Angel's Bad Boy

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Chapter 9: One night stand is not my thing


“Who was that?” Ace asks as I walk home. The other three guys decided to stay at the gym for a few minutes, probably waiting for some girls. After the little session, Josh left, and he promised to visit me sometimes.

“Why are you even here?” I ask with a sigh, ignoring his question. The air is freezing so I let my hair loose over my shoulders, covering my neck.

“Do you really think that I’ll let a beautiful girl like you walk alone? In the dark?” he asks, and even though I can tell that it is playful, I can sense the seriousness in his voice.

“Oh, since when does Mr. Bad Boy care?” I ask with a scoff and stop to look at him with a smirk.

“I don’t,” he simply says, and I roll my eyes. Yeah, this one actually hurts. I resume walking, and I put my hoodie on my head as it starts raining a bit.

“So, since when do you go to the gym?” he asks, trying to make a conversation, but the problem is that I don’t want to talk to him. I don’t want to end up falling for the bad boy and in the end get my heart broken. As if my life hasn’t enough of dramas. I ignore him and exhale shakily because of the freezing weather.

“I asked you a question,” he says, annoyance dripping from each word.

“I heard,” I mutter and curse myself for forgetting to charge my iPod.

“Why are you acting all mean and rude? I’m just trying to be nice here,” he snaps, making me stop and turn to look at him.

“I never told you to be nice! Why don’t you go back to your little world and forget that I exist like you used to do?” I sneer. “Why the sudden interest!” I walk away from him. This boy is simply infuriating.

He stops me. He grips my wrist and pulls me into his chest. I can feel him breathing next to my ear.

“Once I aim for someone, I always get her,” he whispers huskily. “And I want you, princess.” He bites my earlobe, and I yelp. I try to forget about these fucking butterflies flying in my stomach as I push away from him.

“Well, I’m sorry to inform you that we aren’t in a movie where the boy will make the girl fall in love then break her heart. We are in reality,” I say as if I am talking to a little kid. “A place where a girl can break the face of a boy.” I try not to cower away when he glares down at me.

“I love challenges,” he says, and I scoff.

“I’d really advice you give up,” I say, then continue my way home. I know that he is following behind me as I can hear his steps.

“As I said, I love a challenge,” he repeats, and I roll my eyes.

Once I reach home, I walk in, ignoring Ace. I can’t fall for him!


I yawn and try to keep my eyes open in Mrs. Samuels class. Only five minutes left until the end of this class.

“Ms. Harper?”

I snap my head up and look at Mrs. Samuels. “Yes?” I reply and sit straighter.

“Were you listening to me?” she asks, and I bite my lips while nodding.

“Then what did I say?”

“Ms. Harper, were you listening to me? Then what did I say?” I repeat, and the whole class laughs out loud. Even Mrs. Samuels chuckles.

“Well, Ms. Harper, I was saying that I’ll be leaving for two weeks, so you’ll have to go Mr. Daker’s class,” she says now to the whole class. “You’ll be mixed with his students, so I hope you’ll be on your best behaviour.” She smiles.

“We always do,” a jock says from the back of the class, and we all nod whereas Mrs. Samuels rolls her eyes.

“Yes, of course,” she replies sarcastically. You see, even though her class is quite boring, she is really cool. She talks with us as if we were her friends and she was not a teacher. “So, I’ll be taking you to his class right now so that we’ll be done with the transfer quickly,” she says and stands up.

We all follow behind her and make our way to Mr. Daker’s class. She knocks on the door, then opens it slightly. “Mr. Daker,” she greets.

I am standing behind all the other students as I know how savage they can be when we’re talking about seats. I’m not going to fight for a seat!

“Oh, Mrs. Samuels,” he greets and turns to his class. “So, kids, these are the students with whom our class will be mixed.” He motions us to walk in. As I predicted earlier, they rush in, shoving one little nerd to the wall. I rush to his side and touch his shoulder to see whether he is fine or not.

“You’re alright?” I ask, and he nods. He takes off his glasses to rub his eyes. Then he looks at me with his beautiful baby blue eyes. He has blond hair, and I assure you that without his glasses and his nerdy clothes, he’ll fucking sure as hell look hot.

“Yeah, I am,” he replies and glares at the wall. “I’m Nathan.” He smiles.

“I’m Angel,” I say and return his smile. “Come on, let’s go in.” I turn back to the door where I find Mrs. Samuels waiting for us. The guys already found their seats. Nathan stands beside me and looks around for a seat. Unfortunately, he finds a seat before me. He smiles at me and pitifully pats my shoulder before walking to his seat.

I scrunch my nose when I finally find a seat. The one and only seat that is left. And guess what? Mr. Sexy Badass is just next to it. Ace gives me a smirk and motions to the seat next to him. I groan and walk to it, looking around, trying to see whether there is no other seat available. Shut up, Angel! He shouldn’t be able to affect you that much! My mind sneers at me as I put my bag on the floor and place it against the leg of my chair. I sit on the chair and ignore Carter.

“Hello, princess,” he greets me, and I turn to look at him, emotionless. Then, when I hear Mrs. Samuels’s voice, I snap my head to her.

“So, kids, see you in two weeks,” she says and waves at us as she walks away. I groan and let my head rest against the table.

“Good to see that you enjoy my presence so much,” Ace mutters.

“Don’t talk to me.”

“Why do you even hate me?” he asks in disbelief, and I blink several times, trying to find a good reason.

“Why should I like you?” I watch as he exhales, slightly irritated just like the first day he knocked on my door.

“Can’t you reply to a simple question without asking another one?” He looks at the board.


“Why do you hate me?” he asks again, and I sigh. One hour next to him! And I know that he won’t give up. I know that he will keep on asking the question till I reply him.

“I don’t hate you.” I watch as he smirks. “But I hate your guts.” His smirk disappears quickly. “You think you can get whatever you want. You’re a manwhore.” I turn back to look at the board. “And one night stands are not my thing,” I add with a smirk, and he smiles.

A fucking genuine smile!

“What about being friends?” he suddenly asks after a few minutes, making me drop my pencil.

“Ace Carter? Friends with a girl without fucking her?” I laugh because it sounds so unreal.

“Yeah, friends with a girl who’s not scared to tell me the truth and will not hesitate to slap the hell out of me if I do something wrong,” he says while shaking his head. “And who’ll not try to seduce me. So what do you say?” He smiles.

Being friend with the bad boy?

Good idea or not?

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