Different Kind of Love

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I don't know why she's fighting. This is for her own good, doesn't she see that? I turn towards her bloody figure. "I'm going to fix you." Charlie and Emerson are just like every other middle school couple- mostly. Charlie is pan, Emerson is trans, welcome to the 21st century. However, not everyone will accept people that are different. Camden Michaels, for example, has set her heart on creating the perfect school, and she's starting with Charlie and Emerson.

Romance / Drama
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Camden Michaels

This school makes me sick. It's nothing like my old middle school. My old middle school was clean. It was pure. This school is filled with disgusting excuses for human beings. The types of people that you KNOW are going to Hell. At first, this place was okay. I met a girl named Claire. She was nice. She showed me around and introduced me to 2 different people- both named Alex. That's when things started to go downhill. The first Alex- Alex Wesley- was wearing a pentagram! A pentagram! When I asked get about it, she smiled and said it had something to do with a tv show. That abomination defied our God for a tv show! If my father were here, he would have sent that Wesley girl to The Prophet. The Prophet would be able to straighten her out. The second Alex- Alex Porreu- was even worse. Not only is he annoying, but he doesn't even believe in God! When I told Claire to make him shut up, she frowned at me like I was doing something horrible! I don't know what her problem is, but I'm going to figure it out.

My father said that I had to have 2 people on my list by the end of the day. He said that I needed to find the 2 most awful people, and tell him their names. At first, I had planned to tell him about Alex Wesley and Alex Porreu, but my plans changed. Claire introduced me to a lot of other people that day, but no 2 people were as unpure as Charlie and William.
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