The Mafiaโ€™s bodyguard๐Ÿ”ž [BxB]

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What do you do when the one you are falling for is the leader of the most feared mafia and your boss? Life hasnโ€™t been too kind to me. From an abusive father to an orphan and deciding enough was enough and joined the most feared mafia gang to survive and escape the reality that was my miserable life. What I didnโ€™t expect to find is those feelings am having for my boss, Carlos Sanchez. (MAJOR EDITING GOING ON!)

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter one Mateo

After my motherโ€™s death, been beaten for years by my drunk father, who unfortunately or fortunately I donโ€™t know how to feel about it, got hit by a car on his way from the bar one night. I didnโ€™t mourn the bastard. After his burial there was nothing left for me to do in that old house that was already being claimed by the bank.

I found myself on the street and with some childhood friends. We did every dispicable job to survive.

โ€œMat, I heard there is this gang thatโ€™s recruiting... you know something like bodyguards and errands boys,โ€ Nickolay says.

โ€œDo you think they will recruit us?โ€ I scoffed, โ€œI mean look at us...we donโ€™t look that fit to be bodyguards,โ€ I replied shaking my head while trying to warm my palm with the coffee mug in my hand.

โ€œYeah but they will train us or some shit like that...will be good to get out of here you know,โ€ he replied looking in the distance.

I was considering it. A chance to get some quick money and get a home and possibly go to art school. I loved art. My mum use to buy me some paint and brushes and we will paint anything. It was our way of coping with that asshole.

My eyes watered at the thought of my mother. I blink back quickly and regain composure.

โ€œYou know what? We should give it a try. I mean after all we got nothing to loose,โ€ I said to Nick and he grinned giving me a bro hug.

โ€œThis is gonna be fun!โ€ He bimmed, โ€œa chance to wear those fancy suits and shit,โ€ he was grinning and I shook my head laughing.

Weโ€™ve got nothing to loose anyway.

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