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Are you mine?

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"Don't be scared. Just let go, Maddie" he places his hand on my cheek and wipes the tear away with his thumb. He leans into me and as he speaks, his lips brush against mine. "I-" "Let go," he whispers as he finally closes the distance between us. Our lips connect in a soft kiss, which begs me to trust him and stop resisting. He kisses me like he's afraid I might fall apart in his hands and I feel like I just might. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A story about an unexpected, against all odds romance that sparks from an eventful night, and a rage-filled kiss.

Romance / Drama
Emm Jay
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Chapter 1


To anyone confused as to why all chapters of this story except for the first three have disappeared, it’s because this story is now exclusively available on Galatea, and these few chapters have been left behind as a sample. If you want to read the whole book, you can find it on the app, just by searching for the title “Are you mine?“. It’s an easy way to support me as an author and would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for making this possible. Happy reading! :)

I’m already regretting this decision.

I stand in the middle of what can best be described as a warzone that, for the most part, resembles a bedroom. Makeup, hair products, and clothes are scattered all around as a result of my best friend Sydney’s self-assigned mission to find me the “perfect outfit” to wear tonight.

“Do we really have to go?” I complain, dramatically hanging upside down over the edge of my bed. I’m the farthest I can possibly be from being in a party mood.

“Come on, it will be fun! Plus, I got word Mason is gonna be there,” She taunts, raising her eyebrows suggestively and sending a devilish smile my way.

Mason Foster. Where to begin with him?

To my dismay, I’ve had the most ridiculous crush on Mason Foster for years. You’d think I would’ve grown out of it by now, but I haven’t had such luck. We go to school together, we share classes, we sit together, and all of that combined makes it that much more difficult to get him out of my head.

A few months ago, I decided to take my shot and I texted him to see if anything would come of it. We talk occasionally, and he’s a big flirt over text but it’s never gone farther than that. Most of the time I’m the one trying to keep the conversation going and at this point it’s clear he’s just having fun and not really that interested in me.

Our exchanges in person, however, are a whole different story, meaning they’re practically nonexistent. He clearly notices that I like him, since I can’t help but make it painfully obvious every time I talk to him, so I try to avoid him as much as I can to save myself the embarrassment. If he was even remotely interested in me, I’m sure I would know by now, because every time we talk, I can’t help but make my feelings for him painfully obvious. Therefore, I try to avoid interacting with him as much as I can to save myself the embarrassment.

Mason thrives off of the attention that he gets from the girls he leads on. I mean what straight guy wouldn’t want a legion of girls wrapped around their finger? He’s not exactly the kind of guy you just glance over casually and move on, with his chiseled features, fairly muscular build, he has beautiful auburn curls that shine like a flame when the sun hits them and he…

“Mads!” Syd snaps her fingers in my face.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I said you’re daydreaming again. Got a little bit of drool right there too.” She taunts, pointing at her chin.

“Ha ha. Very funny.” I scowl at her.

I’ve got to give it to her, the girl knows how to convince me into anything. She’s charming, persuasive, and very determined. She won’t stop until she gets what she wants. Plus, Syd knows me inside and out. She knew that she only needed to mention his name to immediately get me interested in whatever plans she has for the night.

“Stop teasing, Syd.” Tyler, my other best friend comes into the room cradling a bowl of chips, tossing one into his mouth, and plopping down on my bed next to me.

“Where did you find those?” I ask sitting upright so I can dig in.

“I know where your mom stashes the good snacks.” He winks, displaying a mischievous smile. “You two haven’t even started getting ready yet” he points at us accusingly with his chip. “I figured if you’re going to make me sit here for an eternity, you at least owe me some food.”

I wrap my arm around his neck, bringing his head down to my chest and I ruffle his hair. He escapes my headlock with ease and we tussle playfully until he unavoidably overpowers me, pushing me back into the mattress and pinning my hands over my head at my sides. “Damn Ty! Fine, you win, I give up.”

“Thought so.” he says letting go and I blow my hair out of my face.

“Okay,” I sigh, standing and walking over to Sydney who currently has her full body inside my closet “What’s the plan?”

“Party at Noah Reed’s house. We’re supposed to be there by ten.” Tyler says, lazily pushing his platinum blonde hair back as his tired blue eyes meet mine. He looks even less excited about tonight than I am, but these kinds of events come as a duty to football players such as himself, so I guess by now he’s used to being dragged to them.

And of course, following that rule, it’s only logical for the guy at the top of the food chain to be the one who throws all the parties around here. Noah Reed is Westpoint High’s most notorious player, jock, and rich kid. Being captain of the football team and the star athlete of the school, he’s exactly what you’d imagine him to be, abnormally tall and muscular for an eighteen-year-old, with sandy blonde hair, lightly tanned skin, and the greenest eyes you’ve ever seen. He’s got a charming personality, he’s the kind of person that captivates you and can make sure he’s the only person in the room that’s holding your attention with just a few words.

On the flip side, you most certainly do not want to test his temper. I’ve been witness to his not-so-mild case of anger management issues, which he usually takes out on the football field. But sometimes there’s an unlucky soul who gets in his bad graces and meets the consequences. Like two years ago when he found out his last girlfriend was cheating on him. Let’s just say you wouldn’t have wanted to be the guy she was cheating with.

Noah is the kind of guy that’s so attractive that you don’t even bother taking a shot at him to preserve your dignity. The kind of guy you just stare at from a distance and hope he approaches you, as you wonder how someone like him can be real. All he needs is a flash of his megawatt smile and that’s it, you’re done for.

Tyler, Sydney, Mason, Noah, and I all share a few classes. Ty and Mason are fairly close to him because of football, so naturally, he’s on my radar but I’m absolutely sure I’m not on his. I don’t think I’ve ever exchanged a single word with him actually. But I don’t need to know what he’s like personally; his reputation precedes him. And quite a reputation that is.

Some of the rumors surrounding Noah include sleeping with the entire cheerleading squad (except for Syd of course), the girl’s volleyball team, and his best friend’s sister. Basically, saying that he’s been around is an understatement, and on top of that, being captain of the football team makes him unapproachable and unattainable to most.

“Found it!” Sydney shouts from inside the closet, snapping me out of my thoughts. She comes out holding a little black dress that she bought for me on my birthday last year and a pair of matching black heels. “It’s perfect!” she says holding the outfit out to me.

I give her a disapproving look. “Really?”

“Oh don’t give me that, it’s not even that revealing.” She says shifting her weight to one side.

“I guess it’s not. If you don’t plan on wearing it in front of people. That have eyes.” She rolls her eyes at me.

“Do you have to be so condescending all the time? Can’t you just indulge your best friend who just wants you to look and feel as beautiful on the outside as she knows you are on the inside?” She bats her lashes with a smile.

“You know your sweet talk doesn’t work on me.”

“Ugh, you’re right, I forgot who I was dealing with for a second,” she huffs, dropping her sweet girl act. “Come on, will you just wear it? I spent so much time looking for it and you haven’t worn it once since I gave it to you. I know you’ll look gorgeous in it, I will even do your hair and makeup to complete the look.” she pleads.

“You don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to,” Tyler chimes in. “Don’t be so pushy Syd, if she doesn’t want to wear it, she doesn’t want to.”

Syd holds Tyler’s gaze for a second before he looks away. “Fine.” she sighs. “It’s a shame though, I think Mason would have loved to see you in it.” She says holding out the dress in front of her and heading back towards the closet to put it away. As if I don’t know what she’s doing.

“All right, give it,” I huff, taking the dress from her hands, knowing she won’t drop it till she convinces me. She giggles and claps her hands in excitement.

“Yay! This is going to be so fun!”

“Yeah, woohoo.” Tyler and I say in monotone at the same time.

“You guys are no fun.” Syd crosses her arms. “You,” she points at me “Go get dressed. I’ll do my makeup really quick so I can focus on yours.”

After I get dressed, Syd gets to work on the rest of my look, and when she’s done, I look over at our reflection in the mirror. She did a great job, both on herself and me. She’s effortlessly beautiful, with her long, auburn waves and blue eyes. She’s lean and toned due to cheerleading and her red satin dress hugs her curves perfectly.

Me on the other hand, I feel ordinary standing next to her, with my brown hair and matching brown eyes. But tonight, Syd has managed to bring out the best in me, accentuating my features with a brown and gold smokey eye and dark red lipstick, leaving my hair down to lay naturally straight against my back. Seeing the completed look, I am feeling particularly confident tonight.

“Ready to go?” Tyler asks leaning on the door frame, twirling his car keys on his finger.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” I say, taking a deep breath and standing up straighter, trying to calm my nerves.

It’s just a party after all, what’s the worst that can happen?

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