Crescent Creek

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"Cali" it's Pete and he looks confused and pale. "Pete, what's going on?..." Accalia head warrior of the Silver Ceder Moon pack plans to focus on recovering from the rejection of her mate as well as dealing with a tragic accident that has left her lost and unfit for duty. Unexpectedly she is forced to accompany her Alpha to meet with the Lycan Council who insists she protects a wolf from a neighbouring pack. Accalia soon finds out that she and the wolf have a lot in common. Alpha Ryder Callum who runs the North East Region, better known as Crescent Creek is instantly mesmerized by the head warrior of the Silver Ceder Moon pack and is set to make her his true mate. He can't seem hesitation and plans to change her pessimistic ways. With nothing to lose will Accalia accept her fate? Coming soon: 6 July 2019

Romance / Mystery
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