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“What is so fun-,” but my question was cut off my a gentle kiss. I didn’t retract, instead I invited. That was the night I slept with Ira Jefferson. Imani Mack may not have been your average high school student, whether that be because of her sexuality or choices in clothing, but she has always been “normal” in one way. Regardless of if she was willing to admit it or not, she desired affection. She asked for a lot, but there was only ever so little she could receive. Will the one thing she yearned for the most comply to the same precedent?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

April 19/The First Day of Spring Recess


I pushed my way past the mob of sweaty intoxicated teens. Smells of cheap liquor and nicotine clouded my focus similarly to how clusters of tears impaired my vision. My friend we’re out of reach at this distance and I couldn’t imagine going crawling back to them after my baffling outburst. I was alone, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. As I made my way into a occupied guest room I felt someone lightly grab my forearm. I tried to close the door behind me but the grabber was in the way. Too strong to break apart from, I turned to unveil the culprit. It was him.

Tears uncontrollably started flooding my cheeks; it was truly embarrassing. He reeked of concern as he swiped his rough thumbs across my fallen tears. Abruptly he snapped while looking at the couple on the bed engaging in what I would assume was pillow talk. “Get Out,” he barked. Surely, the half naked juveniles rushed out the room clothes supported by one arm and other hand elegantly undivided. Their connection made the sobbing peak. Regardless of my unease, I couldn’t help it. He gingerly shut the door and led me to the bench at the foot of the bed. I didn’t want to be around him, he is undoubtedly the cause of my troubles. If I never involved myself in his mess I’d be flying through junior year emotionlessly.

Without realizing I slid away from him, widening the inches between us. He tilted his head out of confusion, but didn’t lose his worrisome expression. I could imagine he was fighting back a confused smirk that would’ve lightened the mood, I subconsciously let out a soft laugh during our intense eye conversation. He joined my chuckle. Then, we were full blown howling in the silent master bedroom. Our movement had resulted in my head banging against the arm rest on his side causing a moment of silence. Of course he’d been holding in his insensitive laughing tendencies during the time I’d been comforting my injury, but his rudeness got the best of him. I smiled insincerely. He adjusted me to be lying on his lap with my legs over the armrest to my right. He played with my curls with a tired smile. In a whisper like tone he forced out the question that lead him here, “What happened?” I dried my cheeks and looked away from him, but he turned my head into his gage. He slowly repeated his question, “W-w-what happened?” I took myself off his lap and leaned myself against his shoulder looking ahead of me. I could only give him a one worded answer, “You.” Although it was the most corny and cliche response to ever leave my lips, it was the best way to tell him the truth without spilling the full truth.

I got up to scurry off and through the doors, but like before he grabbed me. This time he pulled me onto his lap facing him. My legs were parted by his legs and his grip planted me down to him by my hips. He analyzed me as tears quietly drenched my cheeks while I stared at his hands on my waist. “Go on,” he murmured. I explained to him how I saw him with Jocelyn and my drunken jealousy got the best of me. I apologized about a thousand times when one of his hands found my face and turned it towards him. He was disappointedly shaking his head, then he smiled. I mean it was a loud toothless goofy grin across his face. I inquired, “What is so fun-,“ but my question was cut off my a gentle kiss. I didn’t retract, instead I invited.

That was the night I slept with Ira Jefferson, the boyfriend of my crush

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