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What will you do if the man you loved was hurting you and the man you hate was healing you? Not a single cell in her body believed that anything will be all right again with Jacob? But knowing that no one in this world belongs to her could she heal from the heartbreak that Jacob gave her or is she going to collect all the pieces of her broken heart and gave it to Evan . Loving Jacob was a mistake and then now what will she do after meeting Evan? "Every time I spot Jacob with another girl breaks my heart again and again but at that same time Evan used to join those pieces making a beautiful heart in me" " what should I do" "Every time I see her with those broken pieces of her heart , I want to join them all, saying no one is better then her, but every time she rejects me, what should I do?" A life that is nothing without you..... * A cliche story basically* *maybe cheesy*

Romance / Fantasy
your petal
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Chapter 1

{ This book is unedited okay ? , I just don't have my own personal laptop yet so that's why I type on my phone but I promise you guys once this story is complete I'm gonna edit it ,till then enjoy and I'm sorry you will find some grammatical errors too }






"No no no! You can't do this Ellie. I know Jacob was a fool but you are not., Well you are very precious for me bby, he can't understand the beauty in you leave him, just wait I'm coming to California next day pls don't harm yourself and I swear if you do something then I'll not talk to you" was the speech by my so called best friend divya, ya I love her but I don't need this speech cmmon' I'm not a child, but right now I wanna cry out loud and tell everyone that I'm brave enough to face that stupid Jacob. What he thinks he is huh? Just another boy who doesn't respect girls I swear I'll kick his ass out of the school and laugh at him so hard that he'll regret leaving me, but I'm not feeling good right now " I really love him , he was my life the light in my dark days I just love him very much and how could he just do this to me! huh?"

Ellie calm down bby u need to think first maybe he will realise his mistake or maybe not!!because he was the bad boy of school and play with girls like doll oh my god how could I fall for that jerk no pls tell me this is all just lie( tears falling from my eyes).

Somehow I just calmed down by relaxing myself on the couch I opened my Instagram on the phone just for a distraction but today god is not with me I guess.. when I opened my insta something that I saw left me in an utter shock yes there was a photo of a couple kissing so damn hard that there life depended on each other but this was not something I was shocked I was shocked because of the fact was that the couple were Jacob and Kiara the hi-fi bitch of our school. She can ruin you in a minute if she wants. I was crying damn hard when I read the caption "love of my life. Kiara bby I love you so muchโค".

"I mean what the heck is this not even a complete 1 day since our breakup and he is in a relationship with that bitch" tears falling from my eyes .. that's it I can't handle this today I better go take a shower and sleep.

I mean what could I except from him the stupid"PLAYBOY".

When the hot water touched my skin then I felt relieved , all the tense from my body got released.

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