Fighting For Her (Her Possessive Blackguard #2)

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Chapter 25

Kara sat at the table, munching on her sweet lemon bar, trying like hell to concentrate on the pages of the book that lay before her. It was just the middle of the morning and she was already impatient.

The evening couldn’t be here soon enough. She was eager to spend the rest of the day with Adam but with classes going on, she had little choice but to stay put and get her shit done.

She shifted slightly in her seat and felt the delicious soreness between her legs.

A hot blush covered her cheeks at the physical reminder of Adam’s possession.

Jesus. He was so freaking good at it.

They’d had sex a total of five times now and her body was still getting used to him. He stretched her so completely every single time that she felt the remnants of it for a long while after. A soft pulse began in her lower abdomen. Yeah, he was big.

Like, really big.

And every time their bodies came together, it felt like she wouldn’t be able to handle it. But she did. Adam made sure that she did. Every single amazing time.

She tapped her pencil against her chin.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a tall figure enter the section of the library that she was studying in. She glanced up and away. Then froze in her seat.

Max glared at her from across the room.

Kara felt a hint of fear overcome her surprise. He looked mad.

Then she stiffened. She remembered Adam holding him off the ground, warning him about the exact state he’d been in if he came anywhere near Kara again. She sat up straighter. She wasn’t going to let Max scare her. If anything, he should have been apologizing to her.

She gave him a cool look, effectively erasing any emotion from her face. A small hint of satisfaction arose when she saw his glare turn to surprise. He looked taken aback.

Kara took a breath. Yeah, suck on that, jerk.

The next moment, she looked away and focused back on her work. Max could go to hell for all she cared. Adam wouldn’t spare him again if he did anything to hurt Kara in any way. And this time, she wouldn’t try and stop him to calm him down.

In her peripheral vision, she saw him stare at her for a few seconds more and then he turned around and walked away.


She slipped her phone out of her pocket and checked her notifications. There were a couple of emails about the assignments that were halfway through to their deadlines and a message from her dad, asking her how classes had been going. There wasn’t anything from Adam.

Kara missed him, even though it was just a few short hours since she’d seen him last. Since they’d fucked in his bed again and then kissed for a long while after that, Adam’s fingers playing with her clit, and her fist around his shaft. It had been the perfect way to wake up in the morning. And it was something that she had come to expect. There hadn’t been a single day in the past week, that he’d let her leave his place for classes, without fucking her first. She enjoyed every single moment of it. Most of the times, it was she who jumped his bones. All she had to do was kiss him and make sure he was naked in record time. He gave her what she wanted each time and his loud, satisfied groans when he came in her hand, or inside her body, it all made her fall in love with him a bit more each day.

She opened the Messages tab and typed out a reply to her dad, adding a smiley face at the end of it.

She grinned and then looked back at her book.

What would her parents think of Adam when they met him?

Kara bit her lip, worrying it.

She really hoped that they liked him. She knew for a fact that her dad was an excellent judge of character. She smiled wider when she remembered how he hadn’t hesitated in letting her know exactly what he thought of Max when he'd met him for the first time. She recollected the incident like it was yesterday. She’d gone into his study while he had been working on a contract that he was about to be signing off soon. His handsome face that had had a slight frown on it had broken into a smile when he noticed her presence.

“Is the mama’s boy gone already?” He’d asked in a dry tone.

She’d rolled her eyes and glared at him. “Dad, be nice. He’s my best friend.”

Her father had looked at her solemnly. “Are you sure about that, Kara?”

Being the rebellious teen, she had scowled, “Yeah, I am, Dad. Do you have a problem with it?”

He shook his head, standing up and coming to her. He had lightly ruffled her hair and then given her a hug, making her scowl vanish instantly.

“I just think you deserve better, sweetheart. He reminds me a lot of Parker, when he used to be a teenager.” He had said in a thoughtful voice, a hint of worry in it.

Kara had rested her head on his shoulder and negated his statement. She knew the history between her mom and Parker. Although they were on good terms now, they weren’t really close and Kara knew her uncle had been quite an ass growing up.

“He’s not like that, Dad. You’ll see.”

How wrong she had been.

She was embarrassed to think that she had defended Max and had been upset with her dad for pointing out what had been plain to see right underneath her nose.

Well, she thought, pocketing her phone and beginning to read again, she’d make it up now. She was lucky she had seen Max’s true colors before she had done something stupid, like sleep with him or tell him how much she thought she loved him.

She shuddered when she thought of it.

Distracting herself from the direction her thoughts were headed in, she took out her phone and brought up Adam’s number.

Hey, I miss you. How soon do you get out today?

She knew he had gone training and was going to be home early in the evening.

In a minute, her phone buzzed.

Hey, baby, I’m running a bit late. I promise I’ll make it up to you tonight.

She almost pouted in dismay. Damn it.

You definitely have to ☹ See you soon

Ugh, this sucked. Another couple of hours seemed too long. But the thought of having Adam all to herself after that made the frustration worth it. She’d see him soon so she might as well get her stuff done well before that. So she pocketed her phone again and got back to work.

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