Fighting For Her (Her Possessive Blackguard #2)

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Chapter 4

She couldn’t believe her ears.

Her heart thudded impossibly hard against her chest cavity. Did he just say what she thought he did?

Did Adam just say that he’d be her knight in shining armor? Oh my God. Her insides were a mush of feelings. What was he doing to her?

She broke away from the kiss and leaned back, acutely aware that she was still half-naked and he was shirtless. Her nipples tightened once again to hard peaks. She loved his body. He was stunning.

“Come here,” Adam growled and made a move forward but she stopped him by pressing her hands against his chest. “Adam, wait.”

Hearing her tone, he seemed to sober a bit and was suddenly alert, his eyes going dark.

“What is it?” His tone was guarded in return.

Kara searched his face. Was this what she thought it was?

“You- you just said that you wanted to,“ she blushed, “be my knight in shining armor.” Her last words were soft, uncertain. He seemed to latch on to that because his eyes went cold.

Kara felt a sinking feeling settle in her stomach at the rapid change of emotions that played across his handsome face.

“Yes.” He said quietly. “Did you change your mind?”

This time Kara scowled. “Enough of the crappy attitude, Adam. Why does it seem like you’re having mood swings?”

He looked shocked for a fraction of a second before the hostility returned. “What do you mean?”

“Look at you! I can practically see the crazy thoughts whirling in your mind. You look like you want to punch somebody.”

When he seemed too shocked to answer, she continued, “We just gave each other-“ she blushed profusely this time, “such fantastic pleasure. And then you told me such sweet things. But now, it feels like I’m talking to someone who’s suspecting me of doing something I have no freaking idea about!” She raised her hands in frustration.

Adam’s gaze turned to a glare. “You’re being ridiculous.”

Kara felt a small stab of hurt.

She stayed quiet and stared at him for a long second, suddenly feeling that the mood had been ruined, her nakedness no longer welcome. She wanted to cover herself up.

“Am I?”

At her question, there was a fleeting look of guilt on his face. But he didn’t say anything.

“Something’s clearly going on that’s worrying you out of your mind. And that is being carried forward in everything else you do. It’s like you are two different people sometimes and I don’t know how to reach one of them.”

Adam continued to be silent.

“Do you not want to tell me what it is about? Is that it?” She hoped he wouldn’t affirm it. Her chest already felt heavy.

When he spoke again, his voice sounded like sandpaper.

“I’m sorry.”

When she saw his expression again, Kara knew that he truly was. She thought about it only for a second. Then slowly, knowing her wet center was still rubbing against his crotch and had probably left a spot on his jeans, she moved her hands up his shoulders and around his neck.

“Adam, I really really like you.” She breathed against his mouth, leaning her forehead against his.

His hands moved up to hold her waist, drawing her closer so she was pressed to him.

“So much, that it scares me.” She confessed on a breath.

She felt it the moment he went rigid. “I’ve never wanted another human being as much I want you.” She said softly.

Adam’s hands left her waist and climbed higher, coming to rest just below her breasts. Kara had to fight for her next breath. He made her want to abandon caution to the wind and demand that he fuck her like he said he wanted to.

“But we can’t have a future together if you don’t let me in.” She closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder.

Adam’s hands went to her back, hugging her so tight he almost crushed her.

“Can you promise me you’ll try?” She whispered against his skin.

He didn’t answer for such a long time that she was afraid the answer was no.

Then he leaned back, moving her away from him.

“I think you won’t return once you know it all, Kara. I know you won’t.” He looked tortured.

Leaning up, she took his face between her hands. Then she looked him in the eye and murmured, “Try me.”


Adam pulled his mind out of the lustful thoughts raging in his brain. His body was reacting to Kara’s closeness to him and all he wanted to do was throw her on the bed, lift her ass up, spread her legs apart and lick the wetness that he felt on the material of his pants.

When she was nice and clean, he wanted to slide his cock inside her and get her all dirty again.

He couldn’t figure out what kind of miracle had made someone like Kara even remotely interested in a person like him. He had nothing to offer.


Yes, he fucking hated Max but that asshole had had at least the material stuff that Kara deserved. It didn’t change the fact that he wanted to kill the motherfucker with his bare hands. If he let his control slide, he could remember the bone-chilling fear that had engulfed him when he had heard Kara scream. He had thought he had been too late.

Adam had been fighting since the day he turned fourteen.

And he had been fucking good at it. But at that moment, in Max’s house, when he had heard her cry of fear, for the first time in his entire life, he had felt helpless. He had never experienced that kind of terror. It fucking ate him alive. It hadn’t been till he had crashed through the door, taken it down and seen that he could still save her that he had felt the first push of hope through the veil of anger that had clouded his mind.

He knew he would have killed Max, or at least horribly injured him for life if Kara hadn’t stopped him.

He looked down into her trusting green eyes. She was still waiting for his answer.

It didn’t help that she was naked from her waist below and he could smell her readiness. He wanted to slide his finger inside her and see for himself how wet she was.

Because of him. Only because of him.

“Promise me something.” He was going to do it his way.

He needed to make sure that she wouldn’t run. He didn’t think he’d be able to live with himself if she did.

She nodded.

Bringing her close, he ran his hands up her back and then down below, memorizing the gentle dip of her waist.

“When I tell you about it,” He looked down seriously, “and you think you cannot handle it, you won’t shut down on me.”

Kara frowned, “Did you kill a man?”

His expression didn’t change. “Promise me, Kara.”

She shook her head, “Did you commit murder, Adam?”

He gave her a glare. “Of course not.”

She nodded thoughtfully, “Have you beaten a woman?”

His anger flared to life, “What kind of a question is that?”

To his surprise, Kara glared back. “Answer me, damn it!” She raised her voice.

He tamped down the irritation and bit out, “No.”

Then she surprised him again when she smacked him lightly on his chest. His jaw dropped.

“Then what the bloody hell have you done that you think I’m going to condemn you and run away?”

Adam glared at her.

Then deciding that he’d had enough, he grabbed her arms around her biceps and slammed his mouth down on hers.

Her rebuke died on her lips. Kara struggled in his arms, trying to pull away and say something but he didn’t let her move. When she tried to talk again, he snatched the opportunity to slip his tongue inside her mouth and stop the flow of words. Her rebuke turned into a moan. That’s when he knew he’d won.


He kissed her over and over, licking, sucking and taking his time to memorize the lushness of her mouth all over again. He loved the way she kissed. It was like she couldn’t get enough.

Her arms that had been straining against his hold, stilled. Then she slowly wound them around his neck, dragging her center over his hardening cock.

Adam held her hips in his hand and moved her in the way he wanted. He was rewarded with a throaty moan when he pressed a spot between her legs and she tensed.

She broke away from the kiss to take a breath, her head falling back lightly, giving him access to the softness of her neck. “That’s it, baby.” He murmured, kissing her skin, inhaling her scent and sucking hard enough to leave a mark.

When he let go of her hips, he was pleased when she continued moving them.

He got the shock of his life when she reached below her, took his cock out of his pants and slid her wet center along the length, skin to skin. Adam cursed and swore, his hands gripping her waist again, his fingers digging into her flesh.

When he looked at her, Kara’s eyes were closed. For a moment, he wondered if she was aware of what she had just made him feel. He was hanging on by a thin thread. The need to fuck her bare overrode every sensible part of him.

“That feels so good.” Kara’s breathy voice pulled him out of the inferno of lust.


It was all about her.

If she wanted to use him to get herself off, he was fucking happy to let her.

He let her slide along his dick, his eyes open to note the exact moments she trembled when he touched a sensitive spot. It was exhilarating to watch her inhibitions disappear when she was so turned on.

When she came, he stroked himself to an orgasm and then took her with him when he collapsed on the bed, her cheek tucked against his neck, her juices coating his cock and fingers. Adam kissed her forehead.

He was so fucking screwed.

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