Angel's Bad Boy

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Chapter 6: Social Life


Ace Carter was in the freaking music class!

Wait! Since when did you even bother about Ace Carter? I ask myself.

Since he became my neighbour.

That smirk on his face made him look so handsome. Maybe I made a mistake when I closed the door on his face.

I’m sitting beside Riley in the cafeteria. Ally and Rachel walk to us with Sam following behind them. Rachel and Sam are our two other best friends who are also dating. But they are too lazy to move their asses so early in the morning to hang out with us. I offer them a smile as they sit with us.

“Heard that your voice struck again,” Sam comments, and I roll my eyes. According to my friends, every time I sing, I make guys fall in love with me. A mermaid, they say. To be honest, there were two guys who asked my number today.

“No, it didn’t.” I defend myself, and Sam simply dismisses me. I glare at him.

“Really?” Rachel asks while wiggling her eyebrows. “Then why is Ace Carter eye-fucking you?”

My eyes widen.

“Don’t turn around,” Ally orders. “He’ll know that we’re talking about him.”

“He’s my neighbour, and I kind of closed the door on his face yesterday,” I mumble and watch as Ally’s jaw drops open.

“You fucking did what?” Rachel yells, and everyone in the cafeteria looks at us. I turn around to see that Ace is looking at me with amusement. I put my hoodie on, then bury my head in my arms.

How I wish that the ground would open and swallow me!

“Why did you do that?” Rachel asks in disbelief. I shrug and look at Sam with pleading eyes so that he will shut her up.

“Babe, Ace is looking here,” Sam says and rubs her back. “You’re embarrassing her.” He chuckles when I nod frantically.

“That’s the intention!” Rachel exclaims while glaring at me. “You did that to the bad boy, and he’s the most popular guy in the school! He could ruin your life!”

Ally and I roll our eyes. “You’re overreacting,” Ally voices out, and Rachel shakes her head.

“No, I’m not,” Rachel tells us. We decide not to argue with her because she is just extremely stubborn.

“Can we forget about that?” I groan, and just as Rachel is about to argue, Sam turns her face and kisses the hell out of her.

“Thank you,” I whisper. Riley and Ally chuckle while shaking their heads.

“I heard,” Rachel mumbles as she pulls away. “I hate it when you kiss me like this just to stop me from talking.”

Sam smirks as he kissed Rachel’s cheek. “You know you love it,” he whispers huskily into her ears, making her cheeks go bright red and her lips twitch slightly.

“So what’s the plan today?” Ally asks.

“Detention,” I mumble.

Rachel and Sam look at me in confusion. They know that I rarely get detention.

“What did you do?” Sam asks.

“Not my fault! Daniel pissed me off!” I say and watch as Rachel closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

“Do you really want your social life to be ruined?” Rachel asks.

I glare at her. She is getting on my nerves with all this reputation drama.

“I don’t fucking care about my fucking social reputation!” I say with clenched jaws, and when Rachel realizes that I am seriously pissed, she decides to shut up.

“Okay. No need to get your panties in a twist!”

My eyes twitch in frustration. I take my bag and walk to the opposite direction. It’s not that I am angry, it’s just that I know that arguing with Rachel is impossible. As I walk down the hall, making my way to my locker, I put my earphones on and start humming the song that is playing. The hall is empty, so I whisper the lyrics and open my locker. I take out my economics book. So heavy! I glare at the book and shut the locker.

“Hey,” a voice says from behind me, and I gasp as I let go of my things. I groan at the sight of my scattered things. I glare at the person who dared to scare me. My eyes meet Ace’s. I quickly stop staring and start to pick up my things. “That’s why you looked familiar,” he says with a smirk, and I roll my eyes. Once I am done, I stand up and run my fingers through my hair to straighten them. I look at him again, then force a smile on my face.

“It took you long to notice,” I say and start walking down the hall. Students are already by their lockers as lunch is over. Most of them are staring at me in shock, and I realize why when I stop walking and a mass crashes against my back. I turn to see Ace smirking. “Why are you following me?” I ask with a sigh.

“I’m not,” he says with a shrug. “You were just walking in front of me.” My eyes stop on the side of his neck where I see the end of a tattoo. He notices me looking, and he smirks again.

“Can you stop smirking?” I ask. “You do that a lot.”

His eyebrows raise in surprise. “Glad to know that you check me out,” he says with a wink. I blink several times while thinking of a comeback. “Don’t worry. I check you out too,” he whispers huskily before walking past me. I stare at the empty space where he was just standing.

What the fuck just happened?

Did Ace Carter just flirt with me?

I thought he was going to ruin my life!

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