Fighting For Her (Her Possessive Blackguard #2)

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Chapter 29

Five days later, Adam ran through the trail in the neighborhood, his rapid steps the only sound in the early hours of the morning. He felt the sweat running down his chest. The front of his shirt was soaked through at the top.

He pushed through the first sign of fatigue that was rapidly catching up with him. His legs burned and his heart beat so wildly, he thought he would drop to the floor. Damn it, he was not going to quit. He had always kept himself in good shape and today was the day it was going to save him.

He had left his phone in his apartment on purpose, not wanting to have the distraction while he prepared himself both mentally and physically for the fight that he was supposed to lose in another few short hours.

Slowing his pace, he focused on the adrenaline he felt pumping through his body. Exercise was the best outlet he had found and it had served him well. He continued jogging for half a mile before he slowed down even more.

The streets were mostly empty at this time and he was grateful for the quiet time he had with his thoughts.

Crawford, that motherfucker, had texted him that his opponent was looking forward to crushing his ribs and nose for starters. Bastard.

Adam began walking, his breath rushing through him. He could do this. He would follow through. He had been given a second chance and he wasn’t about to blow it.

He uncapped the bottle he held and took a long drink. The electrolytes in it would help stabilize his system but he was ravenous now. A sudden sharp sting on his neck made him reach out and touch it. The spot was slightly sore and he almost winced when he realized what it was.

His little temptress had given him a hickey last night.

He grinned. God, she was a prim and proper little lady when she wanted to be, but when Kara was aroused, it turned him on so fucking much. She had a whole new side of her that she let out only when he had her naked in his arms.

He felt his cock twitch in his shorts and he cursed. He couldn’t think of her that way now or he’d be walking back to the apartment with a full-blown erection.

Shaking his head, he took another gulp from the bottle and began in the direction of home. That was how he had come to think of the apartment now. It was only because he had Kara with him almost every night. They preferred spending most of their time at his place since Megan was usually busy at university or with one of the gazillion projects and organizations that she worked with.

As he made his way along the path that led to his building, he felt a smile appear on his face when he thought about finding Kara in his bed, warm and sleepy from their lovemaking last night. He had finally got around to buying and assembling a bed from IKEA. It had definitely been a bonus when he had completed the task and Kara had literally attacked him, stripping them both in record time because she wanted to try out the new bed.

They had spent many hours simply making out on it, and petting each other over the past few days. It was a glorious week. He had come to learn so much more about Kara’s gorgeous body. He knew exactly which spots made her scream, which ones made her moan and the ones that made her cry out his name over and over again. But most of all, he loved how she had given herself to him in the past few days. It had been as though a barrier he hadn’t known existed between them, had come crumbling down.

She had surprised him when she’d referred to him as her boyfriend the day before.

She had been talking on the phone with a classmate and then casually mentioned that she’d already done her assignment over the weekend as she had plans with her boyfriend for the next evening. He had frozen in the middle of stuffing his mouth with egg whites.

He had stared at her back as she continued talking, not even looking in his direction.

He knew that they were dating and were in a relationship, but it was the first time she had referred to him that way and he was elated at how happy it had made him.

She had definitely not been prepared for him to grab her the moment she was done talking and push her up against the wall, kissing her feverishly. It had taken only a few surprised moments for her to respond to him. And god damn it, how she’d responded. It had been one of the hottest make out session they’d had.

Slipping his key into the lock, he entered the apartment and stopped.

He’d expected to find Kara in bed but she stood in the kitchen, her back to him as the aroma of food permeated the air. His stomach growled.

His beautiful girlfriend turned around and smiled when she saw it was him.

“Hey,” she waved the spatula she held and then went back to cooking.

Adam was too surprised to answer. Taking off his shoes, he went over to where she stood. The bed that had been a total mess this morning was neatly made up, the pillows fluffed and arranged symmetrically.

He looked around the kitchen and saw what she had already prepared. There was oatmeal with raspberries and strawberries set aside, a stuffed omelet with veggies, strips of cooked bacon and hardboiled eggs, a green smoothie and a smaller cup of orange juice with pulp.


He was too stunned to respond.

“Take a shower, Adam.” She said thoughtfully as she attempted to flip over the second omelet that sizzled in the frying pan. It looked like she was halfway done with cleaning up too as the kitchen counter was devoid of wrappers or vegetable stalks.

“Baby, why are you-“

He didn’t get to complete his sentence because she turned and raised herself on her toes, pressing her mouth to his and effectively shutting him up.

When he was about to take her in his arms and kiss her thoroughly enough, she slipped away from his reach easily and moved to the cabinet, pulling out two coffee mugs. He had stacked the kitchen with more than just the bare essentials and Kara had helped him pick things that they’d need.

He was about to go to her and grab her for another kiss when she moved away and went to the table.

“Adam, I’m hungry, can you please shower?”

He saw the teasing glint in her green eyes and his gaze narrowed. She was going to pay for that.

“Fine.” He growled.

He understood it now. She did it because he had his fight today. His heart felt full with gratitude.

Adam turned around to go get showered and change. He took one step and then stopped. Turning back around, he went to Kara, ignored her wide eyes and grabbed her waist, one hand going to the back of her head.

Leaning in, he kissed her. Hard and firm and then gentle and wet.

“Thank you.” He murmured against her lips.

She opened her eyes and he saw them go soft. Was that a sheen of tears?

He wasn’t sure of it when she smiled and then kissed his jaw.

“Don’t make me wait, okay?” She teased.

Adam smiled.

He wouldn’t dare.

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