My Kind of Woman

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Chapter 4

“So Claude said you had the after-sex glow, is it true?” Jayla asked Eden.

Eden’s eyes widened in horror and the moment she thought about last week, she blushed.

“So it’s true?” Jayla screeched excitedly and pulled out her phone.

“I am so telling Claude you lost your virginity,” Jayla said.

Eden groaned and shook her head, “Why do you like being in other people’s business?”

Jayla stared at her then said, “Bitch, you are my sister-in-law, of course, Imma be all up in your business.”

*At the office*

Claude and his cousins were having lunch together in his office and everyone could see that he was not happy. Today was the board meeting for the company and each of them held 10% shares.

In total there were twenty-two of them but only the eldest of each first-generation sibling had a share with Zavian being one of three they had the most.

The Savage family’s second generation ran the family business together but they could never be in the same room to discuss things because they were never serious.

Zayne the eldest of the triplets looked at his cousin and asked, “What happened?”

Claude looked at him and complained, “Jayla just told me that Eden lost her virginity.”

“And so?” Zayne asked.

Claude glared at Zayne and said, “You don’t understand. Eden is like my little sister and I feel violated! The last thing I’d expect after what happened last month was for her to lose her virginity and to who? I asked her about that before and she just dodged the question even though I asked it ten times.”

Zavian looked at his cousin and shook his head, “So what if she’s dating, let her be, it’s not like she’s going to be murdered and shit. She needs to explore the dating scene and your ass needs to chill the fuck down so that she can do it without feeling guilty. You are already married, by the way you are carrying on, it’s as if you want to fuck her.”

Claude looked at him saying, “Now you know that isn’t the issue.”

Zavian looked at him and shrugged, “That’s what people are saying too, so… just stop giving a fuck. The only time you should care is when something happens to her.”

Claude groaned and hit his head against the desk. He then looked up at Zavian and said, “What about you? Why are you suddenly interfering?”

Zavian smirked and said, “I don’t know too. But, if her relationship with this new guy doesn’t work out, Ima take a shot at her besides, I need someone to look after Ilya and Eden is the perfect candidate.”

Zaria looked at her brother and recalled that she had barely spent time with her niece in the past week and asked, “So you have Eden babysitting Angel?”

Zavian looked at his sister and said, “After I picked Ilya up she wanted to go back and Eden did not have a problem with it. Eden even suggested that we move in with her or she move in with us.”

Claude stared at his cousin with a frown, this was the first time he heard this, “But why would she want to live with someone who brings a woman every other night home?”

Zavian smirked as he looked at him and asked, “Has it ever occurred to you that I could have been the one who took her virginity after you sent her home with me?”

Ryatt burst out laughing and said, “Oooo you sent her into the lion’s den.”

Claude scoffed and said, “No, you gave me so much evidence that proves you aren’t interested in her.”

Zavian stared blankly at him for a moment then said, “It’s fine if you don’t want to believe me,” but inside he felt really terrible because in a sense it is true that he was a manwhore.

Claude rolled his eyes and munched down on his burger.

Zaria looked at her brother then look at her other brother and saw that he was looking at her too. For some reason it seemed like they were talking telepathically then looked at their brother who seemed to be in a world of his own.

*An hour later*

Zayne and Zaria walked into Zavian’s office and sat down.

He was busy on the computer and asked, “Don’t the two of you have work to do?”

They looked at each other then looked back at him and Zayne said, “We aren’t idiots, you out of all people haven’t openly admitted that you are dating someone so why Eden?”

Zavian’s hands froze from typing and he looked at them. He remained silent then went back to typing and sighed.

Zaria frowned and asked, “So is it true?”

“I don’t know,” he answered and turned to them. He leaned back in his chair adding, “If you guys are going to warn me against dating a transperson then its just better for you to keep quiet.”

“Excuse you honey but I am taking dick balls deep, I am the last one who would judge you,” Zayne said.

“We aren’t here to judge you and logically speaking, Eden is perfect for you but if you two don’t work out we can’t have Angel around her,” Zaria said.

Zavian smiled weakly and nodded his head, “I told her that too but what can I do? As much as she likes me, she and Angel like each other too much and I think I am the third wheel in the relationship. Its mostly the two of them then I am included when they remember me.”

Zayne took in a deep breath and said, “Well, I am just wondering what will Claude say because I know for a fact that Ryatt caught your hint. Eden is very beautiful and you are lucky to have her but she is the clingy type and I hope you do not leave her because of that, that is also the reason why Claude loves her too much, they are both clingy and remember how Jayla used to think he was gay before? Well it’s because they were always around each other.”

“Yeah I know and I actually like that she is clingy. Eden can also stand on her own thats why I know she won’t rely on me for money and the way she gets angry when I don’t pay attention to her…” Zavian trailed on with a smile on my face.

Zaria shook her head amused, she stood up and said to him, “Well, I need to go check her out and make sure she doesn’t fuck with your feelings.”

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