms. “A lady doesn’t skateboard. And should I find out you do skateboard there, I will burn one photo of your mother for each trick you do.”

And just like that my world came crumbling down.

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