Angel's Bad Boy

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Chapter 12; bad Boy in the hand of satan

I laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling while twiddling my thumps. I had thirty minutes to get ready and to go to Granny’s to meet the dragon. Hatred is a small word to say what she feels towards me. I sighed and sat up with my hair all over my face. I run my fingers over my face to push the strands of hair away. To wear a dress. I made my way to the wardrobe and opened it. I stayed in front of the wardrobe, hoping that a dress would magically pop out of it because I was feeling really lazy. I shuffled and threw the clothes out of the wardrobe. A green dress was the thing I spotted and I shook my head in disgust. Not my type. I turned the clothes around, throwing some on the floor and finally got a black dress. I smiled as I pulled it to me. I loved that dress. I took off my clothes and quickly put it on. It reached mid thigh and it stuck to my skin. It was really beautiful. I put my high heels and put on my make up. I fished for my blood red lipstick and put it on. I comb my hair and sighed when I really realized that I was going to meet Aunt Rosy. I know that she will try to bring me down, like she always does. I took my hand bag and put my mobile phone in it. I took my car keys and walked out of the house.

“Wish me good luck” I whispered as I rose my head to look at the stars. I would always think that the brightest one would be my parents and my brother and they’d be looking after me. I entered the car and put on the radio as I started driving to my Granny’s. Unfortunately, I lived only ten minutes from my granny so I was soon parking my car in front of her house. I realized that there was a black car too but I didn’t give it too much importance as she did mention that there was going to be guests.

I hope the dragon is going to be on her best behavior.

“Oh princess, I missed you” my granny said after opening the door. She must have heard my car coming. She wrapped her arms around me and I did the same.

“I missed you too” I said and tightened my arms around her. She gave me a little smile and left a sweet kiss on my forehead before taking my hand in hers and leading me in the house. My Granny was simply amazing. Even though she was in her sixties, her appearance was really important to her. She was wearing a neat classic and straight black skirt with a white blouse. Her hair was tied in a neat bun. She looked like one of those mean woman but she wasn’t one. I smiled at that sweet smile she would give me whenever her eyes would meet mine.

“Where is she?” I asked, tugging on her hand so that she would slow down. She sighed as she turn to look at me.

“She’s on the balcony with Santana” she said and tried to assess my reaction.

“She’s here too?” I asked, my heart racing so fast that I thought it was going to stop. Probably asking who the hell is Santana? Well, she’s my cousin. The daughter of the dragon, making her another dragon. She hates me. She enjoys making my life a living hell.

Ironically, her name is near to Satan!

“Just one night” My granny pleaded and I sighed in disbelief and fear. I nodded my head, wearing a frown on my face.

“I’ll be in my room, I have to take some stuffs that I left here” I informed her. “Call me when dinner starts” I said and just as I was about to walk up the stairs, my Granny called me.

“I forgot to tell you, my friend’s kids are in your room, they wanted to play those weird games called Xbox and stuffs so I send them there” she informed me. I shook my head in disbelief. She was the one who bought me all those games and didn’t even know what they were called.

“No problem” I told her with a smile and watched as she walked back to the dining room. I missed this house, I missed seeing my granny everyday but I needed to live on my own. I stood in front of the door which was purple. I remember telling Granny that my favorite color was purple and the next day, my whole room was purple. Granny always tried to make me feel happy and she succeeded. I turned on the knob and opened the door to hear a giggling girl. I walked in and my mouth dropped open when I saw Alex and Lily in my room. Alex was playing with my old PlayStation while Lily was playing with the dolls that I kept on the bed. At the creek of the door, both little heads turned towards me.

“Angel!” Lily yelled happily and ran towards me, hugging one of my leg. I smiled and bent down to kiss her head.

“What are you doing here?” I asked Alex before he turned back to the game.

“Invited for dinner” he simply said. Wait ! If they are here, then it means that Ace must be here too.

“Where’s your brother?” I asked. Alex shrugged.

“He said that he needed to go to the toilet” he said with a smirk. I nodded and decided to go in search of Ace. I’m pretty sure he got lost in this huge house. I pray god that I don’t fall on one of the dragons. I walked in the corridor and as usual, I had to stop to look at the various family pictures that my granny had hung. There were some of my mom when she was young and you could tell that I was her daughter. I was exactly the same, the same face, the same hair and the same smile. I ran my fingers on the photo in which there was my dad hugging my mom while she was pregnant. They were so beautiful. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, as I needed all my will power to step away from those pictures.

“Ace?” I called as I walked by the toilet. No reply. I was certain. He was lost. I kept walking till I reached the balcony. Supposedly, Aunt Rosy and Santana were here but I couldn’t hear their voices. I heard Ace’s voice, followed by Santana’s.

“So” Santana trailed and I walked closer to the balcony until I saw Ace standing, facing the view that we got from the balcony, with a cigarette between his fingers. Damn, he looked hot with his messy hair and such a tight hugging white shirt. Snap out if it Angel! My mind screeched. My eyes then fell on Santana. We were like polar opposite. She had blond hair with black eyes and she always wore those slutty dresses which would make me wanna puke. She was leaning the wall, showing off her cleavage to a non interested Ace. “How come I never saw you?” she asked, batting her eyelash flirtatiously. I hid behind the long curtains and decided to eavesdrop their conversation.

“You were not lucky enough” Ace responded as he exhaled the smoke and turned to look at her when he pulled on the cigarette. I didn’t know that he smoked.

“It’s quite boring here, don’t you think?” she asked, wiggling her eyebrows in a suggestive way. Bitch.

Damn, the bad boy is in the hand of Satan.

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