Bite Me, Jerk

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A wholesome, goofy and emotional story about the girl with a vampiric boyfriend. *** "Rae, take off the cross." "No! Either I get chocolate or you stay ten feet away from me." "You're being ridiculous!" "I'm getting the garlic!"

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The Date

It was our first date.

Vampires and werewolves had become a regular part of society decades ago, but relations between humans and them were still taboo.

But tonight, I was going out with one.

My cab dropped me off in front of the diner. We agreed on a casual setting, and I dressed in jeans and a low neck blouse. Silver hoops hung from my earlobes, braceletes dangled around my wrists, and several necklaces were all resting on my collar. According to Google, silver would keep a vampire back if anything went wrong.

Walking in, I strolled to the center of the room. Only one person sat alone, and I instantly recognized it to be my date. He was vampire pale, of course, but with tan freckles and blue eyes. His hair was an inky black, and he was also dressed in all black.

I strolled over, plopping down into the seat across from him.

"Linus Corvin?"

The vampire's eyes trailed to my face, but then down to the silver jewellery decorating my arms, ears and neck.

He nodded, motioning to the silver.

"I appreciate that you're smart enough to take precautions, but that's going to give me a headache in seconds, so if you don't mind..."

I ignored the rest of his words, slipping off the bracelets and necklaces, but leaving the earrings.


Linus nodded. "I'm assuming you're Raemori Lee?"

"Just Rae," I grinned. "Never been out with a vampire before."

A waitress came by, taking our orders. I took a salad and iced tea while my vampire companion ordered tea spiked with blood.

"Usually people either have a thing for vampires or don't," Linus muttered, "you don't find a lot of fresh faces."

"Is that a warning?"

"You don't need one. You came here covered with silver," he pointed out, leaning back into his seat. "You've got this covered."

I smirked in satisfaction, feeling decently respected. We continued to talk, Linus seeming happy to hang around even if he was done his tea long before I finished either of my things. There wasn't any tension, and we both agreed to split the bill evenly.

The date was over in a flash, with Linus walking me out of the diner.

"This was fun," I smiled.

The vampire's hand closed around my wrist before I could wave down a taxi.

"Did you like it? Going out with a vampire?" He asked, leaning down to my ear despite the silver earrings.

I shoved him just enough to make space before raising an eyebrow, winking to the totally-real crowd watching this all play out. "This ain't some cliché, that isn't going to make me swoon pretty boy.

"But it was good," I admitted. Linus smirked before his hand was on the side of my face in an instant, his fingers pressed against the silver earring.

Before I could pull away, he retracted his hand. It had a blister where the silver burned his skin.

"Kiss it better?"

This boy.

I glared at him, but also had a why-the-hell-not attitude. Gently, I kissed the tip of his finger, avoiding the actual blister.

"You're an idiot," I told him, turning to walk down the street. He teleported to my side, or used vampiric speed. I wasn't quite sure.

"What are you doing?"

"Walking with you," Linus shrugged, eyeing the dark spots of the streets. "You never know when a vampire will jump at you."

I rolled my eyes before slipping on my other pieces of silver jewellery.

"I'm all set," I told him, bringing my wrist close to his skin. He visibly tensed, and I pulled away.

Linus shoved me, not too hard, and scowled.




"I'm just kidding..."

"I'm going to get you for that..."

"Catch me if you can!"

"But I can. You're just human."

"I can't hear you!..."

Greetings, readers!

Welcome to a little goofy book about Rae and Linus, it was just a fun little idea for me. Easy updates for when my other serious books are under works.

Expect shorter chapters than my usual.

Also, I may not edit or look over every chapter before posting. Please be patient with my spelling and grammar.

I hope you guys have laughed or at least smiled during the chapter! There is more to come :)
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