Arranged To The Mafia Boss

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"Are you happy now?" She asked. "Do you feel manly? Do you feel kingly?" She grabbed his hand and forcibly tried to raise it to her face once again. " Mirabella, a daughter of a mafia royal family has to go through a marriage due to her dying father’s wishes in order to secure her safety.

Romance / Drama
Valeria Badova
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Chapter 1 • A Cursed Day

Chapter 1 • A Cursed Day

There are times where things happen and you ask God, ‘why?’ But always remember that God has a reason for why it happened.

3 years ago

Two girls were walking down the streets of Spain with shopping bags in their hands. One was wearing a baby blue summer dress with a pair of while flats. She had dad brown hair that went just passed her waist and brown eyes with a hint of hazel in them. Her sun-kissed skin looked smooth and her full lips were a pinky shade colour.

The other girl wore white jeans with a white tank top tucked in the waist band of the jeans and a black and red-checkerboard flannel with white converse. She had long, dark brown hair and blue eyes like the ocean and sun-kissed skin. These two girls were Vanessa and Mirabella Desamparadas. They were both cousins and apart of the Spanish mafia family.

“What do you think I should get your mum?” Vanessa asked, as they entered the shopping centre.

Today was the day that Mirabella’s parents were returning back from London, and everyone was excited to see them. Most especially Mirabella. Growing up, Mirabella spent all her childhood in England, and it wasn’t until two years ago that her and her family moved to Spain.

“Maybe a hat?” Mirabella said, remembering that her mother loved to wear big summer hats during the summer.

Vanessa had on a thinking face as she looked at all the shops in front of her. She was just about to say something when her phone went off. “They’re probably wondering wasn’t taking us so long” she said, as she pulled out her phone from her bag.

The sound of screaming and crying was all she could hear, and Mirabella could also hear it from where she stood. “Mum, what’s going on?” Vanessa asked, her voice steady and nervous.

Mirabella gestured for her cousin to come closer so she could hear what they were talking about. Something was telling her that something had happened. Something bad. She could feel her heart slowly picking up its pace, and then she heard her aunt say something that made her whole body freeze. “It’’s your aunt and uncle...they...they got hit by a car.”

The hospital reception was half crowded. Mirabella rushed to the reception with Vanessa at her side. She slammed her hands on the desk. “Maria and Salvador Desamparad” said Mirabella, slightly out of breath.

The receptionist looked up at the two girls. “They are currently in surgery” she said. “But there is a waiting room with other members of your family. Follow me.”

She took them down the long corridor, and then they made two lefts, and there was a room with Mirabella’s two aunties and other members of the family. Mirabella searched the room for her older brother and two uncles who were nowhere in sight. “Where is Alejandro?” She asked.

“They’ll be here in a few minutes” said one of her aunts.

He knew that his mother was no longer with them. He knew that she was in a better place now. But what he didn’t know was how he was going to tell his little sister. Alejandro was in the room with his father and two uncles. The doctor told them that there was no hope, and that they were to say their goodbyes.

“Figlio, mi dispiace andarmene così presto, ma promettimi una cosa,” his father said. “Ho bisogno che tu ti prenda cura di tua sorella. So anche che un giorno avrai una famiglia tutta tua.”

(Son, I’m sorry to leave so soon, but promise me one thing. I need you to take care of your sister. I also know that one day you will have a family of your own.)

Alejandro didn’t know where his father was going with that he was telling him when he said that he would have a family of his own in the future. He though that he was talking about the family business, and that he would have to drop it. But when he looked at his father’s face, he saw that his eyes were narrowed at his two uncles.

Alejandro frowned and turned around to look at them, and they had shock written on their faces. They knew something that he didn’t. “Di cosa stai parlando, papà?”

(What are you talking about, dad)

“Tua sorella,” his father began. “Lei sposerà Daniel Rodriguez. For her safety.”

(Your sister. She will marry Daniel Rodriguez)

Alejandro felt his heart skip a beat. He knew his sister, and he knew that she wasn’t going to go through with this marriage. He tired telling his father that, but even in his last moments he was still standing by his title, and that was what boss says, goes. “Grant your old man this wish, son” he said. “She will be safe with him, and this was promised to both our families since they were kids.”

Alejandro knew that his father wanted what was best for his little sister. Even as children he would keep Mirabella out of the underworld. He wanted to make sure that she had no part in the world of crime. But since this was his wish, Alejandro slowly nodded his head, and gave his father a weak smile before his father looked at his uncles. “Please, take care of them.”

The three brothers looked at each other, knowing this was their final goodbye. Mario and Roman tired holding back their tears as they nodded their heads. “We will, brother” they said.

Mirabella was sitting on one of the chairs in the corner of the room. Her legs were pulled up to her chest and her head rested against the wall. She had dry tears on her cheeks and her blue eyes were slightly red. She didn’t know what she would do if she lost both her parents. She didn’t even want to think about it. All she did was try and focus on the good.

The sound of movement caught her attention, and she saw that everyone was getting up. She narrowed her eyes to the entrance of the waiting room, and almost tripped as she too got up from the chair. She pushed her way to the front where she saw her two uncles walking in with her bother following after them. There was a moment of silence as they all waited for either of the three to speak, but they didn’t. They were very quiet.

“Well,” Mirabella said, breaking the silence. The three looked down at her, but didn’t say a word. They all had their answer right there.

Uncle Roman stepped forward and reached his hand out towards Mirabella, but she stepped back. “What happened?” she said.


“I need to hear it!!”

This was harder than they thought. They stared at Mirabella like that have forgotten how to speak. The silence was seem so long and it was slowing killing her inside.

Alejandro looked up from the floor, and sighed, his eyes were glossy and like he was trying very hard not to let the tears out. “They’re,” he paused and shook his head. “They’re gone, Mirabella.”

Mirabella felt like the ground beneath her feet had disappeared. She felt her heat stop beating for a moment and her blood ran cold. She stared at her brother for a long moment as she slowly began shaking her head. “No,” she said, still shaking her head.

Alejandro stepped forward, also reaching his hand out towards her like his uncle did, but Mirabella took another step back. Her blue eyes were now glossy and looked like the ocean was trapped inside of them. Her cheeks became red and her chest rose up and down as she breathed in and out heavily. “No,” she said again. “No, this can’t be. No, no, no. MUM!! DAD!! NO!! THIS ISN’T REAL!!” Mirabella yelled at the top of her lungs.

She began hyperventilating and her heart felt like it was going to explode inside of her. She felt lightheaded and like her legs were jelly. And then, everything turned to slow motion, and like she lost balance before she fell into a dark slumber.

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