Angel's Bad Boy

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Chapter 31: Slutty Ex V/s Sexy GF

I walked in the cafeteria with Ally and Rachel by my side. I told them what happened with Riley and Rachel concluded that he was a total asshole.

“Didn’t you have a crush on him?” I asked Ally and she scrunched her face in disgust.

“Had!” she exclaimed and Rachel wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. I joined her and we started wiggling our eyes together making Ally freak out.

“Guys! Stop” she begged. “You look so weird doing that. You’re like some pedophile seeing a new victim” She explained.

“Maybe you’re our new victim babe” Rachel said and Ally and I simply chuckled. The boys said that they would meet us in the cafeteria and we sat on our usual table. “So, if Riley isn’t your crush, then who’s it?” she questioned. By the look on her face, she already knew. She just wanted to tease Ally.

“Could he be our Teddy bear?” I asked and watched as she turned red.

“Just admit that you like him already” Rachel said and I nodded. Ally simply huffed and put her head on the table.

“Fine. I like Ted” she mumbled. Rachel and I high five. “Just don’t tell him anything” she pleaded and we rolled our eyes.

“We’re your best friends” I told her. “Of course, we won’t” I said and Rachel winked at me.

“Before you do” Rachel added and I chuckled.

“Queen Bitch is staring at you” Ally said and I turned to see Sasha glaring daggers at me.

“Staring? More like glaring” I snorted. Rachel shrugged and looked away from them.

“Just ignore them” she said and leant on her chair. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Just then, a silence rose in the cafeteria and everyone was looking at the door. Of course they would. The bad boys were walking in. If I didn’t know them, I’d probable find them intimidating. But as I got to know them, I realized that they were far from being bad boys. They were great friends who you knew will always had your back and who’d always support you. I heard Ally scoff beside me and I glance at her. She pointed to where Sasha and her clones were sitting. They were scooting away as if making place so that our bad boys would sit next to them. Sasha caught me staring and she gave me an evil smirk. I smirked back as she thought that the guys were going to sit next to her.

“What if the guys really sit at her table?” Ally asked suddenly and Rachel and I shook our head. “I mean, before they met us, they were sitting with the bitch” she said and I shrugged.

“That was before they knew us” Rachel said proudly and pointed to where the bad boys were. I was feeling so haply when I saw then walking in our direction. As they reached our table, we scooted to give them place to sit and Ally burst out laughing.

“What’s the funny?” Ted asked, with a smile playing on his face.

“The bitches already warmed your seats over there” She pointed to Sasha and her crew. Sasha’s jaw dropped open and I turned to look at Ace who was chuckling.

“Why didn’t you go there?” Rachel asked, playing dumb with the guys.

“Why would we?” Daniel asked with furrowed eyebrows.

“You used to sit with her before you knew us” I pointed out. “And she is Ace’s fuck buddy” I said making Ace’s face snapped to mine.

“That was before!" Daniel said and I smirked. Rachel and him were so similar.

“She was my fuck buddy” Ace glared at me and i simply shrugged.

“Same thing” I said and watched as he rolled his eyes.

“You should pay more attention in English class. You said is ,which, if I recall is present tense and I’m not fucking her. I’m not fucking anyone. I’m with you and the only one I want to fuck, is you” he said bluntly and my jaw dropped opened while my friends started laughing. I punched his shoulder and put my hands in my cheeks to hide how red I was turning.

“I never asked you that!” I exclaimed and he shrugged.

“Same thing” he mocked and smiled. I couldn’t help but smile back. He wrapped his hand around my waist and pulled me more by his side. I rested my head on his shoulder and looked at Justin who was typing on his phone.

“Who are you texting?” I asked casually and he rose his head to grin at me.

“Why would I tell you?” he asked teasingly.

“Why wouldn’t you tell me?” I asked back with a smirk as he looked at me in confusion.

“You’re really confusing, you know that?” he huffed while I felt Ace nodding to his comment. I playfully but gently bit on his shoulder making him hiss.

“Or you’re simply stupid” I retorted to Justin. Before he could reply, Ace turned me to face him.

“Did you just bite me?” he asked incredulously. I nodded with a grin and I saw his eyes flickered to my lips. Suddenly his hand went to my back and he pushed me to me. Our foreheads were touching and our like were inches apart. I didn’t care if there were eyes who were staring at us.

“Guys! Keep it PG!” Ted exclaimed. Ace slightly pulled away and scoffed at Ted.

“Dude, we all know you’ve seen more and you’ve done more” Ace snickered.

“Yeah, But in public, never” he stated proudly.

“Ted?” I said and he turned his attention to me.

“Yes?” he asked eagerly.

“Shut up” I said and he glared at me.

“You no fun!” he pouted and Ally giggled at his adorable face.

“Then have fun with Ally” I ordered. Ace tightened his grip on me and pulled me even closer.

“Did I tell you that it is a huge turn on when you’re all bossy?” he asked and I shook my head. “Well then, it’s a huge turn on when you order people around and when you bite me too” he said making me laugh.

“You want me to bite you?” I asked and he nodded.

“Because the last time you bite me, you left a beautiful mark on my neck” he whispered huskily and I smiled. I rose my head and slide my fingers in his hair. I gently pushed his face to mine and kissed his lips. He smiled against my lip and pulled away to look at me. He pushed a strand of hair behind my ear and kissed my forehead. “You’re beautiful” he said and I smiled at him.

“You’re sexy” I said and he chuckled.

“Tell me something I don’t know” he said cockily and I grinned.

“I was just kidding” I told him and watched as his smile dropped.

“I am sexy, sweetheart” he said with confidence and I scoffed. “Daniel, am I not sexy?” Ace asked as amusement glimmered in his eyes.

“Sexy as hell” Daniel said, not paying attention to us but was concentrating on Rachel who laughed.

“Didn’t know you swing that way too” Rachel snickered and Daniel groaned and glared at Ace who simply smirked.

“Uh huh” Ally said slowly. I looked at her and she pointed to Sasha. “Queen Bitch is making her way over here” she said and we all watched as Sasha walked to our table with two minions-like blondes next to her. She stopped behind me and Ace, so we had to turn our chair to be able to look at her.

“What do you want?” I asked while looking at my nails in a bored manner.

“I’m here to talk to Ace” she snapped and turned her attention to my boy. She put her hand on his muscular arm and ran his fingers up and down. Ace froze at her touch and starred at her hand in disgust.

“Talk but don’t touch” I snapped and pulled her hand away.

“Slutty Bitch Versus Sexy Gf!” Justin exclaimed childishly and I, who thought that he was mature! Ace turned his attention to Justin and glared at him.

“Did you just call my girlfriend sexy?” he asked and Justin rose his hands in surrender and chuckled.

“Am I not?” I questioned playfully while Sasha looked bewildered.

“Girlfriend?” she screeched. Ace groaned and turned his attention to the bitch first.

“Yes, my girlfriend” he said while rolling his eyes. Then he turned to me. “Who’s sexy as hell but I don’t want my best friend saying that” he continued and I chuckled. “Can you go now?” Ace asked Sasha and turned his chair back to the table to ignore her.

“Why would you go out with her?” Sasha sneered and I stared at her in amusement. It was really amusing to find her getting all frustrated and all.

“Why wouldn’t I go with her?” Ace asked with a smirk and I chuckled.

“S-She’s a bitch!” She fumed and I rose my eyebrows.

“Says the one who call any free guy for a quickie when she’s bored” Ace retorted and I chuckled.

“She’s a fucking orphan and her parent’s are dead because of her!” she exclaimed and this made my eyes widened. Ace’s face quickly turned to mine and he took my hand on his.

“I’m a guy and I’m never going to hit a girl” Ace sneered “But they wouldn’t mind slapping the hell out if your face! But I bet that the tons of make up will prevent you from feeling the impact” He said with hatred while pointing towards Rachel and ally who were fuming. I squeezed his hand to clam him down and stood up next to him. It was my problem and I had to deal to it.

“He’s a guy” I stated. “He’s not going to hit you” I said and I knew that everyone’s attention was on us. I pulled my hand from Ace’s and slapped the hell out of Sasha. “But I’m a girl and I’ve had enough of you and your comments!” I snapped. “Yeah, I’m an orphan! so what?” I asked and took a step in her direction. She instantly took a step backward with her hand still on her cheek. “I didn’t kill my parents! It wasn’t my fault if they died! It was the fault of a fucking drunkard!” I felt light. Since I met the guys, I started to believe and accept the fact that I wasn’t the cause of my parent’s death. Sasha looked at me for a few seconds and the scurried away. I hand took mine and caressed it gently to calm me. I turned to see Ace looking at me with pride. In fact, my friends were all looking at me with pride.

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