My Kind of Woman

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Chapter 3

Zavian pulled up his pants and looked at Eden who was lounging on the bed and playing on her phone, “Are you sure it’s okay with you?”

Eden looked up at him and nodded, “Yeah, go to work, I’ll take her to school.”

“My grandmother picks the kids up, I’ll get her from there and head home,” Zavian explained.

Eden sat up on the b as he saw the sadness in her eyes. He sat down on the bed and looked at her, “You already missing me?”

She stared at him for a moment then pouted, “I just thought that you would come back after work.”

“I don’t live here Eden,” he said and put on his socks.

She got on her knees and hugged him from behind, “I know. You and Angel can move in with me.”

Zavian tied his laces saying, “That child is going to tell everyone about us.”

“Don’t you want everyone to know?” She asked as she pulled her hands back.

Zavian stood up and put his shirt on as he looked down at her, “I don’t want anyone in my business and you know that. Shit, what do you think Claude is going to say when he finds out his brother is fucking his sister and fix your face. I know what you are thinking and it’s none of that. I’ve always been secretive about my relationships because of how I was made and how certain are you that we’ll work out? Look at Ilya, her mother stole my semen thinking I’d just accept it then she still went and dumped Angel on my sister.”

“I know you have trust issues Zavian,” she cut him off, “I have them too but do you really expect me to not be clingy to the one who took my virginity? I want to be with you more.”

Zavian smiled, he cupped her face in his hands and pecked her on the lips, looking into her eyes he said, “I know and I understand but Ilya can’t be involved too. I’ll ask my sister to babysit for the time being until I figure things out and I don’t plan to fuck you and just leave.”

Eden pouted and said, “Fine if you can’t make it at least video call me later.”

After Zavian left, Eden got Ilya ready for school and fed her. She stopped at the school and turned back to look at Ilya. She smiled as she watched Ilya blow spit bubbles and said, “No Ilya, girls don’t do that.”

Ilya looked at her with a smile and said, “Aunty I go school now?”

Eden nodded her head, she climbed out of the car and opened the door for her. She helped Ilya out of the car and took her bag. She locked the car and they walked hand in hand to the classes.

Ilya’s teacher hands her phone in her hand and quickly took a picture of Eden and Ilya together.

“There my teacher,” Ilya said to Eden who was scanning the crowd. Eden looked at the woman who she pointed at and saw the woman looking at her rather curiously. The first thing Eden thought was, ‘She couldn’t possibly know me right?’

“Aunty Evonne!” Ilya greeted and her teacher smiled. She ran up to her and gave her a hug.

Eden walked up to them and greeted, “Good morning.”

Evonne stood up and smiled, “Good morning, I am her teacher Evonne.”

Eden grabbed her hand and said, “Oh, sorry, where are my manners. I am Eden, I am dropping her off today because her father couldn’t today.”

“Oh… is Mr Savage busy as usual?” Evonne asked and it raised so many red flags in Eden’s head.

Eden smiled and shook her head, “I wouldn’t know.”

“Ilya’s mother has not been around for some time now, are you maybe his…” Evonne probed and Eden immediately shook her head.

“Oh please no, I am just her uncle’s friend and if you don’t mind, I need to go now. Her grandmother will be here to pick her up after school,” she said. She looked down at Ilya and said, “Enjoy your day at school okay?”

“Mn,” Ilya mumbled and ran off to go play.

Her teacher looked at Eden and saw that she was not smiling. Eden raised a brow and said, “I suggest you do not go around snooping in Zavian’s business. I saw that flash of yours goes off and if I find out that you took a picture of the two of us without my permission, you will be receiving notice from the police accompanied by my lawyer, now make sure you keep an eye on Ilya because Mr Savage will not like anything happening to her.”

Eden walked off leaving the stunned Evonne. Evonne quickly sent the picture to Nicolette, Ilya’s mother then deleted it from her phone.

Nicolette received the picture and phoned her. Evonne answered and asked, “Do you know her?”

“Yes, she’s a transgender and none of our concern. Thanks for letting me know, with this restraining order out, I can’t keep my eye on Zavian.” She answered.

Evonne raised a brow and looked back to see if Eden was still there and saw her climb into her car as she asked, “What do you mean she is none of our concern? And for damn sure she doesn’t look like she changed her gender, are you certain that they aren’t dating?”

Nicolette rolled her eyes, “Zavian isn’t gay like his brother.”

“If you say so…” Evonne said and shook her head.

Eden climbed out of her car at a cafe and went in. She smiled and shook her head when the waitress came over to her asking if she needs to be shown to her seat.

She scanned the tables and saw Zavian sitting at a table busy on his tab. She walked over and said, “You are early.”

Zavian looked up from the tab and looked at Eden who had on a tiger print maxi dress that was mostly just a long skirt and a bra held together by straps that started in the middle of the skirt and went all around to her neck and were held together at her stomach with another strap.

Zavian felt his dick grow and cleared his throat. He placed the tab down and stood up. He wrapped his arms around her and said, “You are not late beautiful.”

Eden blushed and pouted her lips, Zavian took the hint and pecked her on the lips. She chuckled making him frown and asked, “What?”

Eden rolled her eyes and said, “Nothing, I’m very hungry.”

“Well sit your ass down,” he said holding the chair out for her.

She sat down and looked at him, Zavian looked back at her and said, “I already ordered for us so they should bring it over soon.”

“Mn, I’m just glad I got to see you again,” Eden said.

Zavian raised a brow as he picked his tab up and continued looking through his tab and said, “I told you already if I can I will and if I can’t you’ll have to be patient. We just started dating so take it slow Eden and I for sure know you weren’t this excited with your other boyfriends.”

Eden pouted and looked away not bothering to answer him.

Zavian frowned as he noticed it was quiet and looked up at her. He saw that she was looking out of the window at nothing and asked, “When are you returning to work?”

Eden turned to him and asked, “Do I finally have your attention?”

“What do you mean?” Zavian asked.

“You’ve been on your tab busy yet I am sitting here!” Eden hissed at him.

Zavian chuckled as he said, “Eden I still have work to do.”

“Put that fucking thing down! You are not in the office, you are with me!” She said with visible anger.

Zavian switched it off and placed it in his laptop bag, he held his hands up in surrender and said, “Yes madam.”

Their lunch came over and Zavian asked, “What have you done while I wasn’t around?”

She looked at him while chewing and answered when she was done, “Well, after I dropped off Angel, I went for a manicure and pedicure then went to do my hair. After this, I am going for a body massage.”

Zavian frowned and asked, “By who? A man?”

Eden scoffed, “So now you want to keep tabs on me?”

“Fuck yes, I can’t have another man touching your body or some lesbian,” Zavian said seriously.

Eden rolled her eyes and took a sip of water, “And so? That is their job and I am not going there to look for a man or woman to date and for your information, I am straight so I won’t be dating a woman.”

Zavian stared at her for a moment then said, “I don’t give a fuck! If you need a body massage, I’ll do it.”

“And stick your dick up me again? Fat chance, that night was once in a lifetime chance for you,” Eden stated.

“What?!” Zavian yelled making the patrons look at him.

Eden raised a brow and couldn’t help but burst out laughing. She wiped away her tears and looked at him and saw that he was angry and asked, “I can’t help but think you are with me only for my pussy.”

Zavian rolled his eyes, “Don’t be so full of yourself Miss Amsterdam, you’re tight but bad in bed, so shut it and eat your food.”

Eden gasped and looked at him stunned, after a moment she giggled and said, “You are such an asshole.”

“Anyways, when is your lazy ass going back to work?” Zavian asked.

“Next week why?” Eden answered.

“Everyone is going to Norway and I want you to go with,” he said.

She smiled then suddenly remembered, “Before I forget, Ilya’s teacher was asking me too many questions about you. She even took a picture of Ilya and me.”

Zavian stared at her then said, “Okay, I’ll look into her but what did she ask?”

“If we are dating and she asked if I knew where Nicolette was,” Eden answered him.

Zavian nodded his head slowly as he thought about it then continued eating with a frown on his face.

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