Angel's Bad Boy

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Chapter 32: The L-Bomb

“Oh Honey!” My grandmother exclaimed in happiness and wrapped me in a hug. I missed her so much. I hugged her back and walked in the house. Ace followed behind after he hugged my grand mother too. “How are you?” she asked both of us. Ace took my hand in his and lifted out interlinked fingers to show my granny that we were finally together.

“Great” Ace said with a Cheshire smile and I simply smiled at his smile.

“What happened to not dating him even through he was the last guy on this planet?” My grandmother asked teasingly and I rolled my eyes but a smile crept on my face.

“Yeah, what happened?” Ace asked, putting his hand on my waist and pulling me closer.

“I’ve been hit hard on the head” I retorted and he rolled his eyes.

“Come on, let’s go to the dining room” Granny said while laughing. We decided to come at my granny’s place for dinner as she told me that she wanted to see me and she missed me. We walked in the dining room and I noticed one more plate.

“Granny, Who’s coming?” I asked curiously as we sat down. Ace sat next to me and Granny sat in front of me. She seemed really nervous and that freaked me out.

“Good evening” I heard her voice behind me. My breath hitched and Ace took my hand in his. I turned my head to look at Aunt Rosy and I sighed.

“Why would you do that?” I asked my grand mother, already knowing how the dinner was going to end. Aunt Rosy walked to her seat with her usual sly smirk.

“Listen, I want everything to be fine. I want both of you to talk” my granny exclaimed and I rolled my eyes. It was high time we really talk. This time, i wasn’t going to run away like i always do.

“So let’s talk!” I snapped and watched Aunt Rosy smirked devilishly at me. I smirked back as I wasn’t going to let her bring me down today.

“Aren’t you a bit moody?” Aunt Rosy asked with rose eyebrows and turned her attention to Ace. “And, you are here because?” she asked rudely, making my granny shake her head.

“Is it how she’s going to talk?” I asked granny while glaring at the dragon. Ace was glaring too but he stayed quiet for my sake. “Ace is here because I wanted him to be here” I said smoothly and she glared at me.

“I thought it was a family dinner” she said with hatred and I rolled my eyes while scoffing.

“Since when do you consider me as family?” I asked back.

“Oh well, good point. You died the day you killed my sister” Rosy sneered and I kept my calm. In fact, Ace caressing my knuckles were quite comforting.

“I didn’t kill her” I snapped and I could hear my Granny sigh.

“Calm down both of you” Granny ordered.

“Mom! I seriously can’t understand how you can keep up with her! Your daughter died because of her!” she said in disbelief. That stung but I tried not to show that I was hurting.

“And how am I responsible for her death?” I asked as I stood up.

“If it wasn’t for you, they’d be here! They would not be going to that stupid show!” she cried in bewilderment.

“And where were you when she died?” I asked and let the tears fall. I usually cry when I’m angry as fuck. “You were not here! You were not even here for their funeral! You lost your sister! Fine! But I lost my mother! My father and my brother!” I shouted and pushed back the chair. “As if losing them was not enough, you had to constantly remind me that they are dead! What do you want from me?” I asked in frustration, anger and sadness. It was as if I was exploding. Everything was coming out. “You want me to die?” I asked with a humorless chuckle. “I did try to!” I sneered and my granny gasped while Aunt Rosy’s eyes widened. “But then I asked myself why would I try to kill myself? For you?” I asked in anger. “You’re just a bitch who couldn’t cope with her sister’s death and find it amusing to destroy the life of her niece!” I snapped and Ace stood up. He took my hand in his and turned me around so that I was facing him. I was crying and he pulled me in his chest. He put his hand on my hair and gently passes his fingers in my hair in a soothing manner.

“Listen well and clear” I heard his voice, hard and angry. “She’s been hurt enough and I don’t want you to talk to her ever again” He said to my aunt. “She self harmed because of you! You blamed her for your sister’s death? How would you react if people blamed you if she was found dead because of you?” He asked and then he kissed my forehead. “if your main aim is to hurt her, then don’t you ever talk to get again” he said firmly. “Celine, I know you mean well but obviously, your daughter is still fucking immature in her head. Fuck! even her bitch of a daughter is more mature than her” he snapped furiously. Ace was losing his temper and I didn’t want him to get so worked up because of me. I took my keys and took Ace’s hand in mine. I ignored my granny who was pleading me to come back. Ace pulled the keys out of my hand and opened the passenger door for me. I got in knowing that I wasn’t in state to drive.

As soon as we got home, I walked in the house and screamed in anger. When the hell was all of this going to end? When was she going to stop hating me? Ace was standing across the living room, his eyes not leaving every single moves of mine.

“Go” I told him and started walking to my room. I didn’t want him to see me like this. Tears couldn’t stop rolling down my cheek and he stood there, not listening to whatever I told him. “Go home Ace” I said again and he shook his head. I was frustrated and usually, I’d cut my hand to feel relieve but this time I couldn’t! Just as I was about to punch the wall, Ace grabbed my arm and turned me around so that I would face him. “Go away Ace” I whisper begged and sobbed while closing my eyes. I felt so weak that I wished I died in the car crash instead of my parents.

“Listen to me, Angel” Ace said seriously and roughly rose my face so that I would look at him. “Right now, you need me” he stated. “I’m not leaving. I will not leave” he said sternly. “Understand?” he asked. With that, he crushed his lips against mine. Instinctively, my hands found their way in his hair, I tugged on them and pushed my lips harder against his. I felt all the tension leaving my body slowly. He picked me up, making me wrapped my legs around his hips. He walked to the living room, without breaking the kiss and sat on the couch with me straddling him. He pinched me slightly and I gasped in need when he slide his tongue in my mouth. I tugged on his hair harder making him groan in want. I felt all the frustration of earlier leave me. I pulled away to catch my breath and leant my head on his shoulder.

“If I knew you earlier, I wouldn’t be cutting my hand” I joked and I felt him stiffen underneath me. I pulled away to look at him. He looked so serious that I wanted to kiss away his frown. He pushed a strand of hair behind my ear and stared at me attentively.

“Angel” he whispered. “I don’t want you to self harm again” he said, pain lacing his words. “I won’t bear seeing you do that. Promise me you won’t do that” he pleaded and I stared at him lovingly.

“As long as you promise you’ll be with me when I need you, then yes” I said with a smile. He pecked my lips and stared at me.

“Don’t freak out but I need to tell you something” He said and I tensed. What did he do?

“You freaked me out” I mumbled and he chuckled. “What is it?” I demanded and he bite his lips in nervousness.

“I-I” he stuttered and I stared at him in bewilderment.

“Are you nervous?” I asked in shock. “And did you just stutter?” I exclaimed in disbelief and he groaned in response. “What did you do?” I asked.

“Justwantedtotellyouthatiloveyou” he said so quickly that I didn’t even understand a word except the you in the end.

“Come again?” I asked with a sigh. He took a deep breath and cupped my cheek with his hand and pulled me closer to him. Our lips were inches apart.

“I wanted to tell you that” he breathed and pecked my lips as my heart beats raced. “I love you” he said and my breath hitched. Finally! he said it. I rested my forehead against his. I know that he’s waiting for a reply. I opened my eyes and stared at his beautiful gray eyes.

“Don’t freak out” I repeated his words. “But I love you too” I said and with those words, he crashed his lips against mine. I moaned in his mouth and he smiled against my lips. His hands rested on my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck and gently bite his lips. He growled in want and pushed his lips harder against mine. “Room” I mumbled against his lips. He stood up with me in his arms. It was as if I was weightless. He walked up the stairs, occasionally crashing me against the wall to kiss the hell out of me till I was breathless. However, we made it to my room. He put me on the bed and hover over me. His head buried in the crook of my neck as he gently sucked on my skin earning moans of me which apparently turned him on as he groaned each fucking time I moaned. He pecked my lips and stared at me again.

“I love you princess” he said, sincerity burning in his eyes.

“I love you too, Ace” I whispered and pushed him next to me. The next seconds, I was straddling him with my head now buried in the crook of his neck. I smiled when he moaned and I felt the budge in his pant. “You’re mine” I said. “My bad boy” I said before kissing him.

“I’m Angel’s bad boy” he said cheekily and rolled us over so that he was in control again.


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