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Chapter 1

The expanded greenery and wildflowers with a canopy made up by a mass of leaves and branches blowing a dominant aura to send you running to a safe place.

She scribbled down on the notepad that was on her lap,eyes scanning the scenery before her words filled with descriptive imagery. She let out a exhausted sigh,the grip around her pencil tightened forming a fist, “What are you doing here?” A voice behind her queried sending her heart to burst a shrilling scream escaped her rosy lips. She heavily swallowed getting on her feet she swirled seeing a burly man.

The sun pinched it’s way through the leaves,she squinted cupping a hand above her forehead to take in more of the man’s lineaments.

Leaves crunched beneath the man’s foot falls as he what she assumed took approaching steps towards her spot,her heart leaped “I am expecting an answer.”

The man stated with his deep voice,she swallowed feeling her throat getting dry.

Her mind was a jumbled mess with no coherent sentences were coming out,

“I...” she trailed clutching the notepad against her chest the wooden pencil digging into her skin.

“I was just out in the open trying to bring the scenery into my notepad” she explained smiling softly,his silence sent her heart to thud loudly against her ribcage.

Outstretching her hand she said “you may see for yourself.” The notepad was snatched from her,the sun shifted letting a shadow cascade the two.

He flipped through the pages of her notepad,eyes focused on the sentences imprinted on every paper.She breathed in and out calming her nerves,eyes trained on him.

“Forests and the sea is what attracts you.” He said while scanning the papers, she nodded feeling a smile stretch on her red lips wetting them she answered “Yes, the staggering marvelousness of God’s nature never fails to spark some amazement!”

By her answer he halted paging through her notepad,eyes rose to meet hers. “God’s nature?” He asked with an eyebrow quirked,her smile faded by hearing his query swallowing she nodded.

He chuckled and chucked the notepad at her to which she caught startled, “ever heard of the nature deities?” He questioned,his dark oculus captivating hers.

Her eyebrow furrowed with befuddlement,

she shook her head repeatedly. He walked behind her,leaves crunched beneath his booted feet as he stepped behind her.

She turned around feeling his hot breath against her neck, his hands went on her shoulder as his mouth inched towards her ear “calm down” he whispered huskily,she nodded and felt her nerves ease listening to him.

She felt like she was under a spell, his lip turned into a lopsided smile “now . . .” He trailed his hand down her arms.

“The land you stand on,the sunlight that warms you,the mountains that you see, the seasons that the universe pass by.”

He said hotly into her ears,she listened to every word he pronounced.

“All of the listed things are handmade by Skadi,Freyr and Freyja and not to forget Fjörgyn” he concluded,her face scrunched up bewildered “Who?” She asked twirling around from his hold.

His intense gaze hunted her,swallowing she saw his graveness. “I . . . i am truly sorry . . . “ she trailed her eyes took a full circle of her surrounding.

She shook her head as he watched her intensively, she said out unconvinced

“I . . . I don’t drink in what you are pouring into my glass.” She paused seeing him nod he chuckled with no amusement.

“I apologize . . . it’s arduous to gulp what you are serving.” She mumbled out,her heart heavy with a foreign emotion. Stepping towards her bag she threw the strap securely over her shoulder.

“Bye” she bid her farwell walking to the route from where she have came,her heart at ease yet mind wild.

She laid on her bed facing the ceiling her mind scratching her walls with it’s curiosity. She turned to her side breathing out heavily,

There is something about him that made me feel safe.

She thought with confusion,her own words sounding foreign to her own ears. Shaking her subconscious she closed her eyes feeling darkness sweep her to it’s world of peacefulness.

“Freyr” she mumbled softly typing on her laptop,
Her eyes scanned the screen “Norse mythology?”
She asked herself.

“Freyr?” Her Grandmother Lidwina asked, startling her hand flying over her furious heart.

“Ma” the young beauty announced smiling at her Grandmother,which the old lady returned a smile of her own. Taking a seat beside Almeta, “What about Norse mythology?” her grandmother queried.

Almeta laughed nervously, “Ma . . . “ she trailed off her Lidwina her Grandmother raised her hand “Don’t lie to your old women” she warned dropping her hand when she saw her granddaughter nod.

“Now tell me” her grandmother said folding her hands on her lap,Almeta looked at her hand and said slowly “I have encountered with a strange man in the forest . . . While, i was doing some writing.” She halted taking in a deep breath reminiscing her engagement with this alluring male.

Shaking her head she saw how her grandmother smiled at her knowingly, “Ma, he spoke of nature deities and Freyr,Skadi and all.” Her Grandmother chuckled.

Almeta frowned “Ma,why do you find it humorous?” Lidwina smirked at her youngest grandchild explaining “Norsmen or if you’d like to call them Viking’s they do exist,honeysuckle”

Placing her hand over Almeta’s she said “I know this sounds ridiculous to your ears but,listen to me dearest.”

“Viking’s are lycians they have protected the human world from evil world.” Almeta nodded at her Grandmother’s words.

“They have been pledged to protect humans in result to one Human mating with one of their kind.” Lidwina further explained to her grandchild.

“Why? . . . From my knowledge i recall Lycians are powerful vicious creatures. why would they want that?” Her grandmother nodded at Almeta’s confusion and bombardment of queries.

“Yes,but an oath is an oath” her grandmother declared completing “You see one of Odin’s sons have mated with the moon goddess Selene, but as an outcome a pledge has been declared that one or their descendants should mate with a human.”

“She have turned wolves who yowled or howled to the moon listening to their distress she turned them into lycians mating with humans but the god of human’s have made a plege with them”

Her granddaugter quirked an eyebrow in confusion, “Isn’t it to their satisfaction for those who have been made lycians and took mates who were humans?” She asked feeling selfish and impudent it was unsettling.

Lidwina nodded at Almeta, “True, but those were soldified” her Ma’s words made her gasp at the cruelty. “Soldified?!! why?!!!!” She queried suddenly feeling hot and bothered.

“God thought that the mating between human’s and lycian’s would only grave out the human’s existence into nothing because once they mate a human birth a lycian.” Her grandmother kissed Almeta’s forhead and said “But this one human can turn them back after those torturous dreading years without their beloved one’s”.

Tears wetted Almeta’s cheeks at the heartbreaking tale,her heart cried for those who have been halted from their lives. Her grandmother smiled softly at her youngest grandchild “Take some rest all of this drained out your energy” she said with the back of her hand she wiped the stray of tears.

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