Angel's Bad Boy

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Chapter 25: Queen Bitch Is Back

“What’s the plan for today?” Justin asked as he plopped himself on the couch as if he owned the place. It was pretty boring as Ace wasn’t here. He had to go and I don’t know where he went. I knew that he was not going to tell thus I decided not to argue. Daniel, Ted and the girls walked in the living room. I shrugged and turned my attention to Rachel.

“Care to explain why were you naked with Daniel on the bed?” I asked bluntly and watched as her eyes widened.

“I was on the bed with him?” she asked in shock and turned to face Daniel who shrugged.

“Yesterday I heard you walking to the bathroom and you fell down, You started vomiting so I took your clothes off and gave you my shirt” he explained and Rachel groaned in embarrassment.

“And none of the girls could have undress me?” she asked while glaring at Daniel who simply shrugged.

“They were all drunk” he explained nonchalantly.

“Thank you” Rachel mumbled as she sat next to me. It was kind of cute from Daniel to take care of Rachel. I wanted to coo when Daniel slightly blushed.

“Did you just blush?” Ally asked out loud making me laugh. “Bad boys my ass!” she hollered and laughed at him.

“Shut up” Daniel spat.

“Shut up guys! My head’s pounding” Ted whined and sat on the floor next to the couch, leaning against it. “Why are you guys not having a hangover?” he asked and squeezed his eyes close when the pain strike again.

“Maybe because we took Advil?” Ally said, looking at him as if he was stupid. Poor bad boy! He stared at us in pain. This really pitied me, so I stood up and made my way to the kitchen, took a glass of water with the Advil and walked back to the living room to find Ted still holding his head.

“Here” I gave it to him and he smiled slightly as he gulped down the Advil.

“At least you have some humanity in you for helping a man in pain” he mumbled and I rolled my eyes then looked at the three guys seriously.

“Guys, are you really bad boys?” I asked seriously with my hands on the hips. “Because seriously, you guys keep on whining, you complain, you care for others, and one of you just talk about humanity!” I exclaimed and the three assholes smirked then Justin shook his head.

“We are bad boys” he said. “With our friends, we are pretty comfortable” he said and I smiled.

“I never agree to be friends with you” Ally butted in and I chuckled when Daniel playfully glared at her.

“Well too sad for you, you’re all stuck with us” Ted said with his usual smirk. I sighed and leant against the wall.

“I’m bored” I whined and the girls smirked. You know that evil smirk that people give you whenever they know something on you that is totally embarrassing? No? Never mind. “What?” I asked as I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at them.

“Nothing” Ally replied innocently wiggling her eyes at Rachel.

“Before knowing Ace, we were never boring” Rachel said while giggling.

“I never said you are boring” I denied. “And how the hell is Ace involved?” I exclaimed in disbelief. Ted scoffed and I glared at him.

“You are retarded” he simply said and I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Next time the retarded will let you die with that terrible head ache” I snapped and he chuckled.

“At least you accepted the fact that you are retarded” he snickered and I groaned in annoyance.

“What she was trying to insinuate, was that, you like Ace and Ace likes you” Justin explained and I huffed.

“Where the hell did you get that idea from?” I asked and sat on the couch to look at each of them in wonder.

“First” Ally started and she smiled at me while wiggling her eyebrows. “You’ve got a hickey on your neck” she said making me gasp and the other guys snickered. My hands flew to my neck and I blushed deep red. “I asked the guys and they all said that they didn’t do that so it’s Ace who did it” She giggled.

“Second” Rachel butted in, not giving me time to recover from the first announcement, “The way you look at him” she said and I looked at her confusingly.

“What way of looking?” I asked and she shrugged.

“Third,” Daniel started and I groaned and turned to face him. “The way he looks at you” He said and again I was in pure confusion. How does he look at me?

“How does he look at me?” I questioned and again! They ignored me.

“Fourth” Ted started. “You’re the first girl he actually behave differently” he said and I decided not to ask any questions knowing that they wouldn’t reply.

“And fifth!” Justin said faking happiness, “All the reasons they gave!” he said and I chuckled.

“Listen up guys” I started. “There’s nothing between Ace and I. He gave me that hickey for payback. I marked him and he wanted to do the same. No feelings involve!” I explained. “And the way I look a

at him? Guys! I look at everyone the same way! I don’t know what the hell you mean by that! And for the way he behave, it’s because we’re friends! And as friends, we respect each other” I ended and rolled my eyes when I saw when looking at me, still unconvinced.

“Whatever floats your boat!” Rachel piped in and I took a deep breath to calm myself. “What about we go to the mall?” she then asked and I sighed in relief when I realized that they were letting go of this subject. We all nodded.

“Next time you fucking dip your fucking dirty little finger in my fucking Ice cream, I’ll shove it up your little ass!” Rachel yelled at Daniel as she smacked the back of his head in annoyance, attracting the attention of all the persons in the Ice cream shack.

“Damn girl, you swear a lot!” he said as his eyes widened in amazement. “And you look cute when you’re angry!” he said dipping his finger again in the ice cream making Rachel pulled on her own hair in frustration.

“I’m going to kill him!” she screamed and stood up to lunge at him but Ted held her back and started chuckling.

“What about we go to buy some clothes?” Ally asked and stood up without waiting for our responses, knowing that we would follow her outside. I threw my plastic cup in the dustbin and walked by her side.

“You mean we’ll have to follow you?” Justin asked in disbelief and Ally nodded.

“No you don’t have to” I contradicted. “You can go” I said giving him a smile. He nodded and started walking in the opposite direction. As we walked to the shop, I stopped and sighed in frustration. “Ally! We left Rachel and Daniel in the Ice Cream Shack, Together! ” I exclaimed and started walking to the shack.

“I hope she didn’t kill him yet!” she sincerely prayed as we ran back to the shack. As we walked back in, we found them still sitting in the same place with left them but they weren’t alone. There, standing with her minions, was Sasha Grambel.

Who’s she?

Well, Easy question!

Sasha Grambel is the Queen Bee of our school. In other words? A bitch. She had everything which made her look like a plastic Barbie: Straight blond hair, big blue eyes, pink lips and not to forget all the make up that she wears. Adding her slutty clothes, she makes a great queen bee with her minions following behind her. Apparently she was gone to Hawaii with her family for vacation. Why is she here?

“She’s back” Ally groaned with distaste. My eyes flicked to Rachel who seemed like having a hard time listening to her talking with Daniel. I hooked my arm with that of Ally and made my way to where they were sitting.

“Isn’t that Angel?” Sasha exclaimed with fake enthusiasm. We hate each other so why pretend?

“Isn’t that Sasha?” I mimicked her then rolled my eyes.

“I really miss your bitchy mouth Harper” she said sarcastically and I snickered.

“I guess the jocks at our school missed yours” I retorted and Daniel put his hand on his mouth to muffle his laughter but in vain. Rachel giggled at his action while Ally wore the same expression as mine, serious and bitchiness.

“I’m going to destroy you,” she spat as she took a few steps forwards and I simply smirked at him.

“Heard that line like three years ago” I said nonchalantly, referring to when our enmity started.

“And still you’re not the one who died” she spat and my eyes narrowed. I knew that she was referring to my parents. Is everyone going to keep reminding me of my family’s death? I took a step forward and Rachel stood from her seat and stood by my side, her hand holding my arm to prevent me from hurting Sasha.

“Listen up queen bitch” I started with hatred coating each and every words I said. “My life doesn’t concern you” I spat and watched as her eyes widened in fear. “Next time you fucking refer to my family, I swear to god, I’ll hurt you. I’ll make sure you scream so loud that your relatives will hear you from Hawaii” I said and watched as she blinked several times before looking away.

“Tell Ace that I missed him and I’m looking forward to meet him” she said to Daniel who simply rolled his eyes. With that, she walked away with her minions by her side.

Did I forget to mention that she was Ace’s fuck buddy?

Did I say was?

She is Ace’s fuck buddy.

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