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My Kind of Woman

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Eden Amsterdam, secretary to her best friend Claude Savage, was well known for the little boy who always dressed the way he felt. Years later, thanks to the help from Claude she got what she wanted and now she was the confident young lady everyone knew she would be. One night her best friend ringed her into joining a party at his home and because of his lack of attention to detail, she ended up with Zavian Savage in her bed who wanted to know if the tiny thong in her bathroom actually fit her. Zavian Savage is a businessman just like the entire Savage second-generation but with a burden, he did not ask for, Ilya Angel Savage who everyone loved and now with Eden in his life that he never expected, the last thing on his mind was who she used to be or who she is now. Cover done by Pen Guevarra

Romance / Drama
Vanessa Nicole
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Claude came rushing over to his cousin who was sitting on the couch sipping beer with his best friend behind him and asked, “Can you please take Eden home?”

Zavian looked up at his cousin then gazed over at Eden and saw that she was pissed, “And why would I do that?”

“Please bro, Jayla is waiting for me,” Claude pleaded.

Zavian took a sip of his beer and said, “So? I’m getting laid too once I leave here and that isn’t for another two hours, yet you want me to leave now.”

“I’ve never cock blocked you so don’t cock block me!” Claude protested, “And you are the only one here sober enough to take her home!”

Zavian rolled his eyes. He stared at Eden and asked, “Can I finish my beer first?”

Eden nodded her head then punched Claude in the stomach who kissed her on the forehead. “I love you too and save some of your food for me,” he said and ran off.

Eden sat down beside Zavian with a sigh and looked at everyone else who was dancing. She turned her head to look at him and saw that he had a frown on his face.

Zavian was going through a lot and she knew all the answers so asking him about it wasn’t ideal. “How is your angel?” She asked.

Zavian chuckled, “As busy as always and she isn’t giving up on growing.”

Eden chuckled, “Yeah well your baby momma is a big woman too.”

“Don’t remind me,” Zavian scoffed. He drank the last of his beer and said, “Let’s get your ass home.”

They stood up and left. Climbing into the car Eden fastened her seat belt and asked, “Could you turn on the heat please?”

Zavian started the car and looked at her attire. She had on a hot pink ribbed active crop top with a matching ribbed jogger. He scoffed and asked, “How can you wear that to a party?”

“I only came to help get the snacks ready, I had no intention of staying,” she answered with a pout.

Zavian chuckled and reached to the back. He felt around and pulled his hoodie forward and said, “Put that on, I’m horny and I don’t need the heat messing with my head.”

She thanked him and put it on. She smelled the hoody and felt herself soil up. Ignoring the feeling, she pulled her feet up on the seat and hugged her knees.

“Take your damn shoes off my leather,” Zavian said.

She rolled her eyes and took off her white sneakers.

“Have you decided to move here yet?” She asked starting up a conversation.

“Yeah, this travelling back and forth isn’t good for Angel and I want to be there for her so, maybe around next month,” he answered.

Eden nodded her head and looked out of the window.

Zavian looked at her briefly and said, “Claude told me what happened with that guy, if you want, I could kill him for you.”

Eden sighed then chuckled, “No it’s okay. I just thought that with the way he expressed how much he liked me, he’d still like me even after telling him.”

Zavian groaned and said, “Man I think you need to get you someone who is either looking for a transgender to date, who is a transgender or okay with dating whoever.”

Eden turned to look at him and said, “I want to settle down. I’m already twenty-five. I might as well date someone who needs a babysitter full time.”

“Yeah and spend his money,” Zavian chuckled.


They arrived at her apartment and Zavian said, “I need to piss, hurry up.”

She rolled her eyes and they made their way to the elevator. She pushed the button for her floor and the cart took time to come down.

A man walked up behind them and Zavian looked at him and greeted him. Eden turned around and smiled, “Good evening Michael.”

“Good evening Eden,” the man greeted.

He then gazed back at Zavian and sized him up. Zavian cocked a brow and asked, “Do you need help?”

Michael smirked and shook his head. Eden turned to look at Zavian and saw that he was pissed.

She frowned and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Zavian stared down at her but didn’t answer.

They climbed into the cart and it went up. Zavian looked up ahead of him and saw Michael staring down at Eden then turned to look at him and saw that he was staring at her ass.

Zavian reached over and pulled Eden in for a hug. He placed his chin on her head while he wrapped his arms around her.

Eden was surprised especially at the thing poking her butt and as she wanted to say something she decided to stay silent and just stare at him through the mirror-like walls and saw that he had his eyes closed.

The cart came to a stop and dinged as the doors opened. Michael stepped off saying goodbye.

The doors closed and Zavian opened his and looked at her through the mirror. Eden opened her mouth and said, “Your dick is up my ass.”

Zavian chuckled and said, “I know.”

Eden’s mouth twitched. She took in a deep as a thought came to mind. She circled her hips while pressing against him. She took his hands in hers and put them under his hoodie, under her crop top and rubbed his hands against her breasts.

“How about you stay the night?” She suggested.

Zavian scoffed and pulled his hands out while he straightened up and moved to the side. Eden stepped back against the rail and looked at him, she shook her head with a smile thinking, ‘I got you’ while she felt bitter in her heart. He basically just rejected her and she knew why.

“You should get over your anger, you can’t get angry at everything and everyone,” Eden said to him.

Zavian rolled his eyes and said, “Well I didn’t like how he looked at you or me.”

“He knows I am transgender, he probably just thought I brought you home for the night,” she explained.

Zavian looked down at her and said, “Don’t go around teasing people.”

She rolled her eyes and climbed off the cart. Zavian followed her out and looked down at her ass while she leads the way. He narrowed his eyes then looked up ahead of her.

They stopped at her door and she showed him to the bathroom near her bedroom. Zavian went in and when he switched on the light he saw the bathroom filled with thongs and lace underwear.

He shook his head amused and quickly used the toilet. He looked around then grabbed the towel and made it wet, washing it with soap then washed his dick off.

He rinsed everything out then grabbed the white lace thong off the line and walked out. He found her in her bedroom with her back facing him while she was undressing out of her crop top and asked, “Does this really fit you?”

Eden caught a fright and quickly covered her breast and looked at him. She saw the thong in his hand and sighed, she went over and grabbed it from him, “Yes it fits me now I would appreciate it if you didn’t dirty my clean underwear.”

“Show me,” he said and she looked at him baffled.

She frowned then turned around. Placing her hands on the elastic of the joggers and dropped them to the ground. She turned around and said, “See, they fit.”

Zavian tilted his head and asked her, “Do you think that because you are transgender and that I’ve known you since before you became a girl that I don’t find you attractive?”

“Huh?” She asked confused.

“Not huh. You’ve been fucking with my dick since before we walked in here, mentally prepare yourself because you are going to settle this guy,” Zavian said and swept her off her feet.

He threw her on the bed then stripped out of his clothes. He got onto his knees and lifted her legs up and pulled her blue thong off.

Spreading her legs, he bent down and made a mess of her pussy.

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