Fighting For Her (Her Possessive Blackguard #2)

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Chapter 7

When she came in the door, she felt a terrible feeling in her gut.

Kara paused in the living room and looked around. Nothing seemed to be amiss. The kitchen was just the way she had left it this morning and the cushion on the couch was still upside down, the way it had been when she left for class earlier.

A strange sense washed over her like she was missing something that was right in front of her eyes.

Kara dropped her bag on the couch and then froze when she realized what it was that was bothering her.

Adam’s things were neatly packed and stacked up in a corner of the living room. The same corner she had pointed him to on the very first day he had come to their apartment. A sick feeling crept up her throat. Was he leaving?

She turned around when she heard the water running in the bathroom.

“Kara, is that you?” Megan’s voice drifted to her and she sighed.

Shit. Adam was moving out.

How could he not tell her?

A pit was beginning to form in her stomach.

“Yeah, I’m home.” She called out in response.

Suddenly feeling drained, she sat down on the couch, trying to think through it.

A few seconds later, Megan came in, wiping her hands off on a towel she held. “Hey. How did your class go?”

Kara swallowed the tiny lump beginning to form in her throat. She nodded, “It was good. I finished the assignment with Alice and a bunch of other guys and got it submitted off.”

“Excellent! Let’s head out for dinner, shall we? My treat.”

Kara managed a weak smile at her best friend and pointed in the direction of Adam’s things. “Hey, um, what’s going on with that? Is Adam moving out?”

Megan paused on her way to the kitchen and looked at her with a frown. “Yeah, he mentioned that yesterday. Wait, didn’t you guys talk about it? I thought you knew.”

Kara was horrified to feel the sting of oncoming tears.

Damn it. She had to hold her emotions in check.

She shrugged, trying to make it look like it wasn’t a big deal when she was sure that Megan could see right through her. “He didn’t mention anything.”

Megan was beside her in a second. “Oh, Kara. I’m so sorry. What happened? Did you guys have a fight? Is that what really happened? He just mentioned that he thought we’d like having our space back.”

Kara sniffled and looked up at her. “Is that what he said?”

Megan sank down to her knees and hugged her, “Yes, I swear. I thought you guys had agreed about it and that’s why he was going ahead and doing it.”

Kara shook her head, swallowing and willing the tears to stay put. She was not going to cry. Adam would explain what happened. She was partly sure that this had nothing to do with the slight tiff they had two days ago. Maybe he did want to get out of their space after all. It couldn’t have been very comfortable for him either.

Megan gently stroked her hair and stood, extending her hand to Kara. “Let’s go have dinner. I want to cheer you up.”

Kara nodded in agreement and took her hand, getting to her feet.

“I’ll go get ready,” Megan said, making her way to the bedroom.

Kara headed to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water from the purifier on the counter. She had just swallowed her second sip when the door opened and Adam walked in.

He stopped when he saw her.

Kara hoped desperately that he’d come to her like she wanted him to. That he’d just hug her and tell her that he missed her too, just as much as she had missed him.

But he didn’t.

“Hey.” He said softly, slipping his hand into his back pocket and shutting the door.


“Can we talk?” The slight curtness in his voice made her heart hurt.

She brushed it away and smiled at him, “Sure.”

He walked up to the kitchen counter and stood beside her.

Kara had to physically stop herself from reaching out to him.

“How was class?”

His reference to her daily routine caught her off-guard.

“It-it was good. Productive. I got a lot of stuff done.” She answered slowly, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“That’s great.”

Kara noticed that he kept his eyes on her the whole time and honestly, she was beginning to feel a bit unnerved.

There was a small silence after that and Kara had to struggle to look back at him. The intensity of his blue eyes made her nervous but at the same time intensely aware of his every single move and action.

“I won a fight today.” He said it tentatively as if gauging her reaction.

Kara looked at him, her gaze dropping to his hands. His knuckles looked bruised but not bloody. So that was a good sign.

“Oh, that’s.. nice.” She responded, unsure about what she should say. “I’m glad you won.” She really was.

He gave her a half-smile. “Yeah, me too. I needed enough for rent and a couple of other things.”

Kara swallowed, “Right.”

Adam turned toward her fully and ran his fingers through his hair, messing it up. She loved the way it made him look.

“I thought it might be best if I move out, Kara.” He stared at her, stepping closer, “I have to take care of a couple of things and I don’t want to involve you in any way-“

“I get it.” She said quickly, giving him a tight smile.

Adam searched her gaze. “Do you really?”

Kara felt a tiny spark of temper ignite at what she thought his implication was.

“I do, Adam. I’m not a child.”

She saw his eyes heat at her response. “No, you’re not.” His gaze dropped to her mouth. It made her mad.

“Is that it?”

His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “What?”

“Is that what you wanted to tell me?”

He pursed his lips. “Yes, that’s all.”

Kara felt the pit in her stomach grow even bigger.

That was it? Wasn’t he going to ask her to come to visit him? Tell her where he was going to live? What about them? Was this all they had been about? Didn’t he want to see her again? Was everything he had told her just a lie?

“Okay.” She heard the tremble in her voice.

Fuck. No way was she going to let him see her cry.

“Good luck with it.”

She looked down and away so he couldn’t see the tears shining in her eyes.

Without waiting for a response, she went to the couch and picked up her bag.

She had just shut the door behind her when she heard him curse out loud and a loud thump followed that sounded like someone punching the wall. Kara wiped her eyes and made her way down the stairs.

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