Angel's Bad Boy

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Chapter 30: You just got Friendzoned Dude!

I am Ace Carter’s girlfriend.

That was the first thing that struck my head when I woke up this morning. A smile crept on my face and I got out of bed happily. Usually, I was not a morning person. After taking a bath, I decided to wear a denim jean short and a tank Top. I let my hair loose and wore my high tip tops. I had to look hot for my boyfriend. I put on a pink gloss and ran to the kitchen. Just as I opened my refrigerator to take out my chocolate milk, my phone buzzed next to me. I answered it without looking at the caller I D.

“Hello?” I answered and stuck the phone between my shoulder and my ear. I took out the milk box and some muffins.

“Good morning, princess” I heard his husky voice. I felt the sparks shoot in my stomach at his deep voice.

“Morning, boyfriend” I greeted with a smile on my face. I sat down and poured the milk in a glass and waited for him to reply.

“Wanna ride with me on my bike?” he asked and I squealed as I really loved his bike now. I can’t believe I used to be scared of bikes. “I’ll take that as a yes” he chuckled and I laughed.

“When you’re going just give me a call” I told him and started drinking my milk.

“I’m waiting for you outside” he said and I peeked through the kitchen window to see him leaning casually against his bike. Damn. He was hot. He was wearing a tight white shirt and a black jean. Swoon worthy. He ended the call and put in his sun glasses. I spied on him as I drank up the milk while drinking him up with my eyes. I took my bag and my keys before walking out of the house. I locked the door and dropped the key in my bag. When Ace heard me approaching, he turned his head to me. He took off his glasses and raked my body with his gray eye shamelessly. He wolf whistled and I rolled my eyes. “You look hot” he said and I smiled. “Don’t you think you should change?” he questioned and groaned. “I mean, I got a boner just looking at you” he told me bluntly making me go red. “And I don’t want other guys to look at you” he said.

“I’m not going to change” I said with finality and he looked at me all over again. “Guys won’t be looking at me as they know I’m your girl” I pointed out. He grinned and pulled me in him.

“I like hearing you say that you’re my girl” he said and wrapped his arms around me. He smelled so good. “Are you sniffing me?” he asked in amusement and I bit my lips.

“You smell good” I told him and he smiled.

“You do too” he said. “I like the shampoo you use” he said and I smiled. “Come on, let’s go” he said and again, he helped me on the bike. He gave me his helmet and I took it. I knew that arguing over that would. get me nowhere. My safety was his priority. “Hold on tight” he said and I could sense his usual smirk. I wrapped my arms around his waist and let my fingers touched his abs.

“That’s what I’m planning to do” I told him and hugged him tighter.

“Don’t rape me” he joked and started riding to school. The feeling of freedom broke in my mind and my heart as I felt the wind against my skin. A smile was plastered on my face. I heard myself giggling at the awesome feeling. I tried not to focus on Ace’s eight packs abs which were under my fingers. He increased the speed and in less than five minutes, we reached school. As he parked his bike, I could hear a few gasps and I ignored them. I pulled the helmet off my head and gave it back to Ace.

“People are staring” I whispered and he shrugged.

“Let them” he said as he interlinked our fingers together. He brought my hand to his mouth and kissed my knuckles with his soft and warm lips. I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks and Ace chuckled. “Did I tell you that I love it when you blush?” he asked and I rolled my eyes.

“Like a hundred times” I snorted and he pulled me by his side.

“Come on” he said and took my hand in his as he walked to his locker. He took out a book and we walked to mine under the stares of the students in the corridor.

“Hey lovebirds! I heard the news!” Ted exclaimed and Ally nodded. They were both standing by my locker and I noticed how close they were standing. “Congratulation!” He exclaimed and I smiled while Ace and him did a bro hug.

“Hurt her and I promise, I’ll fucking cut your dick” Ally threatened making Ace rose his hands in surrender. I laughed at the bad boy.

“Violent, I like it” Ted whispered by her eyes, making her shiver. Ace smirked at her behavior and lightly nudge me. I smirked back and watched as Daniel, Rachel and Justin walked to us.

“What’s up, kids?” Justin asked and leant against my locker. He yawned and stared at us with narrowed eyes. “I feel like the seventh wheel” he commented and we burst out laughing.

“We’re not even dating!” Ally exclaimed pointing between Ted and her. Ted only smirked and shrugged.

“Same here” Rachel said and Daniel frowned for a second.

“So, the kiss yesterday didn’t mean anything?” He asked Rachel and my eyes widened.

“You two kissed?” I exclaimed and Daniel nodded proudly while Rachel glared at him.

“You didn’t ask me out” she pointed out. Daniel rolled his eyes and dropped to his knees. Ted and Justin were laughing their asses off and Ace simply stared at Daniel in disbelief.

“Rachel, Will you be my girlfriend?” he asked. “Even though sometimes you’re damn annoying, you quite entertaining and I like you” he said with a winked. I nearly awed as it was cute.

“Aww!” Ally exclaimed and I chuckled.

“Yes! Now stand up! Everyone is staring!” Rachel hissed and wrapped her arms around Daniel.

“Guys, let’s get to class! Morino is coming!” Justin said and we all turned to see the principal walking in our direction. We quickly walked to our classes and as Ace had to go in another class, he tugged on my hand to stop me from entering my class.

“W-What?” I didn’t get the time to ask before he crashed his lips on mine. He kissed him back before we heard my teacher’s voice boomed behind us. Ace pulled away and before walking away, he kissed my forehead and licked his lips.

“Strawberry gloss” he simply said. “I like it” he chuckled and walked away making me laugh to myself as I walked to my class. Daniel sat beside me, that is, he took Riley’s place.

“you can’t sit here” I told him and he stared at me in confusion.

“May I ask why?” he asked politely, which was so unlike him. I chuckled and pointed to the door where I found Riley walking in.

“His seat” I told him as Riley walked to us.

“I came first” Daniel pointed out childishly and I glared at him. He rolled his eyes and took his book before sitting in the seat behind mine. “I did that because you’re my girl’s best friend and my best friend’s girl” he said while I chuckled. Riley sat next to me and apparently, his mood was off as he was glaring at the board.

“Riley?” I called to attract his attention and he turned his attention to me. In fact, he turned his glare to me. “Is there a problem?” I asked him and he clenched his jaw.

“Are you dating Ace Carter?” He asked and I nodded.

“Yeah, why?” I asked, studying his stiff posture and his clenched jaw.

“Why would you date him?” he asked angrily. “he’s a player. Once he’s done with you, he’ll throw you like a trash” he fumed. “He’s an asshole” he sneered and I felt someone neared us.

“Dude, you do realized that you’re talking about my best friend, right?” Daniel snapped and Riley narrowed his eyes at him.

“Daniel, let me talk to him” I said and watched as Daniel sat back on his chair and glared at Riley. “So Riley, now tell me, what crawled up your ass and died?” I asked seriously making Daniel burst out laughing. “Ace is my boyfriend and if you’re a true friend, you’d accept it!” I exclaimed and took my book. I sat next to Daniel, who was smirking.

“Now, you want to sit next to me?” he questioned teasingly and I rolled my eyes. Riley turned his face to me and glared at me.

“He doesn’t deserve you!” he said with frustration and I scoffed.

“If he doesn’t, then who does?” I asked with crossed arms, trying to look intimidating.

“I do! I fucking like you, Angel!” Riley bursted out and my jaw dropped open. Daniel’s eyes widened.

“I wasn’t waiting for this” He mumbled and I blinked several times.

“No, you don’t! I thought you like Ally!” I said and he shook his head.

“You’re blind! I like you! Not Ally!” he told me.

“You’re my friend, Riley. Nothing more. I consider you as a brother” I said and he narrowed his eyes at me.

“You just got friend zone dude!′ Daniel hollowed and burst out laughing. He was only complicating all this situation. I poked his side to make him stop laughing but seems like he was ticklish. “Worst! Brotherzoned! You just invented that! Congratulations” Daniel added.

“I never though you were such a bitch” Riley snapped and this caused Daniel to stop laughing.

“Call her a bitch again and I promise, I’ll make you bleed to death” Daniel threatened and I stared at him in surprise. When Riley huffed and turned his attention to the board, I hugged Daniel.

“Thank you” I said and he chuckled.

“I’m pretty sure if I didn’t help you, both Rachel and Ace would have kicked my ass” he said and I laughed, knowing that they were crazy enough to kick Daniel’s ass for me.

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