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She didn't mean to wonder off, she didn't mean to have a near death experience that left her mute. She doesn't care if he rejects her because of it. Alisa Moon, mostly called Ally, was a jovial child and probably the most adventurous child in Silver pack. Those who came across her where charmed by her free and friendly spirit. Sadly a freak accident leaves the girl broken beyond repair... She's feared but also bullied from a distance by her peers. Those who heard her once sweet voice long forgot it's melody, all that greets them is silence. The entire pack believes only her mate can restore her old self. They doubt if he even exists because she I a very peculiar wolf. They all hope the moon goddess has it all planned out.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter one

She was surrounded by the wolves. Her back was pressed firmly to the huge tree as tears poured out.

"Mommy!" She screamed, praying to the moon goddess that she would be heard.

The two wolves, obviously rogues, growled and a huge dark brown one came closer. It lifted it's huge paw with enormous nails and slashed 9 year old Alisa's throat. She screamed and fell to the ground. She held her bloody throat and stared into the eyes of her killer. They were blood shot and held only one thing, DEATH.

The wolf then prepared for its final blow when she saw the familiar white coat of her mother's fur lunging for its throat.

She woke up with a jolt. Alisa was now 16years old but that day haunts her nights. She heard the familiar soft growl of Crystal , the white tigress that never left her side, she then placed her hand on the white fur and stroked it gently. This was an action to inform Crystal that she was fine. No one, except her shrink, knew about her nightmares, though not in details,because she lost all ability to make sounds to alert the pack members.

Alpha David Williams, goddess bless his soul, was the one left as her guardian along with his mate Melissa. Alisa didn't want to burden them with her silly nightmares.So she left that, and her bullying, out of the topic when they would have a little chat.

Her shrink had told her countless times that the nightmares were present because she won't tell anyone what happened that day.

Alisa shook her head, if only she had the courage to tell them about that dreadful day. But she was a coward and she knew it. Crystal licked her face. Alisa laughed but no sound was heard. She touched her throat. The scar was very faint barely there, but the pain was permanently engraved on her mind.

Crystal growled once more.


Crystal's probably right. I need to sleep if am going to face my peers.

It felt like I had only closed my eyes for a minute when my alarm clock made its buzzing noise. I opened my eyes and had to squint because of the sunlight in my room. Turning the alarm off, I got up stretched out and quickly made my bed.

Crystal as usual, was waiting in my bathroom. She literally followed me everywhere... And I mean every where. Yes even when I had to use the toilet. This must be probably why everyone thought I was a freak.

I actually felt safe when she was around, because my peers would do anything to me when Alpha David or Luna Lisa, as I secretly called her in my head, weren't looking.

I had a quick warm shower and threw on some black jeans white tank top and black hoody, open up front,pairing them off with my black and white vanz. I made my way down for breakfast, with Crystal trailing besides me.

I was getting some cereal when Crystal growled loudly. The hairs on my back tingled as I know who was about to walk in.

My brother,or rather a person I was related to by blood and surname, walked into the pack kitchen. Our brother sister relationship died seven years ago. I still thank him for his rejection and bullying because I wouldn't have found crystal if he hadn't left me to get bullied . That day was... Actually is my favourite and only happy memory after my parents were killed and today I still smile about it,even though it was painful.

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