Angel's Bad Boy

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Chapter 10: Friend with bad boy


“Cut the crap, Angie!” Rachel shouts in disbelief. God! That girl has a loud voice. Again, the whole cafeteria turns to look at us.

“I’m being serious!” I whisper and look at Ally who is looking at me in amazement.

“You can’t be friends with Ace Carter! In his dictionary, friends means friends with benefits!” Rachel warns and slaps her forehead. “God, don’t tell me you already slept with him.” She sighs, and my eyes widen.

“I think I’m going to punch you,” I say, then watch as Riley chuckles at the seriousness of my words. I am 300% serious. “Do you really think I’ll stand that low?”

Rachel shrugs. That bitch fucking shrugged!

“We’re talking about Ace Carter here!” Rachel says. “The sex god! The king of the kings! The definition of hot!” Sam glares at the side of Rachel’s head before clearing his throat, making her turn to look at him. “Her words, not mine,” Rachel quickly says and puts her hands up in surrender.

“Rachel! We all know that even if Channing Tatum told me to sleep with him, I won’t,” I say, and the girls laugh out loud.

“You know that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever said,” Ally says, and I laugh as I know that it is true.

I mean, we’re talking about Channing Tatum!

“I admit, I lied! But you can’t compare Channing Tatum with Ace!” I defend myself. “And Rachel, you and I both know that I won’t sleep with Ace.”

Rachel nods hesitantly. “I know I can be a bitch sometimes, but I do that for you,” she tells me, a smile on her face. Yeah, I know. Since the death of my parents, Rachel has been really protective over me. She is like my sister. Always there when I need her.

“I know.” I smile. We eat in silence, but I realize that Ally and Sam are looking behind me. I turn and see Ace with his friends.

Ace sits next to me. I stare at him in confusion and watch as his friends pull chairs and sit with us. Sam nods at them as if greeting them while Riley wears the same expression as mine. Ally is obviously drooling at the sight of the four sex gods. Rachel is looking at me but then sighs as if understanding what is happening.

“Did I say something that gave you the idea that you can sit with us?” I ask and turn to see that the whole cafeteria is looking at us.

Of course, they would! The bad boys are sitting with us!

“We’re friends, right?” Ace asks with a smirk and turns to look at my friends.

“You’re Ally, right?” He steals one of my fries. I slap his hand away, and he looks at me in confusion while Ally nods absentmindedly.

“Don’t touch her food, man,” Riley advises while shaking his head in amusement. I nod, and Ace smiles.

“Does it annoy you when people eat your food?” Ace asks, and I nod again. He smirks before stealing a handful of fries. That fucker! I glare at him, then steal some fries from his plate.

“Why would you steal mine when you already have some on your plate?” I whine and pull my plate away from his reach.

“Because I like to annoy you.” He shrugs.

“Asshole,” I mumble, and he chuckles.

Daniel who is resting his head on the table suddenly sits straight when two blondes pass by. He whistles, and the girls giggle as they walk away.

“Are they fucking blind?” Rachel asks, eyeing the two girls. Well, she hates Daniel’s guts and player ways. She finds it so repulsive; she wants to puke on his face. Her own words.

“Excuse me?” Daniel asks while glaring at her.

“I mean, come on! They find you hot!” Rachel says with disgust, and Daniel’s glare turns into a smirk.

“You’re just jealous that you can’t have me,” Daniel says with confidence. Ally and I snicker at his stupidity.

“Dude, I have a boyfriend,” Rachel scoffs. “I don’t want you,” she says with a confident smirk.

“If you say so,” Daniel says monotonously. Ace is looking at Sam who is simply looking at the jocks’ table while Rachel argues with Daniel.

“You still have detention today?” Riley asks and pouts when I nod.

“Thank this asshole,” I say, motioning towards Daniel who simply gives me a lopsided grin.

“Mention not. Thanks to me you can spend more time with Romeo here,” Daniel says and winks at Ace who is smirking.

I glare at Ace.

“Oh come on, don’t tell me you don’t enjoy my presence, sweetheart,” Ace says and leans towards my ear.

“’Cause I know you do,” he whispers huskily, making shivers run down my spine.

“Friends, right?” Rachel says loudly, snapping us from our own little conversation.

“What’s your fucking problem?” Ace snaps as he glares at Rachel.

“You are the problem!” Rachel suddenly sneers. What the hell is happening?

“Rachel, calm down,” I say with wide eyes. Rachel glares at Ally and me before standing up and walking away. Sam is sitting there and frowning at me.

“What’s wrong with her?” Sam asks, seeming not to care. I decide to go and find Rachel, and Ally seems to get the same idea as me as she nods and stands up. Just as I am walking away, someone grips my wrist and pulls slightly on it. I turn to see Ace standing up.

“What?” I ask, and he shrugs.

“I’m coming along,” he simply says, making me freeze.

“No, you’re not,” I say, and he takes a step towards me.

“And who’s going to stop me?” he challenges me as he takes another step forward so that his chest is pressed against mine. When I understand that he is not going to listen, I huff and take a step backward and make my way to where Ally is standing.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea that you come,” I say. “She got angry because of you.”

Ace scoffs but doesn’t say anything.

“Do you have an idea where she could be?” Ally asks as she gets out of the girls’ toilet. I stand there, trying to get my mind to work. Wait! Once, when she was crying, I found her under the bleachers!

“I might have an idea,” I say and start making my way to the bleachers. I turn to see Ace and Ally following side by side. I groan and stop when I see Daniel running to us.

“You found her?” Daniel asks.

“Why do you care?” I ask genuinely interested and watch as he shrugs. Why do they always shrug? I ignore him and take a deep breath. Ally walks by my side as we reach the bleachers. I motion to the guys to stay quiet as Ally and I walk in.

“Rachel?” I call and hear a little sob which makes my heart ache a bit. I hate to see my friends hurt. I approach a bit and see her sitting in a corner and crying her eyes out.

What the actual fuck? 

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