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As a young girl, Milana Salvat murdered Eliruia's so-called god. After she escaped, she swore to herself that she would never enter that cursed village again. However, the people of Eliruia had recovered from their loss, and a new God has begun his tyrannical reign over the village. To save the villagers from their cycle of oppression and sacrifice, she finds herself trapped in the heart of the village with their cruel new god. Leading a revolution isn't easy, especially whilst living under the roof of the man that she has been sent to destroy. To make things worse, the man isn't what she expected from a cunning, narcissistic cult leader. In some aspects, he seems almost... Godlike?

Romance / Thriller
Age Rating:

Lydia's Little Chat

Compulsory Reading:

This is a dark romance story.

Violence, foul language, sexual themes, sadism/masochism, and anything else I haven’t decided on yet will ensue.

ALL CONSENSUAL. Informed consent makes sex far sexier.

I’m writing this story because I enjoy reading and writing stories with this kind of shit in them. Don’t expect me to cater to your every sensitivity just because you have your ‘good person’ settings above 80%.

Also, writing is a hobby, not my job. I’m going to be a little inconsistent with my uploads, going to make mistakes, and have some little iffy things with the plot. This is my first draft too. Just enjoy it as a story, not as a piece of literary artistry. Thanks.

Man, I probably seem like a cunt right now. Eh. Enjoy!

Optional Reading:

The base image for the cover photo is a free stock image taken from Pexels.com by Nilay Ramoilya.

If I catch this story being copied somewhere else, I’ll be really sad (and a little flattered).

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