Fighting For Her (Her Possessive Blackguard #2)

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Chapter 30

Kara sat across the table and picked at her food. Before her, Adam was eating quickly, devouring the food in his plate. She smiled ruefully. God, she loved him.

She was happy she had decided to go all out and do this.

“I expected to find you in bed, Kara.” Adam said slowly, polishing the eggs in his plate and refilling his glass with some more orange juice. He gave her his quirky grin, his blue eyes somber.

She shrugged. “I was done sleeping when you left for your run.”

He frowned. “Did I wake you when I left?”

“No,” she brought the fork to her lips, “you didn’t. Not really.” She gave him a smile. “You’re going to be training at the gym, right?”

He nodded. “Yeah, I’d like to get this over with soon. You’re sure you’ll be fine by yourself?”

She tried to tamp down the nervousness rising. She was scared for him, she admitted it.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. Do you have everything you need?”

He looked over to his duffel bag in the living room that was packed and ready to go. “Yes, I should be fine.” Once again, his blue gaze focused on her.

“I’m worried about you.” He said slowly, placing his hand on the table, palm up.

Kara shook her head, reaching out and clasping his hand with hers. “I’m worried about you.” She confessed uneasily.

Adam tugged lightly on her arm and she pushed her chair back, getting up from her seat and moving toward him. He shifted his chair so she could settle herself in his lap. Adam held her to him, resting his forehead on her shoulder.

Kara let her arms wrap around him, comforting him in the way she knew how.

“So who’s the guy you’re up against?” She let her hands roam over his shoulders and back, needing to touch him and let him know that she was there for him, no matter what happened in the next couple of hours.

Adam sighed against her skin, his lips dropping a kiss there before he straightened up.

“They call him, Vinny - The Snake.”

Her lips curled in annoyance. “Very original.”

Adam’s mouth curved in a smile. He bent his head and kissed her neck, making her knees go weak. She tightened her hold on him. “It is amusing if you look at it that way.” He grinned.

Kara smiled but it vanished quickly when his phone buzzed with an incoming text.

She felt Adam’s body tense up even as he reached out to swipe across the screen and unlock it.

He looked at it for a moment and then locked the phone again. His lips pressed into a thin line.

He turned to her, his hands gently grabbing her waist.

“Kiss me for good luck?” He asked her in a gentle voice. Kara could see that he was trying to keep the situation light.

She reached behind his neck, holding onto his shoulders, one hand moving up so her fingers were in his hair, the strands soft against her skin. She liked it a lot. Leaning in, she rested her forehead against his and then gently, lovingly, put her mouth on his.

Kara felt the instant shift in her emotions. Her shoulders hunched, her body torn between wanting to hold onto him tight and rejecting the idea of him leaving her to go fight someone who was intent on destroying him physically.

As hard as she tried not to, a soft whimper left her throat. Adam’s body went stiff when he heard it, his hands on her waist tightening in response. She tried to cover it up, tried to make him forget.

Kara shifted in his lap, twisting so she was straddling his thighs. There was nothing lustful about their kiss. It was soft and slow. Adam’s mouth was achingly gentle against hers, almost as if he was afraid he was going to hurt her, just as she was afraid of letting him go. He didn’t try to push past her lips or lick her with his tongue like he usually did. Kara held him close, moving her lips against his, brushing them ever so softly, over and over again. He let her have complete control this time, without trying to dominate the kiss.

When she couldn’t stand it anymore, she pulled back from him and pressed her cheek to his, hugging him tight, her arms around his neck.

The words were stuck in her throat, fighting to spill over.

Her chest felt tight and constricted.

Adam’s arms were like steel bands around her body. He was holding her so tight she knew she wouldn’t be able to breathe in a few moments. She was extremely conscious about everything in that moment. The scent of Adam’s skin. The slight rasp of the stubble on his cheek against her skin. It felt so good. She remembered the exact feeling it invoked when he rubbed his cheek against the sensitive skin of her bare stomach when they were in bed. Her core pulsed at the memory of that same stubble abrading her inner thigh when Adam had his mouth on her. She swallowed hard. Kara knew what was in her heart. The only thing that scared her tremendously was the fact that he held her heart in his hands. She would never be able to survive if things went badly between them. He was a part of her now. She couldn’t imagine a single day without him. She couldn’t imagine a life without him. He had the power to consume her, heart, body and soul. It was too late to try to walk away from it. And it scared her shitless. What if she did something stupid and caused their relationship to fray or worse, end?

Her heart beat fast in her chest. But if she didn’t tell him, if she didn’t let him know that he was the one who owned her heart, she knew she’d regret it for the rest of her life. He had taken the first step in revealing his darkest emotions to her and letting her inside his heart. Kara knew he loved her. She was certain about it.

She had to say it to him.

She wouldn’t make it through the day if she didn’t.

“Adam-“ she began to speak, trying push back so she could look at him but he stopped her.

“Let me hold you for a minute, Kara.” He said hoarsely.

She pushed at him gently again till she was facing him. She saw the slight frown on his face when she did it.

The lump in her throat got bigger.

Concern entered in his gaze. “Kara, are you alright?” His hands came up to her face, his palms cupping her cheeks.

Her voice was barely a whisper on her breath. “I love you, Adam.”

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