Angel's Bad Boy

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Chapter 27: Your lips are calling mine

“Ace ” I warned, lowering my voice to sound threatening but he only smirked and advanced in my direction like a predator. “Don’t come near me” I said sternly and walked to the other side of my car. Rachel and Ally sat next to Daniel, looking at us in amusement.

“You threw water on me” he said slowly and I snickered.

“It was to turn off your cigarette” I said. Technically, I wasn’t lying. He rolled his eyes and he shook his head at my words.

“And why would you do that?” he asked wearing his usual annoying but sexy smirk on his beautiful face.

“It’s bad for health” I retorted childishly and he chuckled.

“Oh you care that much for me?” he questioned tauntingly and I stood there and crossed my arms over my chest while looking at him.

“Yes” I replied honestly and his features softened at my answer, making his face light up with a smile. Suddenly he started running making me yelp at the adrenaline that I was rushing in my veins. I ran around the car and I could hear his carefree laugh as he chased him.

“Go Ace!” I heard Daniel encouraging him and I turned my head to my friends to see them watching us as if we were some movie playing at the cinema. They only lack the popcorns and the drinks.

“Shut up, Daniel!” I screamed and giggled when Rachel picked up the hose and threw water on him. Ally simply ran in the house and walked back out with liquid soap. We were all yelling and screaming. Our laughter could be heard all around the neighborhood. Suddenly, I tripped with the hose and fell on the grass. In matters of seconds, I was lifted in Ace’s arms and he was looking at me with his evil smirk.

“You can’t run ” he mumbled and put me on the hood of my car. I was drenched and so was he. I could see his 6 packs as his shirt was drenched. My breath hitched when I saw the position that we were. I was on the hood of my car and my legs were spread apart so that he could stand in between. His hands were on my waist and my hands were on his shoulders. Our foreheads were pressed against each other’s and we were soon lost in each other’s eyes. “I can see through your shirt” he whispered hoarsely and I shrugged. I looked at my chest to see my red bra and I knew that my cheeks were soon the same color of it. “You’re bright red” he laughed and pulled away. He took off his shirt and made my jaw dropped.

Holy motherfucker fucking swoon!

“Wow” the words left my mouth even before I could stop them. He stared at me with a proud grin.

“Awesome, isn’t it?” he asked proudly pointing to his awesome body. I nodded without thinking and he chuckled and gave me his shirt. “Put that on” he ordered and I did what he told me. His shirt was quite large on me but at least we didn’t see my bra now. I jumped off the hood but he wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me against his chest. “I’m not done” he said huskily, sending shiver down my spine. “Did I tell you how beautiful you look with my mark on your neck?” he asked and buried his face in my neck to kiss his love bite. What the hell is happening?

“A-ace” I moaned and tried to pull away. “What are you doing?” I asked and put my hand on his chest. Slightly I pushed him away and saw him looking at me with a frown. Oh that cute frown. “Why are you looking so serious?” I questioned and put my fingers on his frown. I pushed it away and he laughed.

“Can you give me a towel?” he asked and I nodded. Daniel and the girls were still playing outside with the water and soap while we walked in the house. Ace followed me to the bathroom and I gave him a towel. “Can you dry my hair?” he asked with a lopsided grin and I chuckled.

“You’re too tall” I said. He lifted me and placed me on the sink counter. I wrapped my legs around his waist so that I would not fall and took the towel from him. As I stared in his eyes, I knew it was too late. I already fell for him. I put the towel on his hair and dry it. He chuckled when I would move his head from side to side. When I was done, I looked at him with a smile and handed him the towel.

“Your turn” I said with a smirk and motioned him to my hair. Surprisingly, he smiled and took it from me. He started dying my hair without breaking eye contact with me. He did it softly and I liked the intimacy that we had. That relationship that we had was simply amazing. I knew wanted more but i knew that I didn’t want to get hurt as well. In a few weeks, Ace managed to break the wall that I had built around me heart during those three years. I knew that he would never hurt me purposely.

“Ace?” I heard Daniel called from downstairs. Ace kept staring at me and didn’t reply to Daniel. I smirked and stopped his hand from drying my hair.

“It’s rude not to answer when someone is calling you” I said and he frowned for a few seconds.

“Your lips are calling mine” he said making my breath hitched. With those words, he crashed his lips against mine. I froze when I registered what was happening.

Ace Carter was kissing me.

Ace Fucking Carter was kissing me!

And i was loving it.

His lips set fire to mine. He was pulling away when he realized that I wasn’t kissing him back. So I did what my heart was telling me to do. I tightened my legs around him and slide my fingers in his thick messy hair. I moved my lips tentatively against his and he slightly moaned when I tugged on his hair. This was simply magical. He wrapped his hand around the back of my neck and one wrapped around my waist to keep me steady. This was simply awesome. I moaned when he bite on my bottom lip. He pinched my skin lightly making me gasp and he seized the moment to slide his tongue in my mouth. I moaned in delight as we battled for dominance but obviously he took over. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed ourselves even closer, I don’t know whether it was possible to be anymore closer.

Unfortunately as we were soon out of breath, we had to pull away but Ace didn’t stop his little torture on me. He stared kissing my neck and leaving butterfly kisses which would make me giggle as I was really ticklish. He slide his hand under his shirt so that his fingers were touching my burning skin. He brought his lips back on mine but this time, he gave me a peck and rested his forehead against mine. I closed my eyes and tried to calm my deep breathing, my heart beats and my mind. After a few minutes, I opened my eyes to see Ace looking at my face with his hypnotizing gray eyes.

“It-” I started but he pecked my lips and stopped me from talking. He pulled away and looked at me seriously.

“I don’t want to hear you say that this kiss was a mistake” he mumbled and closed his eyes. I took a deep breath and this time I pecked his lips, making his eyes widened in surprise.

“I was going to say, it was awesome” I whispered with red tinted cheeks. He exhaled and nodded like a little kid with a big smile on his face.

“Incredible, amazing, fantastic, great, unique” he breathed out happily and wrapped his arms around me in a hug. I hugged him back and let him bury his head in the crook of my neck.

“Ace!” Daniel called again and Ace huffed in annoyance. I chuckled when he pulled away from the sink, making me squeal as I was still holding on him. My legs tightened around him as my arms wrapped around his neck so that I wouldn’t fall. His hands found their way to my ass. Yeah, my ass! So that he could hold me.

“Ace put me down” I ordered as I knew that he was going to walk to my friends like this. They were going to freak out. Ace had no shirt on him and our lips were swollen from our paradisiac kiss.
“No” he replied with a chuckle and managed to open the door with one hand while the other one had a hold on me so that I wouldn’t fall.

“Please” I pleaded and still, he shook his head and he walked down the stairs. “You could have at least worn a shirt” I huffed and he turned his head so that our lips were inches apart.

“You didn’t really give me time to” he said teasingly as his eyes dropped to my lips.

“Should I remind you that you were the one who kissed me?” I asked with wide eyes and he shrugged.

“Should I remind you that you kissed me back?” he asked wiggling his eyebrows. “I wouldn’t mind showing you” he added more as a whisper.

“No, I’m good” I replied instantly.

“Then I’m good without a shirt too” he backfired and I groaned when I heard a gasp from behind us.

“You fucked in the bathroom!” Rachel shouted while her hands flew to her mouth. “Did you use protection? I swear to god if you didn’t I’m going to castrate Ace then I’ll k-” she started rambling while I reddened in embarrassment.

“Rachel!” I yelled and hide my face in Ace’s shoulder. They were so sharp and hard.

“Rachel, we didn’t have sex” Ace said sternly and slowly put me back on my feet. Rachel nodded and gave me a grin when her eyes fell on Ace’s muscular body.

“Well, seems like you missed a great thing” Rachel joked, making me rolled my eyes when Ace nodded. Conceited jerk.

“Ace!” Someone called from the front door. I ran to see who it was and grinned when I saw Alex.

“How are you Madonna boy!” I asked happily. It’s been a long time since I saw him. He hugged me and walked in the place as if he owned it.

“I’m fine” he said and walked to where Ace and Rachel were standing. Just then, Ally walked in the kitchen with her hair wrapped in a towel. “Seems like you had some fun without me” he pouted and I ruffled his hair playfully. “Just came to say that mom wants everyone here for dinner” He said and glared at Ace before going away.

“He’s a bit moody” Ally said.

“That’s because he thinks I’m fucking Angel” Ace replied bluntly making me gasp as how crude that sounded.

“By the way, I won’t be able to come” Ally said as she picked up her phone. “I got a family dinner to go to. Daniel is in the bathroom” Ally said before giving each one of us a hug and walking away.

“I’m going to go home and get ready for dinner. Send Daniel at my place” Ace said and he did something that I wasn’t waiting for. He leant and pecked my lips before walking out of the house, leaving me with a frozen Rachel who was looking at me with happiness, shock and anger.

“You got a lot of explanations to do Missy” she said and I groaned knowing that I’ll have to tell her everything and this will made us lose time. I jumped on the counter and started telling her how the kiss happened.

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