Angel's Bad Boy

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Chapter 4: Angel got a detention


The English class is extremely boring. The teacher’s voice is monotonous, and the only thing that I’m trying to do is keeping my eyes open. After a few minutes, a paper ball is tossed on my table.

Can I Get Your Number? ;)

I scoff rather loudly, making the whole class, including the teacher to turn and look at me. I cough, and once their attentions are back on the boring text, I turn to glare at Daniel. I ball up the paper and throw it at his head. He is part of Ace’s group of friends. Another bad boy player.
What if Ace told him about you? I ask myself.

Yeah, so what?

I shrug and keep on doodling on my textbook while others are probably taking the notes. I sigh and rest my head on the table. Another paper ball hits my face. I bite my lips to prevent myself from turning and yelling some ugly words at him. I take the paper ball and toss it on the teacher’s head and watch as she looks up from her book and glares at us. She opens the paper and looks at Daniel.

“Mr. Lorenzo.” She makes her way to Daniel. “Detention after school.” She places a paper slip on his table. I turn and smirk at him before turning back to my amazing doodles.

“Why should I be the only one getting a detention?” Daniel asks as he tosses a paper on one nerd and smiles devilishly at the teacher.

“Because you’re the only one tossing paper balls on the head of the teacher,” the teacher replies instantly, and when she passes me, she stops.

“But Ms. Harper here was doodling while you were giving notes,” Daniel says, and my eyes go wide. The teacher’s head snaps to mine, and I smile sheepishly and close my book, which she takes. Fuck! She stares at my doodles: Fucking boring! Kill Me Please! kill HER please!

Oh no!

She glares at me and crosses her arms over her chest. “Is my class so boring that you want me dead?” she asks, and the whole class bursts out laughing.

“I never said it was about you,” I say, and she glares harder. I’m now damn annoyed. She taps her foot repeatedly as if waiting for me to admit that it is about her. I take a deep breath and look at her. “Yeah, it was about you. Your class is damn boring! If Daniel hadn’t tossed a ball on your head, I’m sure that by now, they’d all be sleeping.” I bite my lips when I see that she is fuming. I can almost see smoke coming out of her ears. The class is laughing so hard that my lips twitch.

“Detention. One week!” She sneers and pushes the detention slip in my direction. I sigh in relief and look at the slip. It is worth it!


I walk to my locker and smile when I see Ally and Riley already waiting for me. “Shopping after school?” Ally asks, and I shake my head. “Why not?” she whines, and I roll my eyes.

“I got detention,” I say smugly and put my English textbook in my locker and slam it shut.

“What did you do?” Riley asks with a sigh.

I raise my hands in surrender and glare at him. “Not my fault!”

“That’s why you got a detention,” Riley retorts with an eye roll.

“So we have theatre class next, right?” Ally asks, and I nod. Riley groans and wraps his arm around Ally’s neck. They’ll make a good couple, I think with a grin.

“I’ve got music class,” he says, and Ally pats his shoulder and rests her head on his shoulder.

“Poor baby,” Ally jokes, and I chuckle. I look around and smile when I realize that I didn’t see Ace this morning. “Let’s go to class!” she gushes and hooks her arm with mine. Leaving Riley behind, we walk to the class.

“You’ll look cute together,” I comment and watch as she stops.

“What are you insinuating?” she asks and starts playing with a strand of hair, something she does whenever she’s nervous.

“Oh my God” I gush. “You like him!” I jump, and she covers my mouth.

“Shut up!” she whispers and turns to look whether someone saw me.

“Move your hand, or I’m going to lick it,” I mumble in her hand, and she quickly pulls her hand away.

“Don’t tell him anything,” she pleads, and I nod.

But I’m going to play Cupid!

“I won’t,” I promise. “But I want you two together.”

We make our way to the back of the class and take our seats. The teacher walks in with a bright smile on her face. I like Mrs. Elizabeth so much. Her classes are so damn fantastic.

“Good morning, kids!” she greets, and we all smile.

“Morning,” we all greet her. There are at least twenty students in the class, and they all like her.

“Angel,” she calls me, and I raise my hand to show that I’m present. “Mr. Edwards want you in his class today.”

My eyes widen. “Why?” I ask as I walk to her desk.

“I heard you’ve been practicing, and he wants to see what song you’ve been working on,” she says with a smile, and I turn to glare at Ally. I pick up my bag and smack Ally on the back of her head as I make my way to Mr. Edwards’s class.

I’m so going to kill my stupid best friends!

Being the polite girl that I am, I knock on the door before walking in. My eyes find Mr. Edwards who is sitting on his desk, his glasses hanging on his nose. “Oh, Ms. Harper,” he says and stands up. “Come here.” He motions me to walk in. I ignore the stares from his students.

“So?” I walk to him and hear someone clear his throat. I turn to look at him. My eyes meet Riley’s. He smiles sheepishly, and I roll my eyes.

I’m going to kill him! 

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