Skater Cinderella

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Chapter 14 (unedited)

“Give it back!”


“Give it back!”


“You’re too fat! You don’t need that extra piece!”

Jordan gasps and pauses, looking down at his stomach and lifting his shirt as his other arm remains suspended above his head. “I am not fat!”

I snort and hold my hands on my hips. “Are too! Look at those extra rolls of cellulose on your stomach!” I retort.

He places a hand over his stomach and looks at me like I just stole candy from a baby while cursing in a church. “Those are abs!”







Five minutes earlier...



I smell bacon.

I lifted my face up from the pillow it was burried in and took in a good whif of the sweet smelling air.

Ah, bacon. My one true love.

No, skating in your one true love.

That’s right. Bacon is my side chick. It is right there next to mint chocolate chip ice cream.

My head dropped back onto the pillow as I heard heavy footsteps bounding up to the bedroom door.

“Tessa! Mom made bacon! Get up before I eat it all!” He yells before bolting away. I instantly jump from the bed, nearly tripping over the tangled sheets. I sprint out the door and down the stairs, coming into the kitchen only to find Jordan with three pieces of bacon in his mouth and four left on the stove.

I quickly run up and grab three pieces of my own, stuffing them into my mouth in a very... attractive... manner.

We both look at each other before letting our gazes fall down to the stove.

There was only one piece left.

And there was two of us.

“MINE!” We both yell at the same time.


And that my friends, is how we came to the situation we are at right now.






“What on earth are you two doing!?” Miss R exclaims from the kitchen entrance, looking back and forth between Jordan and I.

“Uh... Would you believe us if we said nothing?” Jordan suggests sheepishly.

“Yes.” His mother replies sardonically. “As soon as you convinced me aliens exist.”

He gasped and stared at her wide-eyed. “They do exist!” He stomps his foot.

She rolls her eyes as she lazily walks to the cabinet holding the coffee mugs. “Darling, I already told you that there is no scientific proof that they exist.” She takes creamer from the fridge and pouts it in the cup before filling her cup with strongly brewed coffee.

He gasps again and looks at her like she just threw a kitten against a wall. “Science? Science? It takes faith to believe in them! Science is overrated!” He exclaims passionately.

During his ever so passionate and inspiring rant, the hand holding the lay piece of bacon came down, sitting idly in front of his chest. In a flash, I snatch it out and stuff it in my mouth, grinning victoriously at him.

“Hey!” He glares at me. “That’s so unfair!”

I shrug innocently and look up at him. “Hey, it’s not my fault you weren’t paying attention.” I raise my hands defensively.

He glowers at me. “I was defending my belief!”

I scoff and roll my eyes before smiling innocently at him. “Whatever you say. But, just to put it out there, you didn’t need it anyways.” I pat his stomach as I do this, making him gasp dramatically yet again.

“These are abs!”



Here we go again.



“Excuse me.” A girlish voice asks.

I turn from my locker to look at a small girl with glasses looking at me. Her hands rest behind her back as she waits patiently for me to respond.

“Uh... Yes?”

“Are you Tessa Hale?” She asks me.

I scrunch my eyebrows together as I slowly not my head.


She gives me a small smile before pulling her hands from behind her back and giving me a large bouquet of flowers. I gasp and look at them, mainly the stargazer lilies that fill my nose with a heavenly scent.

“Um... Wha...?” I was at a loss for words.

“Read the card.” She says before turning and walking away without a second glance.

I watch her leave, baffled at the situation I am in, before looking down at the bouquet of flowers. In the center of the bundle, there is a small card I didn’t notice before. I grabbed it with on hand and set the bouquet in my locker gingerly.

I opened the small envelope to find a neatly written note that read:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I know you like lilies
As I like you.

There was no signature.

I reread the card, making sure I understood it correctly.

Someone likes me?

Well, this is just weird.

“Hey.” A familiar voice said from in front of me.

I look up with furrowed eyebrows to see Will leaning against a neighboring locker with his arms crossed.

“Hey...” I reply absentmindedly, letting my thoughts wander to who would possibly have a thing for me.

“You okay there?” He asks me.

I nod my head and glance at the bouquet, wondering who on earth knew of my love for lillies.

“Yea... I just...” I hold the letter and envelope in one hand as I grab the flowers with my other hand. I inspect it, looking for any sign of who might of sent it to me.

“Wow, someone’s taken interest in you, Princess.”

I look up at him to see him studying the flowers in my hand.

“How can you tell?” I question.

He shrugs before taking it from me and inspecting it himself.

“Well, no one leaves a bouquet of flowers to a girl as a request for homework.” He says plainly.

I roll my eyes and take the flowers back, bringing it to my nose to smell. Gosh, I love the smell of lillies. A small smile etches itself on my lips as the sweet scent fills my nostrils. One thought runs through my mind as I close my eyes absentmindedly.

Who sent me flowers?

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