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A fighter. Fight for justice. Fight for love. Mystery girl. Who is she? I don’t know. Find out.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I hit the punching bag hard. Hot steaming sweat dripped down my face as I concentrate on the aim. I aimed for the body, I didn’t miss one single thing. More dripping sweat poured down to me as if I could be a burning fire. I would hear a footstep, but that didn’t lose my grip on the punching bag. I could hear breathing as I hit the punching bag harder and harder. More sweat dripped down my neck as I kept hitting it. I stopped punching the bag and I turned around. I see a blonde dude staring at me. He moved towards to me and I backed away slowly. He still kept moving towards me and I went backwards again until I hit the wall. I could hear my heavy breathing and he just stared at me the whole time.

I said, “What do you want?” I gave him the death glare.

He smirks and said, “What I want? I want you.” He said with a little chuckle.

I said, “Yeah like I would be yours.” He thinks he’s serious that he will be mine, I just met him.

He said, “You would be mine soon.” He lift her chin high and gave her a small kiss on her cheek. But I pushed him away.

I said, “What the heck! Like I would be yours. I already have a boyfriend.” His face dropped with an angry look, he didn’t look too happy.

He said innocently, “And who is this boyfriend of yours?” He stood there waiting for my answer, so I tried to pass him. But he grabbed me to stop.

He said demanding, “Who is your boyfriend?!” Before I could answer, all I did was punch him in the face and turn around to escape. I grabbed my bag and ran as fast as I could. I could hear him chasing me with his footsteps. It made me wanna run harder and I started to gain speed. I turned around and he looked vicious and evil. Then I look back, and he is in front of me and I fell on him by grabbing him.

I said yelling, “What do you want?!”

He said with anger, “I told you, who is your boyfriend?!” I had so much rage inside my body and I just wanted to flip him upside down until all of the pieces in his body is gone.

I said with anger, “WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO IS MY BOYFRIEND!? ARE YOU JEALOUS? I MEAN WE JUST MET, FOR GODS SAKE.” He had the shocked face on him and he knew he shouldn’t mess the type of people like me, like who the hell is he? My dad? Yeah no.

I turned around and sped walk to my house. I opened the door and see my boyfriend kissing with another girl. They are in the couch laying down making out as if I wasn’t there. They stopped kissing and I can see my boyfriend staring at me.

He said, “Baby, This is not what it looks like. I swear!” He got up and went to me, but I slapped him in the face.

I said, “Why would you make out another girl when you have me? You said you loved me, but for some freaking reasons, you gotta Kiss ANOTHER GIRL.” The girl comes up to me and puts her arm on him.

Girlfriend said, “Well Honey, You weren’t born yesterday. Can’t you see, he loves me. Now go, we don’t need you.” I went to her and I bashed her head on the wall.

I said, “You know what I’m done, get a life.” I got up and turned around and slammed the door. I sat on the porch by the house, and let all of these tears stream down my cheek. How could I ever think this would happen? Why do I even love? I didn’t know what to do and no where to go. I was upset by the thought of a girl with him, but I have to get over him.

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