Angel's Bad Boy

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Chapter 16: Ditching with the bad boy

My grip on him instantly tightened and I buried my face in his shoulder. He was going really fast. I was too young to die! As I tightened my hands around his waist, I could feel him tense.

“Trust me for once and let loose Angie” He yelled against the wind and I shook my head. I knew that he could feel the movement of my head as it was pressed against his back.

“Don’t call me Angie” I yelled back and I could feel him sigh. Suddenly, the bike was stopped. I rose my head and he turned to look at me.

“You won’t fall” he snapped. “Trust me” he said rolling his eyes and I rolled mine as well.

“Trust don’t come easily, you should earn it” I mumbled and watched as he frowned at my comment. “Now Can we go?” I asked. He mumbled something under his breath which I didn’t catch before driving again. I yelped as the speed increased. I tentatively rose my head and the wind instantly met my face. I looked around to see that I could see everything moving so fast. A smile stretched on my face when I realized that the wind was giving me a feeling of freedom. My arms around Ace tightened but in a rather good way. It was as if I was hugging him. A chuckle escaped my mouth when I started enjoying the ride. I could see him smiling in the rear view mirror. Why did I hate bike? That thing was amazing! “Faster!” I shouted in happiness and I could feel Ace chuckling as he increased the speed.

But too soon, I felt the speed decrease. I looked around to see that we were in the parking of a café. He parked the bike and got off. I gave him a sweet smile when he wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me up the bike. “I thought you hated bikes?” Ace chuckled in amusement as he stood in front of me with his hands on my waist.

“That’s what I thought too” I said and smiled when he grinned. I eyed his hands on my waist and he rolled his eyes before taking his hands off me. We turned around and faced The Jerry’s. The cafe seemed cosy from the outside and really welcoming. “I’ve never been here” I said and walked by his side in the café. The walls were a light green and the furniture were black. Different pictures of Nature were hanging on the wall and let me tell you that the owner of this café was an addict of nature. Flowers were on each and every tables. On the walls were painted motifs of flowers. Even on the glasses, there were little flowers.

“Their food is really good here” he said and rubbed his belly while winking. He walked to a table and slide on one seat and I did the same, facing him.

“Ace! My boy!” I heard an old husky voice called from behind me. I turned and smiled when I saw an old man approaching us with a big smile on his face. His gray hair and crinkled eyes made him look older than he might be.

“Hey Jerry!” Ace greeted with a nod and crossed his arm as he leant on the table. Jerry. So this place was his?

“Who’s that beautiful girl?” Jerry asked while wiggling his eyebrows making me blush. He said I was beautiful! I know! I shouldn’t make a big deal but not often people call me beautiful.

“Where?” Ace questioned and pretended to look around for some girl. I rolled my eyes and decided to ignore that ridiculous joke of his. I stood up and put my hand in front of Jerry.

“Hello, I’m Angel” I said and smiled while he shook my hand. His smile disappeared and confusion was written on his face.

“What’s your surname, cupcake?” he asked and I smiled at the little nickname that he gave me.

“Harper, Angel Harper” I said and sat back. Jerry frowned and suddenly his eyes widened as if he remembered of something.

“The daughter of Rose?” he questioned with a sad smile on his face. Everyone knew my mom. Of course they would. She was perfect.

“Yes” I replied and stared at the menu card so that they couldn’t see how much the name of my mom affected me. I miss her.

“So what will you take?” he suddenly questioned with a cheery tone. Thank god he didn’t continue talking about her!

“We’ll have two chocolate cake” Ace ordered and Jerry noted the order while I glared at Ace. “And two milkshake” he continued with a smirk plastered on his face when he realized that I was glaring. Jerry nodded and walked away.

“What gave you the idea that you could order for me?” I asked while crossing my arms and leaning back on my seat.

“The fact that I am the one paying?” he reasoned and leant back on his chair too and didn’t break eye contact with me. The boy was simply too hot for his own good.

“I’m paying too” I retorted.

“You’re not” he retorted with confidence.

“I am”

“Are not!”

“I am!”

“You are really testing my patience” he commented as he leant over the table. I did the same so that our foreheads were touching.

“I know” I said with a grin and watched as his eyes dropped to my lips, making me realize how close we were. His gray eyes were simply hypnotizing. Breathe Angel! Breathe! I closed my eyes and pulled away so that I was sitting straight on my chair. He sighed and did the same.

“So tell me something about you” he said while Jerry walked to our table with our orders. I stayed silent while he put the milkshakes on the table and gave us a bright smile.

“If you need anything else, let me know” he said and walked away after we nodded to him.

“So what do you want to know?” I asked as I popped a piece of chocolate cake in my mouth. De-li-cious! I moaned at the taste of the dark chocolate cream as soon as it was in contact with my tongue.

“Damn” I heard Ace whispered in front of me. I rose my head to look at him. His eyes were darker and he was biting his lips. “You shouldn’t moan in front of a guy” he said and my eyes widened.

“What’s with you, the Carter boys, with moaning?” I asked in disbelief and watched as he smirked.

“Not our faults if you sound sexy while moaning” he said with a smirk and his eyes shifted to my lips when I licked it to take off some cream. “And sounds like Alex tried to flirt with you” he added with amusement, taking his eyes off me.

“Yeah, he did” I told him while chuckling. “He said that I was hotter than Madonna” I continued and watched as he chuckled.

“As if he can have a chance with you” he scoffed and popped a piece of cake in his mouth. I grinned and shrugged.

“He’s cute” I simply commented and leant on the chair.

“He’s fourteen” he gave me a pointed look and I shrugged again.

“So what?” I questioned with an innocent smile on my face. He started at me as if I’ve grown two heads.

“There’s something wrong in your head” he simply said and I gave him a smirk.

“Says the one who tagged the wall of the principal’s office” I retorted and watched as he looked at me with surprise. Ace and the boys once tagged the principal’s wall and as soon as they heard that sanctions were going to be taken, they decided not to reveal that they were the one who did it. Usually they’d boast about the bullshit they pulled.

“How the fuck do you know we did it?” He questioned, after taking a gulp of his milkshake.

“Maybe the fact that you were snickering when the principal announce it or the fact that you were the only guys stupid enough to pull up this kind of prank” I mentioned with a smile and he chuckled. Damn, he did sound hot when he chuckled.

“At least we have the guts to do it” he backfired with a smirk making me scoff. His eyes widened when I scoffed and he put his cup on the table and stared at me. He did look intimidating when he did that. “Explain” he demanded.

“You didn’t have the guts enough to admit that it was you” I stated and he studied me for a few minutes before opening his mouth.

“We couldn’t take the risk to get expelled” he explained and I shrugged.

“Don’t start something when you know you won’t go till the end” I retorted. “Because now it seems like you chicken out of your own prank” I said and then finished my milkshake.

“Nobody would think that” he scoffed and I rolled my eyes at his pride.

“I did” I said and he glared at me.

“Your opinion doesn’t count” he said and I glared at him. Son of a bitch! Sorry Mrs Carter!

“Why? Because I don’t swoon over you?” I questioned sarcastically and surprisingly he nodded.

“Exactly” he said, making me groan at his stupidity.

“How can you be so stupid?” I questioned seriously. He shrugged and smirked.

“I’m not stupid” he said. “I’m smart” he simply stated and I scoffed.

“Yeah, you are” I responded sarcastically.

“What about we go to the park?” he asked when we finished our milkshake and our cake. A smile stretched on my face and I nodded.

“Yeah, let’s go” I said and I was happy that I was going to spend more time with you.

So the ditching continues with the bad boy.

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