Fighting For Her (Her Possessive Blackguard #2)

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Hi guys,

I’m going to be addressing something important in this Note that I’ve been encountering a lot since the past few weeks.

First, I’m going to reiterate;
I first published Her Possessive Blackguard on Wattpad. A while after it got some really good (unexpected) response from readers, Inkitt offered me to get my work published on their platform, which I did. Then, since the book received a great response on Inkitt too, I was offered a contract by Inkitt to have Her Possessive Blackguard published on their sister app, Galatea. According to the contract I’ve signed, as a RULE, I need to take down Her Possessive Blackguard from Inkitt, leaving only a few chapters uploaded, since the book has been adapted to Galatea. The version on Galatea follows a slightly different storyline as I wasn’t able to complete the book that soon and the Inkitt team did a wonderful job creating a version of the story that I loved.

I received a lot of requests to keep my version of the story on Inkitt, because many readers liked it. Hence, I decided to continue the book and provide it for free for my readers.

Now, I absolutely didn’t have to do that. I did NOT have to make my work available for no price at all when I already had a contract that I had to abide by. I did not have to take the additional step to continue the story so I don’t leave readers hanging. But I did.

Because I love to write. I love sharing my work with my readers. I like interacting with every single person I cross paths with online and knowing that maybe, me uploading a chapter could have brightened up their day by a tiny amount because I know it made my day when my favorite authors did the same.

I did it because I myself am a voracious reader and I know that having a book and the ability to immerse yourself in a story is incomparable to anything else, at least for me.

NO. I don’t appreciate readers telling me how selfish I am, how much they hate me, how inconsiderate I am for not keeping my books available for them to read, for being “all about the money”, for taking them down too soon, for creating a new book and making a few changes, for not updating enough, and the list goes on.

I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but by tearing someone down, especially by making assumptions and then snide remarks based on what you THINK you know about them, is just terrible.

There is no author I have come across that has made their work available in such a way for free. When my book, Her Perfect Rebound got published, I personally emailed readers the bonus books free of cost, if they were unable to get it in time or were having issues with my blog. I’m not saying that I’m doing something great. However, it’s not a small thing either. I do it because I value my readers and I value people, whether you read my work or not.

There is a difference between constructive criticism and being a bully.

So if you have a problem or an issue with what I write, how I write, my stories, or anything else about me and my work, please leave. There are uncountable amazing authors on Inkitt that write brilliant stories and I'm positive that you'll find something more to your liking.

- Rose

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