Fighting For Her (Her Possessive Blackguard #2)

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Chapter 2

Adam felt Kara explode, her body jerking below him, his fingers drenched in her juices.

Fucking hell. She was so fucking sexy.

He kissed her lips, gently, unhurriedly, loving the soft skin, ecstatic when she went from receiving his kiss to kissing him back. His gut clenched and beads of precum slid down his cock, the effort of keeping still and not rubbing against the softness stretched out before him, taking every single ounce of self-control he possessed. His every instinct screamed at him to slide his pants off, spread Kara’s legs and plunge his dick deep inside her, relieving himself from the pain that accompanied him every moment of watching her delectable body and not being able to touch her in the way he desperately wanted to.

Kara slumped back down on the mattress, breaking away from him to take in quick breaths.

He looked down her body, noting with growing arousal how fucking gorgeous she looked with her top bunched around her torso, her bikini top askew, a soft full breast with an engorged nipple teasing his every visual sense. Involuntarily, he lowered his head and took the swollen flesh in his mouth, drawing a gasp from Kara.

She sunk her fingers in his hair, rubbing the short strands and locking his head to her.

He spent a minute kissing her flesh covered in goosebumps. She made him feel like he was the only man in the entire fucking world. The trusting way in which she wrapped herself around him was doing something to his chest in the region where his heart was supposed to be.

He could never hurt her.

He raised his head and looked at her, liking how her hands stayed on him, moving along his neck and shoulders, slowly but firmly as though she was memorizing the way he felt.

He smiled at the dazed and half-aroused look in her grey eyes. He slowly withdrew his fingers from her body, almost groaning when she tried to hold him in there, closing her legs and looking at him questioningly. Adam bought his fingers to his mouth and sucked on the digits, seeing the color rise to her cheeks and neck again. He made a humming sound in the back of his throat. She tasted musky and unique. He fucking loved it.

Kara’s eyes were riveted on his mouth. When he slid his fingers out, he leaned in again and hovered over her lips.

Her gaze flickered between his eyes and his mouth. Then she hesitantly moved an inch closer. And waited.

Just when Adam thought that he’d have to close the gap between them, she eliminated it and latched her mouth on his. The soft moan that Kara made caused his eyes to shut. She was killing him with those. He wanted to fuck her so bad and have those soft little cries all for himself.

Adam gripped the back of her head and pulled her body to him. She was naked from her waist down and he took advantage by letting his hands roam freely over her lower body, touching her skin and feeling the muscles underneath. He wanted those lovely legs wrapped tight around his waist when he first took her.

Turning them around so she was on top of him, he lay back and seated her on his waist, letting her wet center rub against the crotch of his pants, a mere breath of relief when he was positive that his balls were blue by now.

Kara lifted her head and stared at him, her finger stroking his jaw and moving to touch his mouth.

“Did you taste yourself on me?” His voice came out deep and gravelly.

She looked away and then focused on his mouth again. He saw her throat work when she swallowed. “Yes.” Just one word, but the sudden shy look on her face wanted him to get her all dirty again.

He moved his hands that were resting on her waist and pushed her shirt up and above, so he could see her gorgeous sex, naked and wet for him.

Only for him.

He had to consciously remember to breathe when he saw the tiny wet spot on the material of his pants.

When he saw Kara notice it, he frowned when she tried to push herself off him.

“What are you doing?” He was sharper than he intended to be.

She looked embarrassed and unsure. “Your jeans-“ She lifted her hips and pulled away again, “I’m so sorry-“

Adam almost slammed her back down.

Keeping his grip firm, he seated her in place, giving her a hard stare. “I wanted that, Kara.” He said a quiet voice.

Startled grey eyes stared back at him. “Y-you did?”

“Of course, I fucking do.” He growled. “Can you not feel how hard I am?” He shifted her so his cock was right between the cheeks of her ass. Without wasting a moment, he slowly shaped the curve of her hips, the length of her thighs and up again to fill his palms with the plump, dimpled cheeks that begged to be spanked. Would she like that?

She was perfect, her body soft all over.

Kara rocked her hips slightly and Adam groaned, “Kara, don’t you dare move. I’m on a short leash as it is.”

Her wide grey eyes looked down at him and then the next second she was suddenly unzipping his pants, pulling his boxers down and had her hands on his cock.

Adam cursed out loud, his control tethering on the edge of sanity. If she continued doing that-


Kara had her palm wrapped around his girth, her eyes on his cock, her mouth slightly open. He wanted her lips wrapped around him.

Then she began moving her hand and all thought left him. “Baby,” He couldn’t stop the groan that ripped out from his chest.

Kara’s head jerked up, “Does that feel good?”

“So fucking good.” He growled.

He reached out with his arms, “Come here.”

Kara hesitated, “Not yet.”

Adam bit the inside of his cheek to keep himself from coming too soon. The touch of her hand on his erection, her flailing grip that told him she had never done this before, were all serving to make him lose his mind. He’d be the last one she ever touched. The only fucking one.

He didn’t know where the possessive itch came from. The very thought of Kara with another man, someone other than him, having him touch her, know how she sounded when she came, know how her breathing quickened when she was aroused, know how her smart mouth could kiss; made him want to kill someone.

“Baby, you can do that too. I need to have your tongue in my mouth, Kara.”

He saw the hard peaks of her nipples thrusting against her shirt. She looked so damn incredible, sitting there, half naked, his cock in her hand. Kara slowly leaned forward.

When she was within reach, Adam cupped the back of her head and drew her mouth to him, opening his own to catch her breath and then lick her senseless. He felt her grip on him falter so he clasped her hand with his and steadied her again. This time he felt her hand that was bracing her weight on his stomach, move low and he groaned when she cupped his sac, the novel touch almost making him lose it.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” He growled against her mouth. “Because it feels so fucking good, Kara.”

He took her mouth in a kiss again.

The pace of her hand increased. “You feel like-“ Kara paused, looking back down at him.

“Like what?” He loved seeing her hands on him.

“Like velvet.” She breathed.

He swallowed hard, “Do I?”

“Yeah.” She nodded, licking the seam of his lips.

“I want to kiss this,” she rubbed her thumb over his crown, “and taste you there.”

Adam lost it. With a guttural groan, he grabbed her head and slammed his mouth on hers, shooting jets of semen on her exposed abdomen and along her shirt.

His hold on her tightened when she attempted to move.

“Don’t.” He bit out.

“Why?” She asked, shifting again, only slightly.

“If you do, there’s literally nothing that can make me think twice about wanting to fuck you, Kara.”

She stilled completely.

His cock was still semi-erect, the fucker not completely satisfied with the mind-blowing handjob Kara had just given him.

“Did I scare you?” He searched her eyes, trying to understand what she was thinking.

Kara rocked her hips lightly and gave him one of her beautiful smiles. Her eyes sparkled and her hair was messy from him gripping her head. He reached out to tuck away a stray lock.

“No you didn’t.” She smiled down at him.

Adam couldn’t stop the corner of his mouth from turning up.

“Damn, I must be losing my touch.”

She laughed at that and his heart skipped a beat.

He looked at her for a long moment, noting how she still had her hand on his cock and was gently tracing the vein on the underside.

“I think I really like you.” He said softly, unsure about why he felt the need to say it out loud. But he did anyway.

Kara stared back at him and her smile dimmed.

“What?” He asked, disliking how the sparkle disappeared.

“You think.” She said softly.

Adam tried not to frown, “Is that a bad thing?”

She seemed to ponder over it. “I’m not sure. But it could be a start.”

Adam didn’t like the hesitancy in her voice. “Kiss me?”

She smiled wide.

Then she moved closer and did just that.

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