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Modern viking tale filled with adventures of both thrilling and romantic twist. “Snooping seems to be your surname” he stated from behind her,she gulped whirling around coming face-to-face with Ignatius. “I..i-i am t-truly sorry for my behavior” she apologized eyes casted downwards bathed with shame and the heated gaze of his gave her no mercy. He approached her with every step he took towards her she took one backwards till epoxy resin table poked her back,he now cornered her leaning inwards with both arms on both sides of her position. Eyes tightly shut breathing unevenly she gasped as she felt the . . .

Romance / Adventure
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She swallowed the formed lump heavily feeling her chest rise and fall with every pitter patter caused by the rain against the window resembling a stomping angered human with burning fury.

“Isn’t it glorious?” Asked the husky voice seated at the chair with all the calmness this universe can afford.

The girl squinted her eyes never leaving the window as a heavy storm irrupted causing her to shriek,hugging her knees to her chest. A chuckle resonated by the intimidating male seated few steps away from her spot by the wall.

“Glorious?” She asked out shakily her upper lip wobbled,casting her eyes on the figure that sat by the fire smirking with his head titled backwards eyes shut seeming to have a meditative pause.

He hummed in response,she shook her head in disagreement “i shall say not”

looking back at the window.

She heard the chair letting out a squeak,

loud foot falls fell on the ground as the male crouched down to her level yet he still held the upper hand of intimidation by towering her easily.

“Thor is raged” he announced,she opened her lips he frowned and brought his finger to her lips shushing her.

She looked at him cautiously,he motioned towards the window with his index finger “Fury is burning and the sky is letting out his vexation by pouring.”

Her lip formed a frown with her eyebrows pulled up together the questioning look on her face made him snicker.

“You think it’s just some typical thunderstorm,Don’t you?” She nodded at his question,causing him to let out a laugh. “You resemble a moron with this mindset of yours.” He stated pressing his finger against her temple with every spoken word.

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