Angel's Bad Boy

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Chapter 5: Angelic Voice


I lean against the back of my chair and put my hands behind my head for support. I place my feet on the table. Now I feel comfortable!

Just as I’m closing my eyes, Mr. Edwards walks in with his glasses hanging on his nose, and he fumbles with his papers. He lifts his head and looks at us.

“Feet off the table, Mr. Carter,” he mumbles as he sits on the edge of his table and fixes his glasses so that he can see me.

“Good morning to you too, Mr. Edwards,” I retorted sarcastically, then watched as the girls turn to swoon over me. Just as he is about to respond, maybe with a lame comeback, there is a soft knock on the door, and it opens.

“Oh, Ms. Harper, come here,” Mr. Edwards says with a smile and motions the girl to walk in. She quickly catches my interest as my eyes rake over her. She is wearing denim shorts, showing off her long fine legs, and a large hoodie. She runs her fingers through her long black hair and walks lazily to the teacher. “Show me what you’ve been practicing, Ms. Harper,” Mr. Edwards says and motions her to the piano.

“Right now?” she shrieks, and I quickly sit straight.

That familiar voice! Madonna!

That’s why she is so familiar. She turns her head to the class, avoiding everyone’s eyes except one. She is glaring at a guy in the back of the class. What’s his name again?
Rydian? Ryder? Riley? Yeah! Riley!
Riley smiles sheepishly at her, and she glares at him harder. “So Riley told me that you’ve been working on Tove Lo’s Stay High?” Mr. Edwards asks, raising his eyebrows, and Madonna mumbles a yes. Like, seriously? Are her parents dumb or what? They named such a hot stuff Madonna?

Maybe they were high?

“Then show me what you’ve been doing.” Mr. Edwards presses her on. This time, Madonna glares at the teacher and mumbles some curses under her breath. I chuckle. Even though it is tempting to say some perverted comment about Mr. Edwards’s request, I restrain myself as I am really interested in that feisty girl standing next to the piano.
Madonna sighs and pulls her hoodie off her head, showing off her beautiful and sexy body. I unwillingly lick my lips and watch as she throws her hoodie at Riley’s face. I chuckle as I am 100% sure that she did that purposely. She puts her bag on the floor next to the piano and takes a deep breath. She lets her fingers roam over the keys before she starts playing. Her hands move gracefully over the keys, and her voice is simply splendid.

Her voice is amazing. I look around and see that the other students are just as dazed as I am.

When she finishes the song, Mr. Edwards starts applauding while the others stare in surprise at her. She blushes and stares at the piano. Riley is looking at her with pride. I want to applaud too, but I have a reputation to maintain. Madonna lifts her head, and when her eyes meet mine, I smirk and cross my arms over my chest. She freezes, then blinks several times as if making sure that I am really here. I wink at her and watch as her cheeks turn red. But still, she doesn’t break eye contact as if challenging me to look away first.

“I’d like you to join my class, Ms. Harper,” Mr. Edwards says, and Madonna turns to look at him. I got to admit that it’s weird to call her Madonna.

“I’d like to stay in my theatre class,” she says as she walks to Riley and picks her hoodie, smacking his head in the process.

“But you got a great talent.” Mr. Edwards tries to convince her.

“I know,” she replies instantly, and I chuckle. Apparently, it wasn’t meant to be heard because she quickly covers her mouth. “I mean, no thank you,” she says.

“Wait, aren’t you the kid who won a famous talent show?” a guy asks.
Harper, I’m going to call her Harper from now on. Harper frowns and nods.

Mr. Edwards looks her at her with pity. “I’m sorry for your loss,” he quickly says, and Harper stares at the floor before replying.

“No worries. It’s been a while now,” she mumbles.

What loss?

“Think about it, Ms. Harper.”

She nods. “I will,” she says. “Have a nice day.” She walks to the door.

Why not tease her?

“You too, beautiful,” I say and watch as she turns to look at me with her red cheeks.

“You can flirt later, Mr. Carter,” Mr. Edwards says while shaking his head, but a smile is still on his face.

Harper simply shakes her head and walks out of the class.

Seems like I’ve found a new prey.

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