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Emmett Ransom. CEO, model, violinist and billionaire. He also has two different coloured eyes, purple and blue. Oh and he's also a shithead boss. Cheryl simply needs work experience, but after bumping into the back of his car, now she owes Emmett. To avoid paying for the damage, she agrees to a short and unpaid internship. Cheryl notices something is wrong, however, when she realises Emmett sets out the first rule, that she must call him Mr. Ransom, yet everyone else is allowed to call him Emmett. Cheryl should just walk out, but the air of dominance and power coming from Mr. Ransom keeps her coming back for more. [ROMANCE | BDSM | 18+]

Romance / Erotica
C. Swallow
4.7 58 reviews
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Chapter 1

Emmett Ransom. Diabolical piece of crap. But still useful for me. I sit across from the CEO of S&S&E. Some fancy who-cares world renown company who produced devices for property security. Whatever.

The fact is, I had to deal with this sadistic shithead so I could get good grades. So, like I said, I was using him. He was definitely not using me.

I swear.

Anyway, it’s my first day and I’ve been ushered straight into the CEO’s Terror Domain; his office.

I’ve spent the last few minutes waiting for him to finish some kind of email while I sat in silence awkwardly picking at the lint on my skirt.

You see... this wasn’t the first time Emmett and I met. This was... the second time.

“You can call me Ransom,” that growl. I glance up and slowly raise a brow. Really?

Just then, we’re interrupted. A young man slips into the Terror Domain, just on time. I’m just the new intern. Unpaid. Like I said; shithead.

“Here’s your coffee, Emmett,” the young man drops off the cup and turns to smile at me on the way out.

It’s not the only person who called Mr. Ransom; Emmett.

But, should I just admit it? This shithead opposite me was holding me for randsom; to myself. Yesterday, early morning, I came prepared to beg for a temporary job, just so I could get two weeks experience for my college project. Apparently that changed to a debt when I also happened to bump, very gently, the front of my car into the back of his.

Not even a dent could be seen, but I sure as hell caught his attention. And here I was.

But, but wait - hear me out.

In fact, it was Emmett’s fault.

He was walking to his car and his eyes distracted me. No, seriously. He looked over this tall beast watched me as if to say ‘you better not touch my car’. But his eyes were TWO colours. Purple and blue; PURPLE AND BLUE GOD DAMN IT. HOW COULD I NOT STARE AT THAT!

And... Emmett was also a model, a CEO and he could play the violin like a... like a... pro. Which was strangely hot.

Emmett had been so fascinating to me in the past as a resident billionaire of the city.

But now?

“Um. Do I have to do anything besides folding letters like you suggested?” I ask, “I can do so much more. I could even write for your website; your blogs. I’m studying writing. I could –”

“No,” Ransom cuts me off, smiles then flicks his wrist, “Go away. Cherry. And please, address me correctly.”

"Every time I speak? Mr... Ransom?”


“Also. You called me... Cherry... you... you can’t just... look, I don’t like that... I’m Cheryl – damn this. You know, I can just walk out and get a new internship –”

“So you prefer to pay for the damage done to my car?” Emmett Ransom leans back and swivels in his chair, breathing in the aroma of his steaming coffee. He takes a sip and closes his eyes, “I estimate... 4,000 if the international repair shop doesn’t find any internal damage.”

It didn’t even dent.

Which brought up the question; Why was I willingly here? Dealing with this shithead? Maybe just to rub it in my friends faces back at college. I actually got the internship they said I’d never get. I was a stickler for proving people wrong when they doubted my ability.

“Look,” I try to calm down, “I don’t have that kind of money lying around while I’m living on campus –”

Ransom looks past me to his office door and waves someone in while I’m in the middle of my sentence.

I purse my lips; I’m clearly not important here. I wait.

“Angelica, my favourite lawyer,” Emmett chuckles under his breath, warmly.

“Emmett, just sign these release forms and I’ll send them in to the court,” Angelica walks past me, puts down the paper forward, then waits for him to sign.

He does so while I wait impatiently.

“New start?” Angelica glances over at me, genuinely curious.

“Internship... for Mr. Ransom,” I explain, smiling back.

"Mr. Ransom?” now Angelic purses her lips and then sends a short look to Emmett.

“Can you show Cheryl to the printers?” Emmett asks, in a totally different tone. Civil. When other people are around. Argh.

“Sure. This way,” Angelica waits for me to stand and I just glare at Emmett for a second longer.

I start to turn away when Emmett suddenly warns me, ”Thank you. Ransom.”

The shithead, lounging back in his Terror Domain just corrected me.

“Thank you,” I grit my teeth, looking over my shoulder, “...Mr. Ransom,” I mumble it quickly. I want to say something else... something to defend my identity as a worthy human being in this office.

Emmett stills, waiting for me to be a smart ass.

What would he even do? Fire me? On my first day? Pfft... but also, yeah... maybe.

So, I keep my tongue still and turn instead, saying nothing.

I follow Angelica out, she slips through the glass door and I’m about to obediently submit.

But I can’t just say nothing when this fire on my tongue needed to be let loose... he was too provocative. He gave me desire to pester him. Again, it’s his fault.

I turn at the last moment and pretend to cough to clear my throat, “I forgot to pass on a proper thank you for the job, so; thank you,” I meet his eyes, happily watching me leave, and now a smugness is seeping through because I’m being grateful to him, “Emmett.” I quickly step out and shut the door.

There. I swiftly spin and strut away, almost tripping over my own feet in my excitement. However, I smoothly... um, as smooth as I can... fix my stride and straighten my back. Even though I feel his hot stare... even though my cheeks are going red because he definitely took note.

But still. I did it. Mr. Ransom my ass.

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