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β€œWhy are you crying? Tell me and I’ll kill them. β€œ Donatello said. A Mafia Love Story. Malia Rose Carter. A innocent 20 year old. Who is abused by her father and down talked by her stepmother. Workingman's day and night to save up enough money to escape for her hellhole she calls home. She doesn't understand why both of them has so much hatred towards her. Donatello Dante Ferrari. A mafia don, who took over after his father stepped down. He's a cruel man but has a heart for love ones. His father always told him that it's a queen out there for him, so just don't settle for anyone. He is 28 now and still waiting for his queen. While visiting Chicago from Italy to handle some business, he runs into Malia. He sees her bruises. Will he help her or ignore her? With all emotions running high, enemies getting in the way, will they survive through it all.

Romance / Drama
Ruby Miller
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Chapter 1 πŸ–€

Why can't my father just love me? That's the same question I ask myself everyday. The abuse started when I was ten, a month after my mother passed away. She was my best friend. I don't know what I did to make him hate me so much. The abuse got worse when he got remarried. Laura was nice at first, but her mood switched over night too.

Today is a new day, but the abuse and heartache is still the same. Waking up at the crack of dawn and start to getting ready before he wakes up. I don't call him dad nor father, because he doesn't deserve that title anymore. I take a quick shower and get dress. I don't really wear make up, only when I have bruises on my face. I go down stairs and start cleaning the whole house except for their room. Laura says that's the only way you can keep a man, but how? When she doesn't even cook or clean.

After I'm done cleaning everything, I make sure that breakfast is made for them, because I know they are about to wake up soon since it's about to be 7am. As soon as I take out the last piece of toast, I hear them coming down the stairs.

"Here goes your breakfast. Do you mind if I go to work now, so I'm not late?" I keep my eyes on the ground.

"Go. Make sure you call dinner in for us. If you forget you knows what happens." I say okay and head up stairs.

I go into my room or what you'll call a room. It's just a mattress on the floor and a dresser for my little clothes I do have. I raise up my mattress and pull out a few dollars I hid for the train and some breakfast. I grab my sweater and old bag and head downstairs. I walk to the front door, but hear Laura mumble 'worthless pathetic bitch' before I'm out the door. She's right. I am worthless. I use to have hopes and dreams. Now I have nothing.

I work at a diner in downtown Chicago. It's very popular and the owner is nice to me, which is weird to me because nobody ever is. It takes a good fifteen minutes to walk to the train to get downtown. After I make it to the train, it's packed a usual. I noticed a guy with a black hood staring at me and I just keep my head down hoping he'll look away. I heard them my spot and was about to get off when the same guy ran past me, grabbing my bag.

It took me a moment to get over what just happened til I ran after him. You might wonder why I care about an old bag, but that was the of the very last thing my mom gave me before she passed away. I can't lose it no matter what. As I ran after the man and not paying attention to my surroundings, I end up bumping into someone. Closing my eyes, waiting for the impact but instead I feel their hands on my waist. Looking up, I'm too scared to say anything. So I just started at him.

"You should be more careful, regina." His accent is very deep, you know his not from here.

I'm confused. What did Regina means.

"I'm sorry sir. I didn't mean to run into you. I'm just trying to get my bag back." I tried to move out of his hold.

"Where is your bag at, bellezza?" Can he seriously stop speaking in Italian or Spanish, I think.

"Um a guy on the train took it. Can you please let me go?" The bruise on my waist is starting to hurt and I need to make it to work.

He finally lets me go and I run my hands down sides trying not to hiss at the pain. He looks at me and then looks at some men standing behind him that I just noticed.

"He must be long gone now. I'll find him and get your bag to you." He was looking at me like he was trying to figure something out.

"It's fine, sir. I can find him and get it myself." Who are you kidding? Your too weak to even run anymore. I said to myself.

"I don't mind find him at all, bella regina nera." He gave me a small smile.

"It's fine, I'm sure. I have to go, I'm late. I'm truly sorry for running into you. Bye." With that, I move to the side and walked away.

"I never got your name." His voice was deep and assertive enough that he didn't even have to yell.



Just looking into his eyes he screamed power, dominance, and sex. That's probably the reason I wanted to get away quickly, but I was also very intrigued.

I didn't look back I just kept walking, trying not to cry over losing the last thing my mother gave me and went to work.


"I'm truly sorry I'm late Mrs. Debby. I had a little incident while getting here."

"Oh, my dear it fine. Just go get ready and wait tables 2 through 6." She smiled.

Mrs. Debby is the sweetest woman I know. She's knows a little about who goes on at home and has offered for me to come live with her, but I don't want to get her involved. I don't want her get hurt because of me.

Walking back out onto the floor I say 'hello' to a few familiar faces and start waiting on my assigned tables.

It's finally the end of the day and I'm heading on my way to my own personal hell. I already have a bad feeling that tonight is going to be a bad night.

I was right. As soon as I walked through the door, a fist connected with my face. I fall to the ground and he kicks me in the stomach.

"You ungrateful little bitch." He kicks me again, while Laura laughs in the back.

"I didn't do nothing, I promise." I sobbed.

"Don't you lie to me. Laura told me what you did to her. How dare you disrespect her." He yelled and kept kicking me.

"I didn't say anything to her, I swear." I was falling in and out of consciousness.

"I wish you would've died with that bitch of a mother."

I wish I had someone to protect me. That was my last thought before I see black spots and falling unconscious.


Translation from Italian

Regina = Queen

Bellezza = Beauty

Bella Regina Nera = Beautiful Black Queen

So guys this is my new book. My other one is called "Worth It" it's not done yet, but soon to be so go check it out.

This book I'm going to make really long and take my time with it and not rush as I did the other one. So of the words will be in Italian, also a lot of other different languages but I'll translate them for y'all.

Both are about love and happy endings. Why? Because I can.

This is the first chapter. Let me know what y'all think.

Love you all πŸ’“

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