Fighting For Her (Her Possessive Blackguard #2)

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Chapter 24

Kara woke up to the feel of strong arms wrapped around her. When she opened her eyes, she saw that it was still early in the morning and she was curled around Adam like a second skin.

When they’d finally gotten around to having dinner last night, it had been cold and soggy but they hadn’t minded, heating it to make it edible.

Kara had sat in front of Adam, telling her about what she had been studying and asking him questions about himself. He was truly a man of few words when it came to opening up. She had seen a look of slight discomfort on his face for a second before he had slowly relaxed and begun answering her. Not wanting to pry too much, Kara had stuck to the regular.

His favorite color was green. She had blushed when he’d looked directly into her eyes when he revealed that. She loved the fact that it was, either way. He didn’t have a favorite food but Imagine Dragons was one of his all-time favorite bands and he had most of their songs on his playlist. Since he didn’t have any siblings, there weren’t any funny stories about him that she’d hear in the future. But when she did imagine Adam as a young boy, with his piercing blue eyes and his dark hair, it made her heart ache.

She wanted to go back in time and hold him, tell him what an amazing man he’d grow up to be.

And how much she loved him.

The biggest surprise had come up when he nonchalantly told her that his birthday was coming up next week. Kara’s hand had stopped halfway to her mouth and she stared at him.

Next week? And he was telling her now?

Jesus, how had she not remembered to ask him such an important question?

She had already begun planning about what she’d do on that day. She wanted to make it really special for him and she’d definitely need Megan’s help. But what could she get him that he didn’t already have? She doubted that Adam would like a shirt or something materialistic. He had already given her the impression that money had occasionally been an issue for him and she didn’t think he’d like her to buy him something really expensive.

She’d have to think about something else.

Something that was personal, memorable and significant at the same time.

When Kara moved now, she felt the delicious slide of her skin against his. She paused and looked down. She was dressed in just her panties and a thin camisole. And Adam was in his boxers. She felt every single hard inch of him and she loved it. Leaning in, she kissed his shoulder.

Waking up to his scent and knowing that he’d held her through the night, made warmth unfurl in her chest. She spent a long minute resting her head on his pectoral and letting her fingers trace a light pattern on his flat abdomen.

She remembered the way he’d looked at her last night when he’d told her that he loved her.

Kara knew that the words were stuck in her throat. They had been every single time. And she was bound to spill it any moment now. Something held her back though. She’d be lying if she said that she didn’t know what it was exactly. She was scared. Everything seemed so good to be true. Adam loved her. And he owned her heart.

Turning to her side, she looked up into his face.

While he slept, he looked so much at ease.

“You’re staring at me again, baby.”

His husky voice startled her, and she almost fell back. He caught her in his arms, bringing her close to him. “Why are you awake?” he asked sleepily, nuzzling the top of her head.

Kara smiled against his neck, breathing in his scent. The hickey she’d given him was a dull red today and she liked it more than she cared to admit. She snuggled in even closer, letting her breasts press up against his side.

Adam groaned, “You feel so fucking good, Kara.” He kissed her forehead, letting his other arm move over her side, brushing against the underside of her breast. She gave out a soft moan of satisfaction, “Good morning to you too,” she whispered softly, kissing his neck and loving the way his body shuddered against her.

“Why the hell do you have clothes on?” He asked with a growl in his voice, hugging her even tighter.

Kara laughed and gave him another kiss.

“I could ask you the same question.” She teased, curling into him.

“You weren’t supposed to wake up before me.” He growled out again, his palm cupping her breast this time.

“Why not?”

He lifted himself above her and Kara saw the heat in his eyes. “I wanted to wake you up with my head between your legs.”

Her breath hitched.

She bit her lip, imagining what that would feel like. Her sex clenched in anticipation.

“Oops.” She pouted.

Adam’s face broke into a grin and he leaned in and placed a hard kiss on her laughing mouth. “You little minx,” he grabbed her waist and hauled her onto his body, letting her straddle him. Kara smiled, knowing that the thin material of her camisole did nothing to hide her hardened nipples, the taut peaks poking through the fabric. She felt the moisture in her panties.

Her cheeks flamed when Adam’s hand that had been leisurely stroking her thigh, moved up and brushed against her center, pausing when the wet material stuck to her slit.

The heat in his eyes flared.

His entire body tensing, he rubbed the material again, watching the wet spot grow. Kara pushed her hair away from her face.

“You’re drenched for me already?” He bit out through his teeth, his other hand gripping her waist tight.

“I’m always wet for you,” she confessed softly, watching his gaze settle on her chest.

“Do you know what I want, little raven?” Adam’s voice was pure gravel.

She swallowed, “No,”

Underneath her ass, she could feel his erection grow.

“I want you to take that offending material off and then let me suck on your tits.” He pushed his thumb into her center, rubbing her through the material.

“Then I want you to kiss me while I fuck your pussy with my fingers before I get my cock inside you.”

Jesus Christ, his words made her even hotter.

Kara felt the rush of warmth between her legs.

“Would you like that?” He asked her, slipping his hand inside her camisole.

She nodded without hesitation, “So much.”

Adam’s eyes settled on the spot that is thumb was stroking.

Then he looked up, “Then get over here, baby.”

And that’s exactly what she did.

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