Forced to Love him

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Manik Malhotra, a problematic jerk with hotness overload and Nandini Murthy with nothing but excitement instilled to her bones and they meet. Manik Malhotra, a gift from god to women, with a bit of problem, that is hate towards girls, why? Because girls are pack of problems, they have problems with everything, and anything. They won't like the colour of your shoes, they might just hate it, they won't like the guy, they liked yesterday. Mighty personality of this guy basically wants a girl out of the world. May be she just doesn't exist. Reasons? He wants a girl who loves to keep shut, she should speak only when he speaks, she should do everything he wants, if he wants her she should give herself to him, if she lies she gets punishments, if he lies, he gets love? He wants what, he forced to Love. Like he did to her. She loved to speak, he made her speak even more because he loved to hear her voice. He doesn't like her brother but she smiles at them, therefore brothers are necessary. She wasn't in love, he forced her to love him. She was forced to Love him but still fell hard in love. Manik Malhotra wants her to love him and him only. Therefore, he first forced, then lied and then loved. Quite out of reasoning, read the story, you might learn to not reason things....

Romance / Humor
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A girl waking up to a guy who seemed asleep beside her. She looked around and then down. Okay! Her clothes are alright, no marks on face or anything, the guy is also decent. She is at a difference of arm length.

After clearing every doubt in her head, she thought to shout but then just shut her mouth and looked towards the sleeping guy. If she will shout, cute guy Will wake up and even she doesn't like to wake up in the morning why would he? So she kept shut.

Is she sure she is kidnapped, what if she sleep walked till here? Should she wake the guy to know or should she leave before the guy wake up? Confused the girl again looked at the guy and noticed him frowning.

The cute guy opened one eye and saw her awake, he also shook himself awake and looked at her. He smiled at her and said "what happened? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"how did I came here?"

"I brought you here. Why? What happened? You didn't like the room?"

"no, no. The room is very pretty, but why are you asking me these things? I want to go home. Why am I here and why are you here with me? Did Abhi caught me again? Oh! You are her guard who slept by chance, wait I'll call Abhi, look how she will shout at you."

The girl ran outside the room shouting Abhi and the guy also got up to run behind her. Shouldn't she shout rather than smile. Abhi said correct about this woman, she is out of her mind. She saw me and didn't shouted. Damn! I love her more.

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