Angel's Bad Boy

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Chapter 11: Bad Pick up lines


“Angel?” Rachel calls with her voice croaking a bit. Ally and I run to her. I wrap my arms around her and let her cry.

“Why are you crying, Chel?” Ally asks while soothingly rubbing Rachel’s arm. Rachel pulls away and wipes her tears.

“Angel?” Ace calls behind. Rachel nods to tell me that they can come.

“Here,” I call and turn to wipe Rachel’s tears as I can hear the guys footsteps’ approaching. “Tell me,” I plead. She nods again before hugging me.

“Sam’s been cheating on me.” She sobs. I feel someone standing by my side. Ace gives me a little smile and walks to Daniel who is leaning against the wall.

Sam? Cheating?

“You’re sure?” I ask, and Rachel nods while pulling away.

“I saw him,” Rachel says, and Ally smiles reassuringly when she notices that Rachel has stopped crying.

“So you were not angry that Ace and Daniel were sitting with us?” I ask, and she shakes her head frantically.

“They knew about it,” she says while glaring at the boys. Daniel raises his hands in surrender.

“What were expecting? That I run to you and tell you that your asshole of a boyfriend was cheating on you? For your information, you hate me,” Daniel mutters in disbelief.

“Why haven’t you broken with him yet?” I ask, ignoring Daniel’s comment. “Why didn’t you tell us?”

“You have enough of thing to worry about,” Rachel says and gives me a weak smile. “And I love him.” She sobs again.

“Listen,” Ace suddenly says, making us turn to look at him. “He’s an asshole who doesn’t deserve your love.” My eyes widen in disbelief. The bad boy is consoling my best friend. “I’d advise you to get revenge.” He smirks. Here he is again! Daniel and Ally nod in agreement.

“Sounds like a good idea,” Rachel says while smiling. “I’m starting to like you, assholes.” She shakes her head.

“What’s not to like?” Daniel asks while motioning to his body. Rachel scoffs and walks to Daniel and Ace.

“So what’s the plan?” Rachel asks, seeming quite excited by the idea of hurting Sam. Sincerely, I wouldn’t have expected something like that from Sam.

Ace moves from the wall to stand beside me. “Daniel is quite good with these types of plans,” he says and slightly pushes Rachel to Daniel before walking away without saying another word.

“Guys, talk about that later. Let’s go,” I tell them, my eyes not leaving Ace’s back. We walk back to the cafeteria, and I see Sam, Riley, Justin, and Ted sitting there. Anger creeps in my veins at the sight of Sam. Ace pulls his chair and sits there. I walk to them and put my hand on Sam’s shoulder. When he turns around, I slap the hell out of him. Rachel and Daniel are staring in disbelief. Keep calm and don’t ruin their plan. “I’m sorry!” I fake panic. “I thought it was Ted!” I lie. Sam rubs his cheek and glares at me. What? He nods, and I smile evilly. That asshole actually believes me.

“And what did I do exactly to deserve a slap?” Ted asks with a frown.

“You were being you,” I say with a shrug. I like to annoy the boys as they would only huff in annoyance and glare. My phone buzzes in my pocket which seems to get Ace’s attention too. I open the message and instantly groan.

From: Granny
Dinner with Aunt Rosy tonight. There will be my friends too. Wear a dress. Love you xx

Aunt Rosy.

My freaking nightmare.

I know I said that I only had my granny as family because to me, Aunt Rosy doesn’t count as my family. She’s my mother’s sister, and she hates me. She always says that I was the cause of my parents’ death.

“Any problem?” Ace asks from beside me, and I shake my head.

“Don’t wanna freak the bad boy with my problem.” I tease Ace, trying to get him to smile. What? We’re friends now!

“So there’s a problem,” he says, a cute frown on his face.

“Family problem,” I respond, not wanting to talk about it. He nods and reluctantly drops the matter. I take a deep breath and turn to look at my friends who are not interacting with the boys as if they’ve been friends for life. Sam is glaring at Daniel as Rachel is laughing at something Daniel said. Justin, Ted, Ally, and Riley are talking about some unknown movie. Ace is observing them just like I am doing. He turns to look at me and smirks.

“I lost my number,” Ace says suddenly. “Can I have yours?” he asks cheekily, and I laugh.

“Are you kidding?” I ask in disbelief. “The school bad boy using such pick-up lines.”

He smiles and chuckles. “At least I got you to smile.” His words got my heart racing in its rib cage. “Are you Google? Because you’ve got everything I’m looking for.”

I burst out laughing.

“Oh my God,” I say between laughter. “Cheesy pick-up lines don’t match your reputation.”

He shrugs. “I do it only for you,” he says with a wink. Such a flirt.

“Okay, I got one,” I say and turn towards him.

He smirks and pops a fry in his mouth. “Shoot,” he orders, and I smile.

“What’s the difference between you and a calendar?” I ask and watch as he raises one of his eyebrows, waiting for me to continue. “Well, calendars have dates, and you don’t,” I say and laugh at my own words.

Ace chuckles and flicks my forehead. “That’s not really nice, princess.”

I smirk. “I’m not nice.”

My friends nod in agreement, proving that they are listening to us all this time.

Those eavesdropping fuckers!

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