Skater Cinderella

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Chapter 8 (unedited)

I am going to die.

I should’ve had Will bring me home.

What was I thinking!?

He said girls couldn’t skateboard.

Oh yea! I don’t need him, that sexist jack--

I jumped when I heard a snap, which pulled me from my train of thought. After I abandoned Will in the diner, I may or may not of become extremely lost after walking a few blocks. I tried to turn back, but that ended with me only getting more lost than I already was.

So, I have been walking for an hour now; trying to find my way home at ten at night. I turned onto a street when I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket.


My phone!

I whipped it out from my pocket and answered it without looking at the Caller ID.

“Hello?!” I answer frantically.

“Princess?” Will’s voice questions, relief in his voice. “Where are you!?”

I glance around and stop when I see an intersection a block away. “I don’t know, hold on a second.” I began walking towards the lit intersection, squinting my eyes to see the name of the street.

“Don’t hang up on me, Princess.” His voice warns me.

I swallow as I walk by a dark alley way. “I know.” Is all I say. I get a clear view of the sign and read it off to Will. “I’m at the corner of... Fourth Street and Peartree Lane.” I say into the device in my hand.

“All right. Stay there, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” He says. I nod my head.

“Okay.” I reply, still keeping him on the line. I lean up against the pole holding the traffic lights, listening to the sound of Will’s old truck through the phone. I heard footsteps in the distance, causing me to hide myself behind the pole.

“W-Will?” I whisper into the phone.


“I t-think someone is here.” I whisper into the phone.


“W-Will?” Fear filled my body as the footsteps got louder and a chorus of dark laughter erupted twenty feet away. It was a group. Of men. A large group of men.

“Don’t worry, Princess I’m almost there.” Will says, and I can hear his car speeding.

I nod my head shakily and glance around the pole. “Okay. P-please hurry Will.” I pull my head back just as the group of men comes into view.

I gulp and shut my eyes as the footsteps get closer.



“Well, what do we have here?” A vile voice sounds. I open my eyes and look at a tall and lanky man standing barely ten feet in front of me. I gulp and stuff the phone in my pocket, leaving the line on.

“Hi.” I say, keeping my voice steady.

Will, you better get your butt here soon!

“Hey.” He grins at me, flashing me crooked and yellow teeth. I grimace as two more guy flank him and two go on either side of me, none of them coming within eight feet of me.

“How are you on this fine night?” I ask him, putting a small amount of cheeriness in my voice.

The more calm you seem, the less they will see you as a victim.

He smirks a me. “I’m pretty good. I feel like I’m about to feel better pretty soon.”

I raise an eyebrow at him, even though I know exactly what he is saying. “Is that so?”

He nods at me and I watch through my peripherals as the other two guys move closer to me. “Yes. Would you like to know how?”

I gulp and shake my head. “N-no thanks. I’m good.” I mentally curse myself for stuttering.

The guy senses my nervousness and steps forward. “Are you okay there? You seem a little nervous.”

“Bobby, c’mon, she’s jailbait, let’s just leave her.” The one flanking his right says.

I nod my head at him but ‘Bobby’ just laughs bitterly. “Why? Look at her! She looks like a fun time!”

“Bobby, seriously, let’s just go.” His buddy argues with him.

Bobby sneers at his friend. “Seriously Jack? You wanna miss out on this?”

“She doesn’t want us here. We should leave.” His friend Jack retorts. His eyes flicker to me and at first I don’t know what they are saying, but then, I understand. They say one thing.


In an instant, I am running down the sidewalk and away from the intersection. My feet slap the pavement as I hear shouts and feet behind me. I increase my speed and turn into an alleyway, pressing my back up against the wall.

The footsteps got closer, and closer, until I looked to my right and they were right beside me.

“Where’d she go!?” Bobby demands.

“I don’t know. Let’s just go get some drinks. This running has made me parched.” Jack says with a shrug.

All the others agree and trudge away, but Bobby stays behind. “Wait.” He says. Everyone freezes, including me. I hold my breath, pretty sure that he can hear my beating heart.


“C’mon Bobby, I’m tired.” Jack’s voice says.

After a few moments, Bobby growls and marches away, Jack let’s him pass by before nodding at me and walking after his friend.

I let out a breath and pant as I lean against the door.

Jack knew I was here.

He didn’t rat me out.

I almost died.

At that thought, a sob escapes my throat before I sink down the wall and hit the floor. I clutch my stomach as I feel myself ready to throw up the dinner I had this evening.

A muffled yelling makes me remember that the phone was still on. I shakily reach behind and grab my phone from my pocket, bringing it to my ear.

“H-hello?” I ask shakily, my voice sounding hoarse from another sob that threatens to escape.

“Tessa!” Will’s voice exclaims. “Where are you!?”

I swallow down the bile in my throat and glance behind me to where the intersection was. Calculating where I was standing when I ran off, I was pretty sure I ran east.

“A-are you at the intersection?” I ask.


“Go east. T-there’s an alleyway and I’m in there.” I say, my voice breaking at the end.

“Tessa did they--”

“Come get me.” I say before dropping my phone and falling into a series of sobs.

I sit there, sobbing like a weakling as I lean my shoulder against the cold wall, wanting nothing more than to curl up into my fathers arms. I want him to tell me that everything will be all right and I have nothing to fear.

But that won’t happen.

Because my father is dead.

After a few minutes, a car pulls up and a figure exits the drivers side and runs up to me.

“Tessa...” Will breathes, wrapping his arms around me. I look up at him, almost disbelievingly, only to fall into tears when I see his concerned face.

“W-Will... I w-was s-so scared...” I weep, clinging to him and hiding my face in his chest.

He sighs and holds me tightly. “I know, Princess, I know.”

I feel anger surge through me as I hit his chest repetitively. “No you don’t! You weren’t there! They--they almost...” I fall into a fit of sobs once more, unable to finish my sentence.

“You weren’t there...” I choke out. Will’s arms tighten around me as he rocks me back and forth in his lap.

“I know, Princess. I am so, so sorry.” He says, his voice pained and sad. I sniffle and tighten my arms around his neck.

“T-take me home. Please.” I say, my voice raspy and dry.

Will silently stand up, carrying me bridal style to his car. He buckles me in and shut my door before walking around the hood of the car and climbing behind the wheel. I stare out the window, feeling my hands shake from the adrenaline still in my system. Will takes one of my hands with one of his own and gives me a sad look before driving off into the night.


I must’ve fallen asleep in the car, because when I woke up, I was in Will’s arms and he was carrying me up the stairs.

“To the left.” I heard Jill say to will quietly. Will tightened his hold on me as he turned left in the hallway and walked to my bedroom door. Jill opened the door and let Will walk in and towards my bed.

“Can you give us a minute?” Will asks her softly.

She sighs before I hear her footsteps softly fade away.

“You can open your eyes, Tessa.” Will says softly as he lays me down on my matters.

I peek open my eyes and see we are in my room. The light from the street lamps flows into my window, giving it a golden glow. “Are you... Are you okay?”

I shake my head as tears brim my eyes. “N-no.”

He sigh and kisses my forehead. “I have to go.”

Just as he stands, I sit up and catch his wrist. “P-please don’t leave me alone.”

He turns and looks at me with a pained expression. “You know Jill won’t let me stay here.”

I look at him with wide eyes before he sighs and bends down, kissing my forehead. “Leave your window unlocked.” He whispers to me before leaving me. Alone. In my room. Filled with darkness.


Tap. Tap. Tap.

Dear God, this is it. This is how I die.


Go away demons!

I hear a heavy sigh before my window opens and a large figure jumps into my room. I almost scream, but stop myself when I see who it is.

“Will!” I whisper-yell happily, flying from my bed and jumping into his safe arms.

“Hey, Princess, any luck sleeping?”

I shake my head and snuggle my face into the crook of his neck. “No.”

He sighs before lifting me off my feet and carrying me to the bed. He lays us both down and wraps his arms around me.

“Well, I’m here. Try to get some sleep now.” He says, holding me tightly.

I nod and snuggle closely to him. “Okay.”

And with that I let myself drift off, hearing the steady heartbeat of Will Thatcher as my rock.

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