Angel's Bad Boy

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Chapter 8: Josh


Towel? Check!

Bottle of water? Check!

Gym clothes? Check!

Hairband? Check!

iPod? Check!

I look at my stuff and tie my hair in a high ponytail. I put on leggings and a sweater before taking my bag and walking out of the house with my earphones in my ears. Gym sessions are simply awesome. I really need to release some tension.



I sit on the couch and toss a ball in the air, catching it and tossing it again. Alex is glaring at me. As revenge, I tied him with a rope to the chair and taped his mouth. Daniel and Justin are playing COD while Ted is busy painting Alex’s face. I sit up and push the ball to the side.

“Hey, look who’s going out!” Ted suddenly exclaims and walks to the window. The other guys are busy with the game and clearly don’t give a fuck. I walk to the window and see Angel walking out of the house with a bag hanging on her shoulder. I can’t believe that I thought her name was Madonna. I blame that little asshole tied to the chair.

“Damn! She looks hot” Ted says after a whistle. I glare at him and turn my attention back to the walking figure.
Yeah, she is.

“What about we follow her?” I ask, and all the guys look at me.

“Why would you do that?” Daniel asks, genuinely curious.

Because it’s fucking dark outside and she’s walking alone!

“To annoy her,” I respond and motion Ted to untie Alex. Once he is done, Alex simply rubs his wrist and keeps glaring at me.

“She won’t fall for you so easily,” Alex says sharply. “She’s not like the sluts you sleep with.”

I know!

“Disappear,” I order, and he walks away and flips me his middle finger.
The guys stand up, then we make our way downstairs.

“Where are you going?” my mom asks us as we reach the door.

“Walking Angel to her gym class,” Ted replies, and my mom nods. We walk out and start jogging so that we can join her.

“Why the sudden interest with Angel?” Daniel suddenly asks as he jogs behind me.

“I need a new prey,” I simply say while stuffing my hands in my pocket.

“Dude, I hate that word,” Justin mumbles, and I scoff.

Soon, we see Angel’s walking figure. She is humming a song with her beautiful voice. Daniel jogs behind her with an evil smirk and pokes her side, making her yelp in surprise.

“Are you fucking sick?” she asks in disbelief once she sees us. How did I not notice her at school? Angel is so beautiful with her black hair and hazel eyes. I’m going soft! “Why are you following me?” she snaps.

“We aren’t,” I say calmly as I look at her, trying to appear emotionless. “Justin needed to go to the gym too.”

“Really?” Justin asks, and I sigh. Daniel smacks the back of Justin’s head.

“Of course,” Angel says sarcastically before quickening her pace.

“Hey! Wait for us, Angel!” Ted shouts as she is already a bit far from us. She ignores Ted and puts on her earphones again, blocking us from her world. She’s one annoying and feisty little thing. She opens the door of the gym and walks in. We follow, and I poke Justin.

“What about we take a moment to work out a bit?” I suggest, and he nods. Ted and Daniel are looking around as if they are in paradise as there is a group of girls exercising. However, my attention is not on them. I am looking for my own little girl. I feel someone nudge me. I turn to see a surprised Ted.

“I think you’re looking for her,” Ted whispers and motions me to the other side of the gym. Angel stands there, now changed into spandex shorts and a crop tank top. She is focusing on her phone, and now I understand why Ted looks so surprised. Her tanned and sexy belly is showing, and I can see her two little abs. Her hair is tied in a high ponytail. Unwillingly, my mouth waters while I look at her.
She is fucking sexy as hell.



I get out of the changing room with my phone in my hand. I am texting Riley, telling him how the detention went. I put my hand on my waist and sigh in impatience. Where the fuck is Josh? I cross my arms and look around.

He is late!

As usual!

Josh is my gym buddy. We became friends in the gym. He is a twenty-year-old college student. I lift my head, and my eyes meet grey ones. Ace is staring at me with darkened eyes. He gives me a smile, which I don’t return.


He followed me here!

“Waiting for me?” someone says behind me.

I jump slightly in fear and turn to slap the hell out of Josh’s beautiful face.
“Fuck you,” I swear and smile as he bends and takes me in a bear hug. I have gym four times a week, and it is the only time that I can actually see him. “You know I hate it when you scare me!” I mumble as I pull away, and we start making our way to the treadmill.

“That’s why I do it,” he says, and I glare at his muscular back.

“Why am I even friends with you?” I whine, and he chuckles and blows me a kiss.

“That’s because I’m awesome,” he says, and yes, he is another conceited brat. Just like Daniel, but Josh is my friend. “So, will you tell me why there are four guys glaring at me?” he asks and motions to where Ace and his friends are standing.

“I don’t know,” I say with a shrug. “Maybe you slept with one of their girls.” Josh’s eyes widened. He knows he is a hot player. “I’m kidding,” I quickly say, and he relaxes. “They are guys from my school.”

“Damn, I really thought that they were here to beat the hell out of me.” He exhales in relief, and I chuckle.

“You should really stop sleeping around,” I advise him. “Especially with chicks who have boyfriends.”
“Or husbands,” I add before laughing.

“How am I going to release all this tension?” he asks. “Maybe you can help me.” He wiggles his eyebrows and leans his head towards mine.

“By kicking you in the balls?” I ask in a seductive voice while leaning more to him and watch as his eyes widen.
He is a flirt. He always flirts with me, and I’m used to it.

“No, thank you,” he says, backing away, and I laugh.

“You broke my heart,” I say while feigning hurt. His eyes twinkle with amusement.

“I always do,” he says with a wink.
I shake my head while we start running. He makes me forget that the bad boys are still fooling around. 

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