Angel's Bad Boy

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Chapter 18: Disturbed Past

"You fucking slut! You’re parents must have willingly killed themselves because they were tired of you" he said with a sickening smile. Tears rolled down my cheeks and he rose his hand and slapped my across my cheek with such force that I was projected to the other side of the room. He walked towards me and I shook with fear.

Please Ryan, don’t" i pleaded with teary eyes and he grasped a handful of my hair and pulled me up so that I was standing.

But Angie, I was just getting started" he said with a smirk before punching me in my stomach. I wrapped my arms around my paining stomach and cried at the atrocious pain. I fell to the ground and I watched as he walked away with an evil smile. I backed against the wall for support and I knew that it wasn’t over. I knew Ryan well to know that he wasn’t going to stop here. It’s been two weeks he’s been hitting and beating me like this.

So babe, I found a new game" he said with hatred and gave me a smile when I rose my head to look at him. My sight was blurry from all that crying and I backed more in the wall. How I wished that the wall would swallow me? He walked to me and pulled me away from the wall. He pushed me on the ground and made me lay down. I was shaking with fear at the sight of the knife in his hand. ”So, like I was saying, I found a new game" he said wearing that sadistic smile again. He cut open my top and pulled the piece of cloth away from me, leaving me with my bra on. ”Each and every time you sob or whimper, I’ll make a cut on your stomach, so learn to be quiet" he said teasingly and without catching my guard, he presses on the area he just punched me. I cried in pain and the tears rolled down my cheeks.

Ryan, please stop!” I begged and he slapped me...again. But this time, he drew blood from my lips.

You sobbed" he exclaimed happily and traced the contour of the knife. Even if I wanted to run away, I couldn’t. I was feeling so weak and I knew that he’d kill me once he’d catch me. He put the knife against my skin and put on a little pressure. I cried when my skin opened. He slide the knife on my skin, making a cut. He didn’t cut deep. ”Oh! I’ve got an amazing idea!” he suddenly exclaimed and I shudder with fear. I cried and cried. all the pain was invading my body. After a few minutes, he came back with a packet in his hand. My breathing quickened when i saw that it was salt. He took a handful of salt and he gave me a smile. ”That’ll teach you not to go out without my permission" he said and rubbed the salt on my cut. I screamed in pain and he quickly put his hand on my mouth. My screams were muffled by his hand. He pressed on harder and I could the effect of the rough salt. ”Fucking bitch" he cursed and walked out of the room leaving me on the floor lying in my own blood and with one though in my head: Hell never ends.

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